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  1. DHYAAN MULAM GUROR MURTI.....The root of all meditation is on the form of Guru. the root of all worship is his feet, the root of all mantras is the Revered Guru Mantra and the root of Liberation is his benediction. There is no other way....Why to water all ther leaves and stems , just water the root and it reaches everywhere. do you feed avery cell or just the stomach.Guru which you see in human form is that Avyakta the vedas cannot describe;situated in human form. Even if the Guru is not Brahmaleen , even then by worshipping him you are worshipping that supreme. By worshipping the guru you are worshipping every single atom in the infinite number of universes. You just catch one and you master all , try to master all and you are left with none.Refer to Guru Geeta.
  2. Hey blonde or brunette , we are are his sons and why not deepawali. It is not an Indian festival but a universal one.
  3. Find a Guru. Without proper Guidance Mother Kundalini can render pure havoc.
  4. These days money is everything. They dont marry for the bride but for the money. I sincerely wonder how a father can expect her daughter to be happy with a relationship whose foundation is money.In olden days what was a gift has turned into a sell and buy now a days. It is a must to totally shun dowry. It is an Irony that even activists demand dowry. I have heard about people counting rupees at the time of marriage.
  5. You must not share your experiences with anyone . it goes away. There is no progress without Guru. The light you see is just childs play , even a light bulb can do that , if you want to experience Brahmanand , you will need a Guru. Sience you can easily get cheated these days, my advice will be chanting Guru Gita. The Guru destined for you will contact you one way or another in an indirect way by inspiration.You need a lamp to light another lamp.Only a man with eyes can guide another.Not us at forums. You cant graduate discussing with students or by a book, you need a professor , dont you?
  6. It is said child birth is the second birth of the mother. For Labour Pain is pure hell. This can be tried out if medical help is not available. Keshar Kashmiri 3gm. KalmiShora purified 3gm grind them in a kharal then mix in rose water ,heat the mixture and make the mother drink wait for fifteen minutes by the grace of God there will be Safe Delivery.
  7. Sometimes people take Bhasmas not prepared properly or not purified properly.If Heavy Metals remain impure they can harm the body. What if somebody consumes such bhasma and finds out later. Ayurveda has the cure. Try this out. Makoy,the colorful berries we find in bunches,its juice 12 gms. The Juice of Ram Tulasi 12 gms. and water 120 gms.This is one dose.Use it for three days and collect the urine in total and let it lie.The heavy metal flushed out will settle at the bottom. Measure it,if equal to the quantity consumed ,then so good or else continue for another seven days .the total impure Bhasma will be flushed out.
  8. Take HeeraKasis pure and Sendha Namak( Rock Salt) and mix it in Castor oil. Put it on the Hydrosil cover it with cottonwool, wear an underwear over it. the Patient will find relief.
  9. Receeding hairline is a common problem.How many of you have wasted your money with Hair Transplant Clinics? Maybe you never tried Ayurveda. Try this out. Crush Onions in real Honey and make it into a fine paste. Store this in a bottle. Now the place the hair has receeded rub that place with towel until red.then apply that fine paste there. try this for several times and pestro.....the rest after you try it out. keep on posting feedback. And also how do you like my posts? If any one benifits sure let the others know. thanks. Pranay.
  10. The stool of Horse wich has come out the last put it on a cloth and squeeze to extract its juice store it in a bottle .put two drops daily. Night blindness is cured at the first time only.
  11. Try it after Panch Karma. And with Strich Rules,Regulations and Celibacy. It is of the Vata-Tapic type and easy to follow.Once again Follow the Pathya and leave the Apathya or the desired result wont be there. After panch Karma.If not available then at least three days of Snehana,Swedana(not for the Pitta type),Vamana and Virechana. The Vata Type or Constipatory try out for a week. After you are rid of Toxins then everyday wake up and use this before Sunrise. Shivalingi(Bryony) togather with Bhringraaj for months togather,and see yourself get younger,Hairs blacken and wrinkles vanish.People will be surprised. Just try it out and post your feedback for others to see and believe.
  12. Put Fresh Desired Herbs which are soft in water and leave it for a week,and then boil until the total thing has melted and is a soup..Then filter it with a cloth and let it lie for two days .Then carefully pour the pure water sans the residue in another vessel and heat over slow fire until the total water evaporates.the thing left is the essence or extract of the Herb used.
  13. Take honey in lukewarm water daily empty stomach in the morning..Use Triphala occasionaly with warm water at Night.It acts as a laxative .Generally with the use of Ayurvedic Laxatives the fat is expelled with the stool.
  14. If mouth ulcers come it means constipation and stomach heat.get it cured. here is something to cure it within a few minutes. Use lemon juice and apply locally .It may sound as if will cause great pain but no. It is completely safe. A lot of dirty saliva will come out of the wound.Dont swallow it go om spitting it in the Basin. Within a few Minutes it is over. Dont forget to cure acidity later.
  15. Neem seeds 10 gm. grind it into a fine powder,take dry tobbaco leaves powdered 10 gm.grind them finely for at least 15 mins to half an hour in a kharal. then filter it with a silken cloth and store it in a bottle.use it as a Soorma in the Morning and Night time. After a month or two the catract is cured without an operation.
  16. Put Triphala Powder in a glassware at night with a glass of water and in the morning filter it using a cloth and wash yuor eyes with the water with an eye cup in the morning, Using it for a few Months will lessen the power considerably.
  17. People fall into bad company,visit bad sites,think these to be harmless and ultimately suffer.They then run for stupid medicines like Viagra and spoil themselves totally. Ayurveda has cure for this.First of all leave unhealthy company.Ir you cure it and the cause still remains it is no cure at all. then use this. Juice of Onion.-----25 gms. Honey-------------50 gms. Heat it on slow fire until thick Practice celibacy till cured. Within a few days the patient will have excellent health and red cheeks and a full face.Impotency will be totally cured. It is for the use of Married men only P.S. Admin sir I have posted this in good faith taking this as a disease.That people dont fall into treatment with quacks.If you find this objectionable delete this thread and just let me know.I wll comply immediately.
  18. Take pottasium permagnate and citric acid both half a ratti,and putting it on the bite and put water on top of it. As soon as the drop of water is put it will boil immediately wash it or else the patient will suffer burns.
  19. In the Evening ask the patient to urinate in cup of glassware.Then cover it and let lie. I the morning see the residue at the bottom. RED---Kidney White-Urinary tract. Try it.
  20. Take the fresh green leaves of Radish (mooli) and paste them and squeeze then in a cloth to extract the juice..for a young person 450 gm is enough per day. Make it very sweet using crystelline sugar. ( Not Misri ). now filter it with a thin muslin(malmal) cloth.one will find relief with a single dose only. Patient will feel hunger and will have loose motions,to flush out toxins. within a week you can expect total cure.
  21. Roast salt on a tawa and use a pinch with water.Use it for a few days.
  22. Take some moong Daal and soak it in cows milk overnight.paste them and mix it with pure honey. (never heat the honey or keep it in sunshine or use it in fever.heat turns honey to poison) apply this paste as Face pack at night and wash the next morning with pure cows milk. the presciption is for seven days.See the results yourself.
  23. Here is one I have used. Heat some phitkiri on a tawa until it melts and turns into a white powder.This is called the phoola of phitkiri. Now take some Bhutta ( Corn) uncooked and remove the seeds.These seeds make popcorn,and we wont be using them(the seeds here.Take the long stem like structure left and dry it in sunshine. then burn them to charcoal (not ashes) . Mix them in equal quantities and it is ready for use. Dont use too much as Phitkiri if used in excess can cause discomfort.
  24. Bawaseer is a vary troublesome disease and allopathy has very less to offer.thy this.If a person suffers then passing of stool becomes very painful Senda Namak,3gms and devdali seeds 3gms grind it is vinegar and put in on the mole of Bawaseer. After two or three usage only the mole of Bawaseer will fall away.
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