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  1. by the same logic, krsna doesnt exist- because he only exists in vedic mythology:confused:
  2. I just wanted to bring this one to the top in case anyone else has a response. I imagine that I talk to the cows (a thought experiment) . ..and, not thinking they'd actually 'hear' me psychically, I have told them they will die soon; because human babies need to eat. I recently told a calf this and the mother became visibly angry at me. Though possibly this happened through some extensive projection of my own mind or something, it seemed to be a real effect.
  3. I don't like apples lately either. My theory is because of them being possibly used in antioxidants which 'heal' the damage pork products do to the body (acne for ex.-again, a theory.)
  4. Has anyone else become aware of the souls of the people who have reincarnated as animals, if you've had to eat meat? :confused:
  5. Wondering if it's possible that when a devotee is living near cows if they would become more conscious--they seem complacent at first, and content, and now they are screaming in misery. This is the 2nd time I have experienced this--is there any cow rescue going on for when or if this happens? (Wondering why no one responds to my questions . ..maybe no one experiences these same things as me?)
  6. a good link to the scientific atlantean society
  7. The iron ball and bamboo would be a movie
  8. perhaps science wants to understand .. .ok that's just paranoid .. .
  9. But then I think black sheep .. . pigs over the cliff .. .is there a difference?
  10. Several verses from the Bible I find to be important teachings, I am haunted by them .. ..I dont know the exact verse, but there is something about whoever would leave a 'black sheep' behind I will not claim them, I think Christ is reported to have said this . ..this would of course also include leaving someone behind for dead as in religious wars, superiority of one religion over another
  11. it makes sense that a needful (ghost) spirit would seek help/attention from someone sensitive, religious, and compassionate on the other hand, perhaps it is seeking equality; this also seems important in the concept of evil--it wants you to know how miserable it is, wants to make you wise to what can cause a person to become evil, so there is no judgement
  12. The way I perceive it is that evil is the result of want and need for physical necessities, according to Maslow's heirarchy .. .material excess is enjoyed while the 'evil' want and need go untended; also, the unconsciousness caused by the ingestion of alcohol; it allows forgetfulness so that one can focus on one's own comforts
  13. Fatigue, headaches, pressure in head, excessive heat--especially excessive heat (mostly felt as a build up of heat in my head)--are these familiar problems to anyone and what have you done about them?
  14. Does anyone know the history of how the physical world was created
  15. How far should pain go before a 'pleasure' is experienced to balance it? When I was living in Chapel Hill, I was invited to live at New Goloka, and was told that there would only be cold showers there. . .about a year ago, I came to the point where I was ready to try giving up warm showers and baths. I have always been an anxious person, and warm baths relax me; when I began taking only cold baths and showers, I developed very high anxiety, nearly to panic. Warm baths seem natural enough-can it not be a form of therapy? I endeavor to understand (paraphrased) that the pure devotee is affected neither by heat nor cold . ..but should this be a highly anxious experience?
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