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  1. Do read Narayana Kavacha daily with samput of your Guru Mantra
  2. Respected sir, where can i get an electric or machine kharal and for how much, You must have bought any, please guide.
  3. Praying to Ganesha at the beginning removes obstacles and ensures success.
  4. Hey Guys all the Saints are great and have played their role in todays world, just because you follow some view the other is not false.Learn to respect every saint and every philosophy.Stop fighting and start practicing what you have learnt from your Revered Gurus.Shastrarth or fighting over philosophy will not get you to God, but practicing in secrecy what you have learnt will.
  5. Hey Kundalini jagran is no aspirin, my dear fellow.If someone promises one minute jagaran , of what Yogis(Celebates who have renounced the World not Householders as us) many births to achieve this, someone promises you in one minute?Kundalini is no burger of McDonald Mr. Wise Up.Do what scriptures hold to be true.Chanting the Name of God is the easiest way and the best suited for todays age. Do you see Siddhas walking the lanes of the country ? Kundalini Awakening is no joke, Samadhi ensues and the person sees everything as brahman.Extreme feeling of renouncement ( Vairagya) follows.The eight superpower comes.If you follow those Kundalini awakened people you met there, you fill find many in pubs with their girlfriends.Wise up Guy.
  6. Swapneshwari sadhana will help you find out whos culprit, and any Kavach path will protect the chanter.
  7. Try Chanting Narayan Kavach Daily.
  8. Use Bananas with ghee, and dring milk ( Not warm) over it.Ashwagandha can also give volumes, when taken with amla or with just sugar and milk but is of a hot nature and can harm Pitta Prakriti nature, so just bananas and milk will do, also try this out, Pure honey with Cold Milk and sugar.But again check for Pitta Prakritti as honey can increase Pitta but not as much as Ashwagandha Powder and is comperatively safe.
  9. In a preperation I have to triturate a mixture with mercury for 42 hours non stop.Cant afford a mechanised Kharal, which is a whopping 25,000 Rs.Just Wanted to know is there any recourse to Kharal ie trituration ? Any reccomendation from Vaidyas will be of great help, as need it urgent. Any suggestions anyone ? PLEASEEEEEE !!!!! Regards Pranav Dass.
  10. Try this out , put some black grams ( chana ) in water. Put a tablespoon of Trifala in it.Leave it overnight. In the morning throw away the triphala and water and eat the soaked grams.Good cure for White patches.
  11. Mix some alum in water and wash your head.let it remain for a few hours, may require a couple of times. Try it out. :bounce:
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