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  1. Mr Karunanidhi blabbers as http://www.indianexpress.com/story/233491.html Just wondering if he is gone mental ? does anyone know where to find the online copy of Tulsi ramayan? Thanks,
  2. Look guys, the equation is simple Create the element for destruction and it will come and kill you US created a Bomb and now its killing US.. Had US not created it, perhaps ther wouldnt be any suicide attacks. afterall Muhammad didnt know that US in the future at all create any bombs which can be used for " Jehad"
  3. Hare Krishna, I had a tour to Britian sometimes back.. I just got a feeling that British especially English, still think they are the kings of the world.. Worst is when they start claiming good thats happening in India is because of Brits.....I was bewildered by the nuisance this people still have in thier minds... The country that you looted, raped and did all harm that a human being can ever think of has stood strong due to Krishan's grace .. And you claim its your grace.. ha ha..... Krishna save world, coz world is in the hands of these people now... hari bol
  4. I admit wat he says,, but if at all he wanted to prove English better, then he must be a fool no 1....
  5. Yes devaki nandan is famous for his trickery:) 3 hari bol
  6. Hmm, I quite sure Rama knows it well.. Bolo Dasharath nandana Sri Ramachachandra ki Jai
  7. Good answer Guruvani.. people just dont realise there are better things to discuss....
  8. n mee to r perhaps 10th class if that exists:eek3:
  9. Saraswats are basically one of the oldest brahminical communities living on the banks of river saraswti until the river dried. These people then moved down to south India and now there is a big community in southern states and they worship mainly Lord Visnu and his other forms. They also follow spiritual masters who came in the lineage of Sripada Madhwa.. Hari bol
  10. You debate on Obvious , so are deemed to become fools in millions of coming lives..
  11. Kings in Bharath ruled the world, Bharath was the world , there was one king and one world... that must make sense for you...
  12. Are you ready to make yourself able to see God? are you ready for set of rules and regulations to make yourself able to see God? if not then shutup and get the hell out of here... God is not sold on roads to see him whenever you want!!! even to see a neighbour u have to call him if you can come (in western countries ofcourse), then how can you think u can meet God just like that...
  13. Is that the topic to discuss in the religious forum....I wonder what Suchandra up to? hari bol
  14. Srila Prabhupada showed his mercy to spread the mission in US. Now its upto whites/balcks of US to spread it further. I guess there is no need of any Indian priests there.....Whatever happens, happens with the will of the Lord... hari hari bol
  15. Answer is within and the sages found it by meditating within. There are many ways of dealing with the truth and so is the case in finding it. Sometimes the scientific way of dealing with it proves to be very attractive , but nevertheless, that tends to be very very inaccurate, reason , it builds on many assumptions and presumptions. i myself a scientist and see how the so called theories fail in time when they are not ready to deal with certain cases. On the other hand spirit is perfect and the search for it is not based on any kind of assumptions. So it does not fail in any case. And most importantly all the scriptures are written by researching on the spiritual platform (by the sages), and as result they do not depend on time and take care of all (even exceptional) cases. I always found it very blissful when i see someone inquiring about one's existance , its a start of one's spiritual journey, which ends only when one gets in touch with the creator ...... Hari bol
  16. Great explanation, thanks , how dangerous situatuation we are in Hari bol
  17. Go into the deep forests and caves of himalayas and if God wills you will get your Guru. These gurus do not stay at a place, they just wander in the himalays so difficult to say thier exact locations. So wander in himalaya and you will get one soon... Best of lucks hari bol
  18. What are you trying to prove here? some one is better than other??? I apologise , but thats not the right way,,, we dont have the tiniest eligibilty to compare any of the Vaishnawa sampradaya gurus with one another....We indeed commit offence.. beware... Hari bol
  19. true, But the non-hindu westeners visit thsese shrines just for fancy without any devotion and onto tha they all beef eaters...
  20. yes! sort of ; probably fit for americans he he
  21. First of all never write Shankara Vs Ramanuja.. by doing so you are commiting offense on both the acharyas. They came on a particular time at particular place and to the particula sect of people to preach by Lord's wish.. There is nothing to compare.. they are transcendetal and eternal devotees of the Lord... Hari hari bol
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