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  1. I don't think my birth time is entirely wrong. There may be an error of a few minutes due to the reasons I mentioned. That is why divisional charts and dasha calculations will often be wrong, as you say. However, the rashi and nakshatra are less sensitive to small changes in birth time. In my case, the rashi and nakshatra are Cancer and Ashlesha, 1st pada. A general question to the forum is: how much can a moon chart tell you? And will the moon chart be more relevant for people with a strong moon in their lagna chart?
  2. Atul, You have referred to pratyantar dasha in your post. Dasha calculations (as well as navamsha) are very sensitive to birth time. An error of a few minutes can change the dasha calculations, as well as the navamsha chart. In 1968, when I was born, clocks were mostly mechanical, and they lost time. The only public medium was radio. Calibration of clocks was probably not done regularly. So I don't know how accurate a dasha calculation will be in my case, or for anyone born before the 1990s.
  3. Amateur, I found your post very puzzling. I am currently going through Venus-Mercury period, as pointed out by suvarchas. I have checked that myself. My problem began in mid-June. In April I was happy.
  4. Amateur, I am puzzled by your post. My current Vimsottari dasha according to various calculators is Venus-Mercury. My problem began in mid-June.
  5. I will be grateful if anybody could comment on the placement of Jupiter in my natal horoscope, and tell me if this can affect future events when Jupiter moves into Capricorn.
  6. Respected Sir/Madam, Thank you for your reply.
  7. I am facing huge problems in my marriage and with in-laws who are trying to break up our marriage. There are also problems with children. I male, and I am born on 10 December 1968 at 0113 hours Bombay (local time, not IST). I will be grateful for any advice. Please reply!
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