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  1. Sir, I am going tHrough Immense Pain... right now... Cant explain Too tensed.... AM working and this site just remains Open
  2. I have asked you once about my husband... his birth details are 18th May 1972, 2.30a.m Kolkata...... His problem is his Job you said things will be okay after september,,, But every day we are struggling everyday is like Will he loose his job or not and also no other job is working out Please help.... Thanks
  3. Hi sir, This is my husbands details 18th May 1972, 2.30a.m Kolkata... Huge probelms with JOb.... Boss completely against him... He is in Finance lien adn we live in US.... Appreciate all help.... Thanks
  4. Can you please help em analyse My dad's chart too is he is currently living with me in US, His details are as follows 3rd May 1950, 10.36a.m Kolkata Has no Job: When will he get Job and do see any change in Place.... Thanks Akriti
  5. Dear sir, do you think he will be able to get a better jonb or get demotion.... he is mentally very very Unstable.. Appreciate all help.
  6. Dear sir, This is my Husband;s birth detials 18th May 1972. 2.30a.m, Kolkata He is having real bas time in His Job....What do you think its almost on the verge of loosing his job and his boss really dont like him.... Thanks
  7. can you please check your PM. Thanks
  8. Atulji can you please reply to above..... Thanks
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