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  1. here is one more sure shot for eczema. 1.Neela thotha)and Roasted ----5gm. 2.Small Shankhs-----------------10 gm. 3.Green cloth--------------------10 gm. first burn the green cloth and make it a bhasma and then grind Neela Thotha and small conchs and grind them to a fine powder. Mix the three and mix them in Til Taila and make an ointment. berore using this on eczema sprinkle some powdered Kali mirch on the wound and use the ointment. within a few days if will be cured completely.
  2. I think it is Ambiosis. Get it cured.Also check his digestion and stress level. Two times a day is normal and required ,three times not much, but get it diagonised a disease if left uncured can get incurable.
  3. Use Bhringraaj oil or Coconut oil at night regularly and avoid using Shampoos. Without knowing what is the proportion of Vata-Pitta-Kapha in your body what type are you the exact cause can not be known Thin and Dull hair Indicates Vata Dosh. Do you suffer from Constipation,Flaunting, Some times too much hunger and some times quite less , disorganised thinking are talkitive , spend excessive ,impulsive and get angry and then calm down very quickly. If yes then you are Suffering from Vata dosh,Although curly hair suggests a touch of Kapha with Vata which is extremely rare.But you are predominantly Vata Type. If yes( Vata type,Get your pulse checked by a Vaidya) then Dont Allow Constipation use triphala,with warm water at night ,use oil on head , sit in Vajrasana immediately after meals and brush your massage you head thoroughly ,combing with a wooden comb.Avoid using potatoes, leary vegetables ,Maida,grams ,Arabi etc have a good sleep at Night, and excercise a bit less. Stay away from anger. Sat are you the thin boney type and feel tension in your muscles ,Give me the details or Go to a qualified Vaidya, posting on forum may end you up using the remedy of a quack and condition may get worse. My adive to you will be to go ot a qualified Vaidya and get proper treatment. I cant see your pulse or interact with you here ,the remedies will be vague and may cause you harm instead of benefit.
  4. You can also use Ashwaganda Nagauri( powdered root: It is Available with Baidyanath under the name of Ashwagandha Churna)one sppon with warm sweet Milk one glass.
  5. Shivambu Kalpa It is a part of Damar Tantra.Although in Damar Tantra now available you dont get Shivambu Kalpa but you can search by the name of Shivambu Kalpa itself .The info is authentic,undiluted. You will get detailed info there about urine therapy.Also look for Amaroli in Hath Yogic shastras, Some of it is also given in books like Charak Samhita, also you can find the details of the eight kinds of urine and their chemical properties in Rasa Shastras like Rasarnava Tantra.
  6. Sirs, As "Ashesh Klesh Nishesh...." is the Nishkaam mantra for taking Sri Guru Padodak.What is the Nishkaam Mantra For taking Sri Guru Maha Prashad. Can some one help me out....
  7. Sirs Can any one throw light how is Bhuta Suddhi (of the Five elements of the Body) performed by the Vaishnavas. Pranay.
  8. Take Lawan Bhaskar Churna if Available. If not available then use Ginger crushed with honey a few minutes before food. (Dont ever heat honey or keep it in the Sunshine or take it while suffering from fever. Heat turns it to Poison.... says Ayurveda) Also sit in Vajrasana after eating It is safe to sit in this pose after eating. Eat a bit less than hunger and fix time for eating dont eat between meals. lie on your left side with the right side up for some time if possible after meals the walk slowly a Hundred steps. Do not run after eating.Those who run after a meal Death runs after them. It is very dangerous as the food is shaken and can enter any Nadi.
  9. Hey many cases have been completely cured by chanting. It is the best way in Kaliyuga. Vide KaliSantoropnishad .What is not achieved by the name of God,The whole power of God is in His Name.
  10. Thanks Sri Raga Sir I do understand Saumph.Infact it is used in our household almost on a daily basis. Pranay.
  11. Sirs, || Srimate Ramanujaye Namah|| I just wanted to know what should be the ratio of the chantings of the Moola,Dwaya and Charam mantras. Also if somebody could post a link or an ebook or at least the address of a publication ,on the daily rituals from waking to night time karmarpana of a Prapanna. Also at Delhi where can I get Rahasya Traya Saara in English,and also Shankha Chakra Finger Rings. Pranay Kumar.
  12. Some scriptures are misinterpreted for obvious ends (crusade Jihad etc.) Say for Example. "Bhakshyet Go mansam Pibet Amarvarunim......" This verse of Hatha Yoga Pradipika Means.(Go also means Tounge and not Cow as it is misinterpreted) Go or tounges meat or tounge itself when swallowed(Khechari Mudra) then from Sahasrara Chakra( Bodys place for Goloka Vrindavan) Amrita or elixir flows which the yogis drink. This is AmarVaruni not the Varuni which means Wine. In the Vedas Dhenu also mean food grains and not Cow which is used at the sacrificial fire.
  13. Read Sri Narsimha Kavach Daily and practice celibacy with regular exercise.Nobody will dare to bully you anymore.
  14. Swar Shastras State a sleeping person Breath reaches far thus using more breath. As a life is counted on breaths (so in pranayama it is one of the reasons of extended youth and life) more breath means shorter life.
  15. the choclatey shells on Nutties and James manufactured in India are made of extracts of killed insects. the KitKat has beef. It has been verified by the chairman or some other high official of Nesle herself. the lipstics get their colour from blood the Iron supplement orange flavour syrup contains the blood of killed buffaloes. cheese and chocolates contain extracts of calfes intestines. Colas and Ice Creams gelatin are generally made of slaughtered animals bones to save money. So does gel toothpastes and hair gel. Bata shoes in India .Do you know Cows are flogged mercilessly to get the blood rushing to the skin before being killed?It is done for the extra softness of the leather.
  16. Pranayama if tried without an expert Guru can lead to madness and even death.Todays Business suit clad"Gurus" who patent "yogas" and dish it out using extreme heat etc are a kill-all cure for population explosion. Pranayam has both physical and spiritual benifits if performed properly. It is said that fixed(held still for a long long time give this but for a shorter time gives health and purification) air and fixed mercury give super powers(like Superman) and dead(totally subjugated) air gives immortality(Life upto a Kalpa or Mahakalpa) as Kaal is all consuming and spares no one.
  17. Onions may be healthy but still are Tamasic .The best example they increase anger and lust immediately.ISKON is not about becoming Swaznegger It is about developing Spiritually. It is your choice of becoming a healthy animal or another healthy recourse to onion and garlic.
  18. What these people dont realise that heavy metals in Ayurveda are purified and then used.As in China Poisonous snakes are consumed removing the poison,in the same way Ayurvedic samskaras remove the ill effects of the metals. I personally have taken purified Arsenic, yellow Arsenic, Mercury etc. They have benefitted me tremendously ,according to them I should have been ashes by now. When the scientists have not read the scriptures how can they judge and criticise our Science,and call us uncivilised and the Revered Vedas as Song of Cow Heards. Do they posses the sole rights to Scientific development. They have a lot to learn and discover, what we already have. When say fourty years ago if somebody talked about Pushpak Plane of Sri Ramayana, People would have laughed. But now flying is a reality. We had space armadas and astronaut training in the Vedic age.See Bhardwaj Samhitas ViMan Shastras It is because of Buddhist influence people started Lessening the Armed forces and refused to fight.Givibg way to Mughals who burned whole Libraries of the Ancient Golden Vedic Super Civilisation and thus we became Hermits and Villagers. Still we have a parallel government of Rishis ruling from Kalap Gram also known to Tibetians as Shangri La . Only few Know there exists a parralel underground Kashi beneath the known Kashi. Even in Vrindavan today You can hear the music of MahaRaas but nobody dares to glance. Many have heard including me. You can verify it yourself by Visiting there.
  19. Take Guru or Hari Charanamrit on fasts and see for yourself the spiritual and physical benifits . Sure it is the Elixir (amrita) even the Devas long for.Just try it for some time instead of arguing and see the results for yourself. As for juices Fasts are not for enjoyment but is a kind of penance. Dont lose the essence of it, or you will be left with only hunger and no benefits.
  20. Cow urine tablets are avalable as gojharan vati at Sri Asaraam Bapuji's Ashrams. Or as Gomutra Vati at Geeta press shops.(They also sell medicines).
  21. What is exactly Funnel root. What is its hindi name?
  22. Naturally the opulence of Bhakti and following Srila Prabhupad Ji displayed is not at all possible by a human being. When Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu desends or any avatar of God Avatars do accompany him. I have heard Srila Prabhupad Ji is a Sakhi of Sri Raadhe is it true?
  23. The Last few Days have been hell for me. I have learnt my lesson.There is no bigger enemy than an inflated ego and anger. I promise to all of you to behave myself in the future. But if by the remotest of the remotest of the possibilities (which will never ever ever come) my posts hurt anyone i hope you all will forgive me keeping my low qualification in mind. I bow to all of you devotees here and pray to accept me in the forum once more,I have learnt my lesson, and a very big lesson. I beg you all to accept me as a friend and try to forget the blunder I have commited. I once again ask my forgiveness to Sri Raga sir and all of you I have offended.I am Sorry.Please forgive me. I hope I will be once again accepted at the forum. The devotees of God always overlook others fault. Thanking you all once again out there Pranay Kumar
  24. I dont have words to express my gratitute Revered Sir,All I can say is thank you. You just saved my life.A life without My Sri Sri Gurudev I cannot imagine,Thank you for everything Sir. Maybe Lord Sri Sri Krishna will be kind to me now and save me from my downfall.
  25. pranay2


    Sir Let the posts remain ,without it Sri Raga sirs replys nobody will understand. And also let everybody see what happens when you insult a devotee. Sir I am suffering like hell. I am not able to concentrate,lost my sleep and hunger,there is great turbulance in my heart and my breath has become fetid, asure sign of insulting a devotee.I am not able to do Japa or concentrate on my work I have turned a nervous wreck. Let everyone see these posts and take a lesson and think twice before insulting a devotee, or losing their temper.
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