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  1. dear Atul, i m thankful to you for reading out my horoscope n telling about me.
  2. dear Ravi, i am really thankful to you for finding out some time for me & calculating status of my horoscope. can you please tell me what solutions should i follow to get positive results regarding my career in near future?
  3. & what are there significances separately ?
  4. how niryan chalit chart is different from chalit chart?
  5. i want to know what is the significance of navmasa chart?
  6. is it true? please tell in details mentioning about navamasa chart also ?
  7. i have been told that any planet in 7th house is effective by full power only after marriage?
  8. my birth details are 26 jun 1982, meerut (U.P.) time - 6:20pm
  9. moreover i want to mention that i have Taurus sign in 7th house
  10. hello friends, i want to nkow that what will be the effect of Venus & mercury in 7th house?
  11. please mail me answers at anideeproy@.co.in
  12. by the way you can also look out for jagannath hora but i dont thiunk it is that good software
  13. i have high (Uchch) state Rahu in 8th house.... how will it effect?
  14. my birth details are 26 jun 1982, meerut (U.P.), time - 6:20pm
  15. is it true that even a malefic planet gives good results in high (uchch) state ?
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