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  1. Iran was much better when Atreya Rishi had a temple and Govinda's restaurant in Tehran. You have no clue how Lord Chaitanya is going to manifest. Without guns and bombs, Moscow would still not allow Hare Krishnas to dance in the streets. Anyways -- I have no desire to talk with leftist pashandis like yourself -- instead I'll concentrate on my bhajan -- which includes bringing the sankirtan movent into every town and village -- while whiners like yourself complain about Bush. LOL!
  2. and self-hating Americans are ignorant to the threat that Iranians and like-minded Jew haters are to the World at large. But, everything is going according to Mahaprabhu's Divine Plans, and NO ONE can stop this sankirtan movement. There will be chanting in EVERY town and village, and that will happen when the demons in Riyadh and Tehran are deposed.
  3. The countdown has already started. But it will be after the November election, and b4 January 20th. Buh-bye IRAN, and payback for the hostage crisis FINALLY!
  4. and repented. Now he is trying to warn his brothers: Gaddafi warns 'arrogant' Iran of Iraq fate <small> Al Arabiya ^ | 05 August 2008 | Staff </small> <small> </small> Libyan leader Muamar Gaddafi on Tuesday warned "arrogant" Iran that it faces military humiliation on the scale of Iraq for its refusal to respond to western powers over a nuclear impasse. "What Iran is doing stems simply from arrogance," Gaddafi said during a visit to Tunisia after Tehran ignored another western deadline to accept an incentives package in exchange for full transparency on its nuclear drive. "In the event of a decision against Iran, this country will suffer the same outcome as Iraq... Iran is not any stronger than Iraq and won't have the means to resist (a military attack) on its own," Gaddafi said. "The challenges are greater and exceed Iran's ability to reply," he added, speaking on the third day of his visit. Negotiators from Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States -- who suspect Iran is seeking to build nuclear weapons capability -- have scheduled a conference call for Wednesday as the crisis deepens. Like Iran and Iraq before it, Libya was for years pressured by the west over its nuclear and chemical weapons ambitions and capabilities before finding common ground in 2003. Tehran has steadfastly refused to suspend its uranium enrichment activities, which it says are aimed only at producing fuel for nuclear power production. The United States and its allies fear the program is a cover for developing nuclear weapons.
  5. Against my better judgement I went to see the movie that has all the Hindus up in arms. WOW!!! What a bad movie. I am ashamed at myself for laughing half the time. This movie seems to take the lowest common demonator / adolescent scatology humor to the max. All the jokes about genital sizes got old fast. In no way does it demean Krishna, nor is there any blasphemy against Dharma. It makes fun of the whole hippy / new age nonsense. The ending was the best part, a parody of Steve Miller's "I am the Joker" done to Bollywood style. Hindus have got to lighten up, come on, we ain't the Taliban....
  6. BY DAVID BENKOF ...Mayor Gavin Newsom explained his decision in 2004 to grant marriage licenses to San Franciscans in defiance of state law: "We're reacting to the president's decision to use this as a wedge issue to divide people. I think what he's doing is wrong. It's hurtful." Newsom told CNN that gays deserved "the same kind of rights that are extended to my relationship with my wife" -- whom, Californians later learned, he cheated on with his friend's wife. I find it interesting that the four most prominent heterosexual politicians supporting a new definition of marriage -- Newsom, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer and his successor, David Paterson -- have all acknowledged committing adultery, in the latter two cases with numerous women. Shouldn't that disqualify them from deciding what marriage should be? The theory that marriage initiatives exist to turn out Republican voters in presidential elections is simply baseless. The marriage measures in the states of Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin all appeared on ballots that did not contain a presidential general election. Despite the paranoia of "marriage-equality" advocates, ballot initiatives to enshrine man-woman marriage in state constitutions are not a political ploy to win elections. They are the only logical response to the constitutional lawsuits funded by the gay and lesbian community that threaten to impose the gay community's definition of marriage on the vast majority of Americans who prefer the traditional definition of marriage.
  7. rand0M aXiS

    oh, Bama

    If you ever pass thru dawg, gimme a call. I will give you the insider tour. The Spokompton River be in flood stage, the Falls is fo shizzle right now. My humble abode resembles the Unibomber's, but we know how to properly treat our guests..... Speakin' of Montana, I worked both the 50 Cent show and the Rolling Stones show. There are stories to tell, but I ain't talkin....
  8. rand0M aXiS

    oh, Bama

    Bob Beckel Says Shoe Will Drop on Obama Tomorrow “Shoe will drop on OBAMA regarding Michelle, tomorrow” Bob Beckel on Fox News Channel @ 3:23AM Pacific Timezone. He said he is hearing this from people he knows are credible. He thinks it is stupid of Repubs regarding timing. He said it is a MAJOR SHOE. Was asked if it was worse than her thesis. He said much worse. He also reported that all of Hillary’s advance people were told to wrap it up in their states and return to HQ.
  9. Separated at birth? Haribol Mahaksadasa. SIDEBAR: I don't know if you know the Viper Swami, but he was GBC for Seattle and Vancouver in the day, and he looks so much like Rove I wondered if they were twins and separated at birth! McCain is gonna beat the Obamanation like a bad drum come November. I have seen the intel dossiers on this guy, and when they are released, he may not even make it to the August Riots in Denver!
  10. California's Secretary of State says an initiative that would again outlaw gay marriage in the state has qualified for the November ballot. Debra Bowen says a random check of signatures submitted by the measure's sponsors showed that they had gathered enough for it to be put to voters. The measure would amend the state constitution to define marriage as a union "between a man and a woman.":) It would overturn the recent California Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in the state if it is approved by a majority of voters on Nov. 4. :) California public health officials already have amended marriage license applications and told local officials to start issuing them to same-sex couples on June 17.
  11. rand0M aXiS

    oh, Bama

    Will keep this short. Networks preparing for Hillary to (finally) quit in speech Tuesday night. Will be from NY, Staffers being told to turn in expenses, resumes being FedExed to Obama and other state/local campaigns. Staffers at one network recalled from lunches to prepare. Campaign staffers being told to go home. One network had long conference call among suits last night, followed by conference call between tech types to set up remotes, back-hauls, break-ins, etc. Union technicians, cameramen, audio, video engineers, etc. told to expect overtime. From Associated Press RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton will give her post-primary speech in New York Tuesday night, a rare departure from the campaign trail. Staffers who have worked for her on he ground in Puerto Rico, South Dakota and Montana have been invited to attend the event or go home for further instructions, campaign aides said. The New York senator had no other events Tuesday. She planned to address AIPAC Wednesday in Washington. From "The Atlantic" Clinton Campaign staffers and former campaign staffers are being urged by the Clinton campaign's finance department to turn in their outstanding expense receipts by the end of the week. That's a sign, to them, that the campaign wants to get its affairs in order soon. If Clinton were staying in the race, there'd be no real reason to collect these receipts now; she'd still be raising and spending money from the same primary campaign account. The campaign is in arrears to the tune of about $11 million. From one network: "The former first lady's campaign announced that she would hold an election night "celebration" in her home state of New York, not in the final voting states of Montana or South Dakota." The Politico website reported that far-flung members of Clinton's travelling staff had been summoned back to New York for Tuesday evening and told their roles on the campaign are ending.
  12. rand0M aXiS

    oh, Bama

    And now there's a pic of theist as an old man!:eek2: I've had too much fun today, now I've gotta run and get some work done. Srila Vrndavan Das Thakur Appearance Day ki jai!!!! :) Asta manana bro.......
  13. rand0M aXiS

    oh, Bama

    Old age sux bigtime!!! I thought I'd die before I grew old.
  14. rand0M aXiS

    oh, Bama

    I owe the Mad Mahax an apology, I don't think he is 420 as much as when he was on da island in da day....:P:P
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