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  1. Hello everyone, I'm just a beginner in this wonderful world of mantras and tantra! But my problem is, I've yet achieved the experience that I crave. Actually, I want to feel what's it like to be one with the supreme. I tried meditation, but I suppose I do not posses the required patience. I can't concentrate enough and my mind begins to stray away (a typical teenager here!). If you guys are having such divine experiences, please share the methods with me. Please help this soul to connect with the ONE. Om namah shivaya!!
  2. Tapai Nepali ho! Where do you live? in KTM. See, Tantra and Mantras are real but it is not true that all tantriks are real. Most of them are fake. But since you say that you are willing to do a suicide so I can give a suggestion. But its only a suggestion though. Read Durga Saptashti's KAWACH. IF you don't have it then buy one. Wearing rudrakshya mala also help but you need to do a praan pratistha first. Goto Temples or holy places and pray (PAshupati for example) And do pooja of your favourite Diety. My favourite diety is Lord Hanuman. You can read hanuman chaalisha and Bajaraang baan too. Can find on any websites. GoodLuck!! You can mail me any time. PK
  3. Akarshan would mean attraction. To attract others towards yourself Vashikaran would mean to keep control on mind of others.
  4. Hello, can somebody tell me the correct way of doing a Pran Pratistha of a tantrik hanuman Yantra. (Its picture can be found from domain: exoticindia.co? (the ? is 'm') subdomain: /artimages/hu70.jpg (Sorry can't post the url. haven't done 15 posts) Also is it necessary to be exactly the same, (The one with me is 90-95% correct as in picture). I mean to say mine one is very little different. And can anyone tell how to worship it and do hanuman sadhana. ls reading hanuman chalisha 108 times is also a Sadhana? Thanks in Advance
  5. Hello my name is Pravesh. I would like to know about myself. Like which diety is suitable for me or whom should I worship and how? I have no spiritual teacher to guide me so please if anyone could tell me (One having some siddhis). one can post a private message or something else to me.
  6. Hanumate Namah Listen lady, I am not a dream reader or any special person or whatsoever but by reading your post, I felt somewhat tempted to post a reply and let you know my thoughts. You said you only did chandi paath during navaratri right? That could well mean that Kaali maa wants your devotion i.e she wants you to do pooja of her. And you are not doing. The way you wrote tells me that the lady you saw was Maa Kaali and the other guy could well be Lord Shiva (Just a guess though) Lord Shiva has always been known for a great yogi and he is definitely a different lord. He has always been infused with Shakti i.e. Maa Gauri. So, he having physical act with you is not astonishing. As someone already wrote earlier, you need to do bhakti for Devi. But Chandi is not for you, it is a tantrik sadhana. You just read Kavach and Sapta-Sati. I hope it does good for you. And if nothing acts good for you then seek help of Lord Hanuman. Read Hanuman chalisa, Bajarang Baan and etc. Lord Hanuman is infact an avatar of Lord shiva but his nature is diffenrent. He is extremely kind and Devotee of Ram. So seek his cover and no one will ever harm you. Do share you exp with me.!
  7. Hi dudes, I am quite new to mantras and tantras. However, I do beleive in them but i am usually not sure about the source. Now, I am suffering from JRA and my allopathic treatment is going on so I need a mantra which could help in curing this disease. I don't have any guru. I don't have any siddhi. and I am also unable to give max time to it because exams are nearing (1 hour per day can be managed) I am a fan of Lord Hanuman. Hope someone listens to it and will post a reply soon.
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