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  1. I know what you mean..lol. thanks for the heads up. Also thanks for all your help. regards
  2. And my house is close to Thapar College. what is your village name, Atul ji?
  3. Respected Atul Ji, First of all thank you very much for replying back to me and giving me the direction. Yes right now I am very impatient and want things right away, somehow it is not happening. Lot of hurddles in life. But now I will try to be patient, even though it is very hard. By all means you can put my chart on your blog. You don't have to ask me. I am also coming to India in Dec and is that possible to see you in person? I just saw, you are also from Patiala. Are you currently living in Patiala? Regards
  4. Respected Atul Ji, You are absolutly right about my achievements. I have achieved everything in my life, but I am still not happy here and want to move to Europe, specially Germany, if possible. I moved to Canada in July 1988. By profession I am retail analyst with state govt here in Toronto. My education backgroud is engineering. Currently I am in a process of job application in switzerland. I have passed the interveiw and psych interview about month ago, but I haven't heard anything since then. Will I get this job? I really want to move out of here. is there any way or remedy to achieve my move? I thank you soo much for taking your time to go through my chart and answer me back. Regards
  5. Namaste Everyone, For the last few years I am trying to move to Europe from Canada, but my luck is not helping me. I would like if someone look at my details and tell me if it is possible in future, and if it is then when I should expect it? D.O. B - July 18th, 1964 P.O.B - Patiala, Punjab, India Time - 22:40 Regards
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