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  1. He was always there when you needed him, it is you who didnt realise and believe in his blessings. A medicine is bitter to taste at first but it is what cures disease. The person who sits in exam studies while others play.Lord always helps he will never give you junk food to harm you, but bitter medicine to cure you of worldiness.
  2. Lord Prabhupada dosent need your backing to preach what the vedas santify.He Fearlessly does what is right and masses follow.
  3. Every Inch of Manu Smriti is True. First of all all you read now as Manu Smriti is not the original as it has gone through the onslaught of many distortions by invaders to distarct people from hinduism.Second what will todays youth who have four girlfriends and dance in discotheques understand the real meaning of Manu Smriti.It is for celibates to read. Third Manu Smriti is for Satya Yuga, the social structure is different then, for Kaliyuga it is Parashar amhita. Third Why dont put your mind on the positive side of things rather than find negative things in a thing.The society and thinking was different then. They are many bad things today too in the prevailant society, try to reform the society now, that will be more meaningful.
  4. Never distort what is given to you, chant as it is.It has beniffited many it will sure benifit you.That Name Was chanted By Lord Gauranga and by millions, it is of KaliSantaropnishad.Why distort it? What wrong is with "Hare" the meaning is the same.
  5. Hey guy Raadharani was in the heart of Lord as he was in her heart.They are not two, but one. In normal life too they met once.Mother Rukmini gave her warm milk to drink only to find Lords feet burnt. When she enquired The Lord Replied The Milk fell at my Feet Which eternally reside in her heart.
  6. It is good to keep chanting all the time.The name of the lord is your best companion never part with It.
  7. Lakshminath Samarambham Nath Yamunam Madhyamam Asmadacharya Paryantaam Vande Guru Paramparam.
  8. Forget the two schools, just chant the name of god.If brothers fight both are harmed. Both are Sri Vaishnavs arent they.
  9. Narsimham Kavacham, Or why dont you use Prapatti.
  10. Pray to The Lord Baldev, and respect your Father. A real Vaishnav is tolorant and knows and firmly believes that whatevver his ishta will do will be for good if not now then later you will realise.Do your duty and let the Lord do His . Do not question his part but go on fullfilling yours.Believe in Him. A real Vaishnava knows the art of remainin g calm in good or worse, and remain happy everytime. If you feel bad , do cross the bad times with the help of the name of God. Make it your best companion, A friend you cannot live without.You cannot earn money always , but all it takes is a toungge or better still mind to earn the name of God.The wealth that you will take with you , when you leave this body.
  11. Hey Shivaduta, never give them any Vashikaran mantra , never give a stengun in a monkeys hand or he may.....these people have made fun of Tantra.Tantra has a standing , never to be made cheap.
  12. What are the teens up to , tantra is for gaining moksha, people want to use it as Alladin's lamp.
  13. A mantra is chanted for inner peace, not for captivating boys for stupid ends. The best vasikaran is conquering lust.
  14. Leave the teenage immaturity. A marriage is never romance as in movies, but responsibility and duties. If the family decides a groom they take many factors into consideration, not just romance.Be futuristic.Dont you love your mother or father, that you want to shame them,for just a boy you may be knowing for only a few years who dosent even care for you, but you are attracted only , can this meet the day to day household needs you will be facing? even the stupid movie stars do use their heads when considering teir future, why ape a movie? What future would you have? household means responibilities the romance only lasts a few days.Dont you look around you? what different are you from others , all think their romance is different and end up in a dead end. Your parents love you, they are not your enemies, listen to them.Vashikaran will render him more like a robot.I dont know what type of husband you want ?
  15. Telia Kand I have heard is found in forests of Madhya Pradesh. I dont know how authentic.
  16. Sirs. Jai Gurudev.I had a query regarding Baanda.Sience these are rare to get, is there an alternative to the baanda say root or any other part in stead, is there any way of growing them by ourselves Please Kindly enlighten me in this request. Jai Gurudev Pranay Kumar.
  17. Sir, good morning. Can any one enlighten me on Vajrikaran ie hardening of substances. In one of my preperatipons I needed to harden a substance as steel. Also can any of the respected Ras Vaidyas enlighten me on artificial preperation of Shailodak or Chandrodak or Ushnodak/ I would be Extremely Grateful . These waters being rare I cannot get them Regards Pranay Kumar.
  18. 108 repetations of Hanuman Chalisa or The Dwaya Mantra or Nyas Dasakam.
  19. hey 3 to ten per day, but a compatiable pranayam done properly cures but improper increases the disease, if in a bout of a High BP , with a clean Cotton Wool dab, close the right nosetril till it lowers.
  20. Human Urine is considered highly impure, It is for the Vam Margis and Aghoris to use self Urine ( they say poison kills poison , but not for us Vaishnavas) Where ever you read urine : Cow Urine ( not the genetically altered jeresy variety, them being literally mutants and not pure cow) should be taken.
  21. On a Sunday or Teusday, Take some Whole dried red chillies and mustaed seeds and chanting Gods name or your Guru Mantra rotate them from the head or the child to the feet and vice versa in a circular fashion similar to pranic healing passes, then put them ( chillies and mustars, popularly called utara on fire, if the kid is suffering from nazar, the smoke wont cause coughing or less coughing, if it causes coughing then the ailment is physical.Normally after a single utara the child becomes normal if not repeat till the smoke causes coughing to nearby people. The Best way is to ChantHanuman Chalisa or Narayan or Narsimha Kavacha before the Kid.
  22. Can You Please list those ghee brands using animal fat , so to avoid them, I used ISKCON ghee and it tasted fantastic, perhaps my taste buds were used to the adulterated ones.I could safely use the ISKCON or the ASARAM Bapu brands, being safe , but they are costly.Can I use Amul? Pls advice, being a Vaishnav, I have to know, which ones are pure.
  23. If you are initiated by revered Shri Dr.Srimaali Ji this means you should concentrate more on your Guru Mantra.
  24. Try Svarnaakarshan Bhairav Stotra 30 times three times in a single day i.e. morning afternoon and evening after making a mental resolve that you are doing it to gain sudden wealth. in the night sleep the same night, you will get the directions. Maximum time is four days, may take some longer for some people. google for intitle:swarnaakarshan * ext:pdf try some other combinations too like stotras or sacred books online and the like. raadhe raadhe. P.S. strict celibacy and vegetarianism is to be observed during saadhana.
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