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  1. Accusative case: Lord Krishna held the govardhana hill Nomiantive case: Lord krishna is the supreme personality of godhead Dative case: He lives in the heart Fourth case: He lives in the heart of the devotees Hari hari bol
  2. About Krishan living Radha, a sincere devotee cannot question that to krishna. Krishna's position is very very subtle , difficult to understabd with the normal human mind. Which makes nothing other than the so called distinction with the lviving entity. The following verse from gita makes more sense of what I am trying to say in the above lines janma karma ca me divyam evam yo vetti tattvatah tyaktva deham punar janma naiti mam eti so 'rjuna Lord's activities are transcendetal so are his activities involving leaving radha. You can question them then you are bringing krishna to the normal human being level Hari hari bol
  3. Have you read Srimad Bhagavatam? if not, no point in discussing anything about sri Krishna , so is the case with Lord Sri Krishnachaitanya....Gita is a nectar though, yet Bhagavath is the nectar of the nectar:) Hari hari bol
  4. Bishadi, no offfence but the langaue you use appears as if I am reading some psychiatric journal... Hari hari bol
  5. Its not following this sect or that sect. Its about following the spiritual masters who have been referred by the scriptures. Isckon spiritual master Sri Lord Sirikrishna chaitanya has been referred in the scriptures (so are his followers, obviously). So if you want the real bhakthi you can find here. However, there are other lines like Sripada Madhwa, Sri ramanuja sects, which are also genuine ones. So its up you to follow. But, to say in that manner " NON-ISKCON " would irk some particular vaishnawas. And offending any vaishnawa wouldnt serve the purpose of serving Krishna. You have come to this forum, its nice now try to get as much as possible without offending any Vaishnawas... Hari hari bol
  6. Everybody can see if humble without selfish intent and just because that one sect you pursue stands as a rock be humble to the brethren all over the globe and see through their eyes. No clue what ya trying to say! use formal english As for the sciences; they are universal and theology are renditions of men based from knowing but without the ability to articulate for example a 6 armed Shiva or Ganasha; a man with an elephants head; the son of Shiva who is of Vishnu the supreme, some blue guy!<?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p> And you represent what? As you mentioned it as theology ( I never say them theology, its coined by modern day fools and rascals), its science , the science of soul. Well everything has got PERFECT meaning, but the basic requirement to learn in the spiritual science is the humblenes and surrender, well the proud people have no place here.Be happy with your material science. If you wish you can see and talk to the four handed Shiva and elephen headed Ganesh or for that matter with much of austerity blusih Lord Visnu... You see as your sceince books, there are certain books, which asks you to follow certain rules and following them in that way, u can even talk to any of the gods, or perhaps ask them why they have four hands and elephant head or bluish color:) . Why do ya think you have got two legs and 2 hands, why cant ya have four legs like animals or whay cant animlas walk like you, hope you got the answer. It makes no sence to citique without having the tiniest knowledge about spirit and its significance..just blabbering wont do:smash: God is the total and it is only because of honoring him does man even learn the sciences. We pursue to understand as God intended. Are you on a computer? That book didn’t make it. Learn with questions versus putting the ‘old’ foot in the …… Greatest comp your mind; when the mind is Kaput u need a comp, see books its writen duriong the age of kali, the mind cant remember things , so needs a comp .. U see again the books have taken its part, afterall they are written by supreme he he hari hari bol
  7. Poti pade pade jaga muha; pandith hua na koi Dhai akshar prem ka so pandith hoi
  8. Fear of God is not tamsic! Prayer could be tamsic though
  9. Krishna has to be appeased!!! Krishna's devotees have to be exhalted whole heartedly, they have to appeased. Go become a greatest of the devotees, sins would vanish in no time. What sin can touch for the one who has taken the shelter of a pure devotee of the lord....That says it all........ hari hari bol
  10. Great souls, souls from Vaikunta, personal servants, I bend one crore times... Hari hari bol
  11. Hoenstly, that makes no sense to me!!!! Hari hari bol
  12. Simple things can mean so differently for different people in this diverse world... Just like when Krishna says, Sarva dharma parithyajyo maam eka saranaam vraja, He meant it directly and in the simplest way, didnt he? but look at the wayfar explanation of that these days....its up to you to take in whatever way you want , afterall you are the one who is gonna reap for what you have sowed for..... hari hari bol
  13. Vai-kunta the place where there is no Kunta i.e misery... Vaikunta -place without misery Jaya jaya
  14. its so sad that people still think that Ramayana and Mahabhartha are mere epics and try to find so called modern proofs for this... Wake up before its too late... Hari hari bol
  15. everypart of the world when the Kirthana is sung its in different tunes, I wonder it was differnt in Germany, and in the UK its different and then in the Laguna beach its entirely different, though sounds sweet in all tunes.... Thanks for sharing ......... Hari Hari bol
  16. I cant understand a bit of what u re trying to say? can you be a little more simpler hari hari bol
  17. God cannot take human form. That means krishna's forms are baseless , hmm find another forum lol!!!! hari hari bol
  18. Suchandra had a point here, whomsoever dies in this age during the war wouldnt go to heaven if not hell!!! The war is not a Dharmayuddha, its filled with lots of dirty tacticts. No kings lol, the politicians are behind the wars, n they never comeinto the battle field.....And when the civilians die in the war, what do ya expect more? a Heaven , a hell ???? Rebirth would be a mercy from krishna:smash:
  19. Lock the UN and throw the key into the Indian Ocean hari hari bol
  20. Just wondering what did Srila Prabhupada say about Sikhs. Seems like they reprsent india outside, most of the foriegn world although they are 0.000001% of orginal india:smash: ...No offence but this is the fact... Hari hari bol
  21. Punar charvitha charvinaam Chewing the alredy chewed; its in sanskrith hari hari bol
  22. But unfortunately punar charvitha charvinaam......... Hari hari bol
  23. He He he is telling about jeevanmukhthas as they are for sale in the saturday sandry market. ....one in millions if not found u re a fool hari hari bol
  24. Very nice, very sweet email. Just like the words from my lord's keshava's mouth...... Keep rocking with hare krishna:) hari hari bol
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