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  1. dear Atul, i m thankful to you for reading out my horoscope n telling about me.
  2. dear Ravi, i am really thankful to you for finding out some time for me & calculating status of my horoscope. can you please tell me what solutions should i follow to get positive results regarding my career in near future?
  3. & what are there significances separately ?
  4. how niryan chalit chart is different from chalit chart?
  5. i want to know what is the significance of navmasa chart?
  6. is it true? please tell in details mentioning about navamasa chart also ?
  7. i have been told that any planet in 7th house is effective by full power only after marriage?
  8. my birth details are 26 jun 1982, meerut (U.P.) time - 6:20pm
  9. moreover i want to mention that i have Taurus sign in 7th house
  10. hello friends, i want to nkow that what will be the effect of Venus & mercury in 7th house?
  11. please mail me answers at anideeproy@.co.in
  12. by the way you can also look out for jagannath hora but i dont thiunk it is that good software
  13. i have high (Uchch) state Rahu in 8th house.... how will it effect?
  14. my birth details are 26 jun 1982, meerut (U.P.), time - 6:20pm
  15. is it true that even a malefic planet gives good results in high (uchch) state ?
  16. some one told me that any planet in high (uchch) state gives good results
  17. hello everyone, can anyone please tell me what is the effect of an exaulted Rahu in every house; & specially in 8th house?
  18. the link to my thread is http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/vedic astrology-jyotisha/453164-need-help-regarding-career-marriage.html
  19. & i would like to mention that note the time carefully, because if you put 6:30pm instead of 6:20pm, you will get totally different kundali
  20. well said by someone bin maange moti miley, mange miley na bheekh !
  21. i have sent you a PM a few days ago & we even had a chat. you assured me to send me my horoscope. But i haven't received it yet. please reply to my problem.
  22. dear Ravi, although you may be aware of Kundali pro software but apart from that other good softwares are Goravani Jyotish 2.50 & Parashara's Light. Anideeproy
  23. if anyone who can help me can also mail me at anideeproy@.co.in
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