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  1. no single book represents the views and philosophy of Hinduism, to know about hinduism you have to be with a practicing hindu, heres a website that may help ://hinduwisdom.info/contents.htm
  2. the previous post mentions the wrong date, pls ignore it date of birth 7/08/08 time 9.42 am place nashik ps : he was admited to NICU for 2 days after his birth, he was operated for rt inguinal hernia at 6 months of age , hes going to be operated for lt inguinal hernia again any time in the near future
  3. no ,my father did not have any birth marks son was born on 7/7/2008 morning at nashik
  4. i thought this astrology forum was the best subforum to post my question, what are the birth marks which can be related to reincarnation or rebirth. my son was born within 5 months of my fathers death. my son was born with puncture marks on the helix/ rim (upper ear rim on both sides). these small marks are not complete in the sense that the skin is absent in the area and it is not complete (an earing cannot be passed thru the marks). what do these marks signify. thanks
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