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  1. ya, even i feel science (nowadays) is so imperfect that it could be correlated with any of the vedic texts or mantras. Vedic stuff are perfect and chanted by perfected ones.... This new bogus logic of science and spirituality going hand in hand can bring some peace but only tempororily. .. I my self am a researcher and see how imperfect is this science and also the assmuptions it makes for certain things are very baseless...... We should bring back the vedic system.,And this has to be done from the house.......doesnt seem like people in Bharath know that still. afterall only if they get time to think after watching bollywood obscene movies,,,,
  2. Spiritual things are like poisson, untill you leave the embrace of materialism. And what srila prabhupada spoke was perfect spirituality. How that can then be relishable for the materialistic public? hari hari bol
  3. I wonder whether this topic has got anything to do with this forum????
  4. With exceptions of Jaya and Vijaya in the form of ravana, kamsa, shishupala etc etc. Whomsoever Krishna himself kills are not simple beings, they are indeed his own devotees. afterall every activity of his lotus hands are for transdedental purpose hari hari bol
  5. well, bhakta don, you ask us to choose among demons; for bharathiyas all the same; no one left us un-raped..... the same old simple proverb prabhu.... As you sow , so shall you reap hari hari bol
  6. I see these people are leading thier life just according to time, palce and the situation. As they change so does the life... hari hari bol
  7. Guest, take a proper username first , it takes only few minutes and takes away lots of confusion... On the matter of sense enjoyment guesss Bharathiyas had had , for centuries , for ages when they ruled the world, now its the turn of kali and as u know he shows his effect more, where there is more devotion (kali is afraid of it). And i dun see any chance of Bharath leading the world atleast in the near future, or atleast until we get a devotee king like Parikshith Maharaj Jai radhe
  8. Honestly the problem with this age is quarrel, just quarrel, and only qaurrle, EVEN ON THE FORMS OF THE SUPREME...what an age , krishna save krishna save, common first worship, just quarrelling wudnt yield anyhting
  9. Karma bhumi is for karma ; and bhoga bhumi is for bhoga hari hari bol
  10. Best of lucks to you, to reach Krishna thru Swami vivekananda Hari hari bol
  11. Yes! u re right! its the same!!! I wonder when ramakrishna (vivekananda's guru) became supreme personality of godhead???? God save Bharath and also Bharateeyas Radhe radhe
  12. I read the literature in website what u said , they look like the ones written by Vivekananada. well such ones are good for the people who have no love towards krishna the orginal personality of godhead. They are very moral and empowering thoughts. Well belive me nothing can change over night, It took ages to bring the world to this stage (chaotic). And will take if not age but a century atleast to bring back in line .... Hari hari bol
  13. Wish that cud happen! well lets see if krishna wills then sure!!!! not bad to dream about good:) isnt it?
  14. And in that way they can never reach Krishna as he says in Gita!!!
  15. both of these Christians and Muslims are no better for Bharath, both have done enough looting and destruction. Might be better among devils we can choose!!!!!!...... we have a saying " Muslims pierce from the front and are straight forward, but these so called christians are like slow poisson, wouldnt really know when it has taken over-jut like brits in India" hari hari bol
  16. In a way sometimes I see these terrorists are better than materialistic third class athiests scientists! afterall they have some element of GOD in thier whatever doings? otherwise todays world is moving on these scietists inventions..... Hari hari bol
  17. You said: Let me assure you that if you unconditionally dedicate yourselves to this Divine Mission, your own worldly responsibilities will be properly taken care of. I appriciate your views and I pray taht you would be successfull. But the quoted sentence looks like a kind of bribe isnt it? We need the ONE, and that ONE will be sent soon by Krishna , believe me, he will have a BOLT to thunder the wolrd , He will speak and the WORLD only listen. He says and the WORLD HAS TO FOLLOW. And those who dont will have no time to LIVE. Hari hari bol
  18. agreed~¬¬¬Thanks to brits however hari hari bol
  19. how can mother Durga can scare you i wonder, she looks so beutiful sitting on a tiger with vareity of weapons in her hands... hari hari bol
  20. Tarun, I liked ur bottom line cheers radhe radhe
  21. and to all those who claim white skinned are aryans race, they shud know Krishna himself was balck (Oh he was the most beutiful yet). And also if u read Mahabharatha u can find instances referring mostly great people as dark skinned , just like Dronacharya and. I don want to prove some is greater that the other. what i want to say is that outside beuty does not say anything about the spirit inside . Its the same spirit everywhere in every living entity. and its the same Lord in everyone's heart. Krishna is same for all...... NO OFFENCE TO ANYONE Hari hari bol
  22. might be u want to claim meat eating is better by showin aryans ate meat. Aryans is not a race or cult, anybody who is spiritually advacend is Arya and the rest an-arya. As in the former yugas people were spiritually advanced were called aryans.....Not that a huge body and white skin make ,a meat eater arya:smash: . hari hari bol
  23. thats very true, but what great impact they made was by changing our educational system with theirs, which made the genarations to think west is the best and the east is useless. Now, its up to us to change back to the old vedic system. But that seems to be near to impossible. When you see specially the rise of things ike Bollywood, IT and many more. Need of the time is a person spiritually very strong, one who can make miracles (to show the fools, uncomparable power of spirituality), a true devotee and over that a great warrior, who can literally defeat anything. If such a person shows how the vedic is the best ; naturally will there be a reason for the nowadays fools to stop follwing the english based and follow the vedic based. This can eventually change back to square. Krishna has to send someone of that sort!!!! Lets hope we will get one eventuallyy!!!!!!!! Jai shri gurudev Hari hari bol
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