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  1. Hi all, Jai Gurudev. Just wanted to know is there any stotra on Kaaya Siddhi, or adamantine body? If yes what is the proccess of its siddhi? Pranav Dass
  2. ditto nothing pleases Hanuman ji like rama nama and The lord like Hanumana Nama. I will advice you to chant Sri Hanuman Chalisa sandwiched by the Name of Sri Ram. Raadhe Raadhe.
  3. pranay2


    yes I too have read about its benefits.Its a miracle, the elixir is not for everyone but all can do this bandha.
  4. the name of god you believe in.
  5. I recommend a book "Parad Samhita" It is about 450 Rs and is a publication of Khemraj publications ,Khemraj SriKrishnaDas Marg, Mumbai.400 004.It is in Hindi.A Full practical guide to Indian Alchemy. You will find about your query there.It is the Bible of Indian Alchemists.
  6. you can buy books on RASA SHASTRAS. You will get plenty.IT was called the Red Lion by in the Hermatic Science.And is an essential element in Siddha Rasa or the philosophers stone. By special procedures it is first detoxified ie made pure. either by grinding it with ginger or lemon juice, then made non-evaporating, then made potent or momiya.this is the water of the sages or the philosophers stone. sometimes it is calcined as a white powder, desired by alchemists all over the world.
  7. it is a VATA disorder.and a serious one. instead of querieng from forums(as all of us are not qualified doctors and a slightest mistake can bring disaster on the patient) show him to a qualified Vaidya.
  8. the best is to make it agnisthayi and further, momiya.that is the stone of the alchemists.
  9. sir the time here is of the divine years not the years of human i.e. 365 days. there are 16 kaalas or time. every life of Lord Brahma is a day of Lord Vishnu( KseerShayi) so on to the power of 16 to lord Krishna.where there is time as a part of divine leela and not the consuming one. the kalpa of earth is counted by the second time i.e. that of the devas, and not the first i.e. human
  10. by the way sepiroh chanting is a science a well founded one, it is matrka vigyan a well developed and oft researched one.there is nothing called magic, pal everything in this universe is governed by law, if you talked about the pushpak viman or the viman shastra of the Bhardwaja samhita say, 50 years back, people would have laughed , now after a copy paste job by wright brother people do believe, why dont some scientists do something same about the science of chanting, either us or they, the proplem will be solved.again no offence, just some friendly debate, my language may be sarcastic, but all in good motive to prove my point.
  11. hey Sepiroh, ok pal, and how do you suggest to diognise the subtle with the gross appratus, how can the son give birth to the father. the western civilisation is say a few hundred years old and will continue at most for say another 2000 or so, how can you unravel the supreme when anyone cant even stand in front of time -his slave? there were emperor Sagar and emperor Priyavat who by their own hands had divided the undivided continent into seven parts, people today call it bullshit now and laugh dont they? when such mighty kings lost in front of time, how can any one ( with all due respect, no offence here, just to make my point clear) civilisation unravel the supreme, that created that time itself ? only by bhakti you can tie him to an okhal, which maya cannot touch, only by bhakti does the supreme whose name itself removes desire, begs for butter, it is only by bhakti, that whose name drives away cupid itself, does maha-raas. gross machines are machines , only he is reached by param ekanti bhakti, else he is unreachable by even the supreme trinity, i.e. Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. no offence sepiroh just a debate.would love a feedback if I am wrong brother.but this is my view which may not be all correct.
  12. Hey it was just a custom to gift BOTH the BRIDE and the GROOM , and not just the GROOM as it is just today by both the family and not just the Brides family, as today to help start the family. As gifts today is just a few dollars, in the past due to countless wealth it was high, And yes it was not a compulsion. Just a gift as in the west today. What we see is a distortion, born out of jealosy by distorting the ancient custom. Male dominence was a result of foreign invation, and the Aribic and Victorian culture brought the conservativeness in us, nor an Indian label.Earlies we had the Moksha sastras as well as the Kama Shastras, a matter of personal choise, "Purdah" is an urdu term and dosent have a sanskrit equalivent.Dowry was a gift given by BOTH( both brides as well as grooms family) sides and not the "For Sale" Tag that we see today.
  13. JUst wanted to say one thing, mahayuga is counterd in divine years not the present 365 days years. Second science and its calculations is still imperfect, it is still developing and changing. Third our knowledge or the rishis is of Krishna Counsiousness not the gross knowledge or verifying by trial and eroor through imanimate machines. People used to question the pushpak vimana, that machines cannot fly until 50 years ago it was cipy and pasted from our vedas to the patent office by Wright Bropthers. People did qoestion The life in Plants until Science "rediscovered it". Life is Continuous. It wasnt created just say a particular time ago and before it Time and the Lord itself were non-existent? . Do you think , imanimate physical laws cause the universe to function automatically. That an inanimate force of nature manages life so beautifully by a co-incidence, or survival or by arbitrary mutation by chance. A nose and ear just grow in the head and not the foot just by years or inanimate evolution. And that the physcal universe just popped up by a big bang without any base cause. and that the Big Bang just created itselr out of nothing? Just Think.Is Lord Krishna Just A historical person living say 5000 years ago? And that the Idols are just Stone and that The Mahamantra is just vibrations in the air? That Life just creates itself by Sex? Either believe the Modern Spineless Science , which changes itself every day or week or our Vedas and do experience what Srila Prabhupada did, and then maybe dinosaurs wont matter that much to you.What will the existence of dinosaurs prove? What will they solve, but finer discussions that are posted here will surely do. Dont believe? Chant the mahamantra for a month with Celibacy and if you dont benefit,Just Ban me from here. I take the guarentee!
  14. Thanka A lot Gopal Brother for praising my Guru. I am really indebted to you my brother.:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
  15. There were Snakes that when rose in space towards the pole star divided the space into two halves.It is Kaliyuga we find normal and ordinary people.Cause the specials one keep them in cover. The flying saucers you find, do you think they are aliens, just refer to a few of the puranas and find out yourselves.
  16. Sirs , those that were sacrificed turned to ashes, it was those that were spared, and later died, their fossils we find, it is true we find them all over the world . If Kapila Muni can have a pink skin , auburn hairs , and if he can meditate in South America(patala) then why the serpents should conine themselves only to India.Sanatana Dharma in NOT Indian but for the world. If you read puranas you will get to know the history of USA, Afrika and many other countries as well.
  17. Sirs The Mahayugas repeat themselves, that is why we have so many verisons of Ramayana even, the fossils we find is of a previous mahayuga. The pralaya only happens after a Kalpa, so it is still there for us to find.
  18. you can refer to Patanjali Yoga Sutra for KayaVyuha, and Rasarnava Tantra and Rasaratnakara, Rasayana khanda for Kayakalpa.
  19. Just click on the box next to the mail,( without opening it) and click on delete. If you are infected the only cure is a full format , none else.
  20. Use Tulasi leaf Ten pieces and one black pepper . this should be the proportion. Grind it and make pea sige pills, use it with water.Its a sure cure for any type of fever. In fever never drink milk.It is a nectar in general, but in fever it is pure poison, same with honey. Use lots of lemon juice for increasing the platelette count. The juice of Papaya leaf is a sure cure for platellete deficiency(tried and tested on many). Chant Lord Krishna's Jwara Stotra. Dont let constipation occour.
  21. Sit on Padmasana for say half an hour without moving every day, but slowly master it dont force yourself. Is it just the white discharge or menstural problems too? Use Kali Sulf (Bio Chemic) . the potency depending on severety, anyway 12x will suffice . I will refer to and post tommorow on the ayurvedic cure.Use Vajroli Mudra Too . It helps a lot.Avoid spices and hot food.
  22. Try Hari Vansha Purana or Santana Gopala Stotra. The male should have his right nosestril active while the female her left.A cotton wool dab will help, also if the male is on the right side or the female and female on the left.if the right nosestril is on the top with the left side of body on the bed the right nosestril will run( air) say after 15 minutes or so. better check a free flow before going the family way. Keep chanting the Lords name and let not Bad feelings get into the mind. If you have A Guru Mantra Mental Chanting will be the best.Also date( days) from menstrutation also is a major deciding factor. The main still remains Prarabdha or past life Karma.To counter it Chanting of Hari Vansha Purana and others are required with a mental resolve or prayer before Chanting for your desired outcome. There are medicines also avaiable, like Palash leaves with milk after conception etc.
  23. Kaya Vyuha means having Multiple bodies at the same time. Kaya Kalp means Life and teenage body for an eon. and Par Kaya Pravesh means Leaving an old body and entering into a young corpse or temporatily entering into a living body and taking charge.
  24. I think what he means is that Siddhi is something very personal, certainly not to be discussed on a forum, learn to digest a Sadhana not to vomit it on a forum for applauses. Discuss it and it is gone the next moment.
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    Subtle Body

    Of the five bodies subtle body or pranamaya kosha is the second from the gross one. You can travel by it by first developing it by Guru Mantra and then after awakening the third eye going out through it. It is like dream state. Years pass by in the subtle world and only seconds on the physical plane .As in a dream you lead a whole life in just seconds of the REM stage.It is very hard and only possible for siddha yogis. People like us can do it while in the state of sleep , but only through proper guidence. It is better to travel by car than wasting time and the power of Mantras on something possible through machines. The power of yoga should not be used for jugglery but for liberation only.Instead of getting into subtle body business, I would advice you to stick on your Guru Given sadhana and follow his instructions only.
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