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  1. Well There are Infinite Number of Universes and Different forms of God. Differences in appearence is Bound to occour.
  2. Yes and we pay to drink an acid.Look at the positive side these Cold Drink Companies are our best well wishers how else can Population be controlled.People have to die to make balance and the best way to die is to fund the pocket of the CEOs of Coke and Pepsi. Just take one and your Hunger goes away.
  3. Well when Lord Brahma Gets Created He creates Prajapati He is the first Human.But sexual reproduction is started by Manu and Satrupa.That is how we are created in every Kalpa. Later when Westerners get Destroyed in Sarpa Yagya Lord creates Adam and Eve and they propogate Blonde Races.This is the whole story.
  4. SitaRam is the Name of the ultimate reality. That which derscends in Human form too as Lord is all capable. The name of LOrd is best suited in present day for Meditation as when you say car immediately a car comes to your mind. The form of anything is easily reached by its name. When you repeat the Name of Lord it cleanses your heart.As a detergent cleanses a dirty utensil full of oil and when clean the ultimate reality shines forth in your pure Mind. You see everyone desires happiness but dosent know what is true happiness. They try to find it in form of money wife cars and so obn but every thing has an age and when they go away a person is pained. Further every desire cant be satisfied as fulfill one and another is ready.So when mind is pure and calm. A person feels that all objects of desires are useless and thus mind becomes totally calm. there are further stages to be covered too but by repeating the Name of God Man becomes self content. Freedom from desires is like getting rid of a big burden. As a person with full stomach dosent desire food.It can be only reached by the Name of God .It is practiced in Every religion. Cristians chant Ave Maria. Muslims chant La Illilah and so on. Hindus chant SitaRam.
  5. Sepiroh is 100% true. I respect his suggestion.Read Hanuman Chaalisa Daily.practice padmasana. Give up dirty habits. Lord seeing population overload made sex as the means of reproduction for man to age get sick and ultimately die. Sex is ones greatest enemy and celibacy the greatest friend. loss of celibacy results in old age greying wrinkles and schizophrenia ,nervous deblility and loss of vigour. the research that married men live longer is due to the fact that being unmarried dosent ensure celibacy they use unnatural means of gratification that is even more deadly. Practice celibacy.After child birth your wife is only your best friend say the shastras,and so it is.
  6. Dirrerent Theories about God all are flowers of his Garden. For it is stated in Ramayana. A person sees God as per his Belief. Dwaita Adwaita, Vishistadwaita all are true. Depends on what ground(level) or bhumi you are standing on.The real nature of God cannot be described for perception itself is an Upadhi and so is Maya. Lord is beyond it.He is beyond Truth and False.Existence and nonexistence.To describe him you need to percieve and till there is a single upadhi Lord is Far away.The best way is to follow surrender and Bhakti. What yogis get after losing their existence and what cannot be percieved was tied to an Okhal by Sri Yashoda Maa by the power of Surrender and Bhakti.
  7. different theories abot God all are flowers of his Garden. Jaki Rahi Bhavana Jaisi,Prabhu Murat tin dekahi Vaisi. A person views God as per his belief.The true form of God is beyond description. For perception itself is an Upadhi, and so is Maya.
  8. For every event to occour there is a proper time to ripen it. When Lord desends Satyayug starts.Kaliyug cannot remain. And in Kaliyug Moksha is very easy.Just by minimal chanting the Lords Name. It is due to the relaxation given seeing incapability of todays Humen.Do you think we will be able to follow the eight fold path of Yoga.With Vairagya. Every cloud has a silver lining. The Lord's power descends in form of Sadguru. He is the lord Himself. Remove your misery by following Him.And for the rest of us they dont desire Moksha. A fly of dirt will never want to venture in a flower garden. they want money , lust and power. Lord is merciful He dosent force them .Force a child and he rebels. Make him understand slowly and make him give up evil by his own free will.This is his policy.A man is free to act as he wishes but in terms of ripening of the fruit, he is bound,that is why people desire the Love of God as the fruit of daily work.For all normal people except a BrahmGyani has desires.Desire for Moksha or the Love for God is also called Nishkama.
  9. YES He IS !!!!! Rishis reaching brahmgyan transcend KAAL or TIME. Their body is called Siddha deha. It lasts about a kalpa or Maha Kalpa or so .what civilisation we see today is a small fraction of time .It is a few hundred of years old and will last a few more -the net, cars , skycrapers and all.cave culture will come and then total dillusion after 3500,000 years Lord Kalki will descend.This is repeated in every Mahayuga with a few differences due to indivisual freedom given to human being.
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