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  1. Respected Sandhuji Thanks for the information. My Daughter was born in jyeshtha Nakshatra, third paad. Her Lagna has a Dual Rashi and She was born in Posh maas, both signifying in Mrityu lok. we had done gandmul nivaran pooja with havan on 54th day of her birth I know you are a busy person, But I will appreciate if you can advice me some more remedies for her well being. Regards Atul DOB: 26 Dec 2008 TOB: 6:43 am POB: Patiala Punjab Regards
  2. Respected Webyogi ji Thanks for your answer
  3. Regarding possibility of an accident, I want to state some grah positions in the chart, I am not an expert so I request expert gurus to please correct my mistakes, I will be highly thankful Mars, Lord of House 3 and 8 is in house 3, It is aspected by Saturn (Lord of house 6) and Rahu (from house 11) Saturn, Lord of House 6 is in Lagna and is aspected by Ketu (from house 5) 8th house is aspected by lord of 12 (Sun) I think this is a good indication of possibility of an accident, THis accident can be of any type most probably an injury induced by some metallic object. Planetary dashas occured in past in following dates 2/84-3/84 1/87 - 2/87 11/1994-4/1995 5/03-7/03 Also similar dashas will occur in future. One strong combination in 2037 again I request Experts to please have a look and please rectify my mistakes. I shall be very thankful Pardon me If I sound rude Regards
  4. Astrology can give predictions, but can not change your present karma. For any result, there are three factors working 1) your previous life karmas ( which are reflected in your birth chart) 2) your Present life karmas 3) Aapt factors (like curses, Any misdeed done by your enemies etc) Result you get is mixture of these three factors. Result will be affect by one whichever is stronger. For example, If your previuos life karma are strong then the result will mainly be affected by them, but if present life karma is stronger then the result will be influenced by them and so on So astrology can predict your life based on previous life karma, but it doesn't mean that this will happen word to word. I hope you got me Regards Atul
  5. I have a query about this horoscope regarding the possible marriage and married life of the person.. His Guru, Lord of 7th (spouse) is in 11th in yuti with Exalted Sun and is aspected by Ketu (from house 3), Exalted mangal (in house 8, also mangal is lord of house 6) and moon. Also his 7th house is also aspected by ketu ( from house 3) Also Mangal is 8th from Lagna and 4th from Moon, which makes him manglik too What effect can this have on the married life/marriage of the person Pardon me if I sound rude Regards
  6. Ginger is a very good medicine for chronic fever, Cough, Cold, High cholesterol, Indigestion. It is very good antioxidant Should be used with caution in bleeding disorders, piles, diarrhoea, Acidity and Anaemia
  7. Thanks for the article respected Sandhu ji. Can you please explain the role of Shani in determining the carreer of the person? Regards Amateur
  8. Quality of medicine is very important. Une only standard quality medicine. Along with it I advice also taking care of diet (Pathya-Apathya) Avoid Beans, Kheera, muli, very cold water and very cold milk and other vaat vardhak aahar vihar
  9. Your Shani mahadasha with Ketu Antar dasha is going on which is most probably the culprit for your situation. I am not so able so that I can suggest you some remedies yet. Able astrologers on this forum can surely help you in this matter. But I will like to share few things with you. You can surely go for higher studies but you may have to work little hard. You should learn to manage your money. Always donate and do charity as per your ability. Whenever you marry don't forget to match your charts and Always try to make good friends. Friends always bring luck. Take care
  10. Wearing Blue sapphire may help you financially but will cause some disturbance in your mind and your social adjustment. Ruby may also help you but it will cause bad effect in your profession and may also cause pittaj disorders. Wearing pearl will stabilise your profession and your personality also it will help you in long term
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