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  1. Guess it deals with the degree of understyanding of a person. Just like if i say not all become devotee of Lord Krishna, only the sattvic ones , then doesnt it say that the salvation is only for the sattvic souls. Had all been good guess all wud have become devotees , thats not true and you can see that infront of you. So if you relate this with the distinction what Sripada Madhwa made i imagine his theory holds perfectly true.... In addition I have read Srila Prabahupada mentioning in his lectures about how all his followers were in some past lives the devotees of Lord hari.... Not all can become devotees so not all can reach vaikuta. Well it does hold good however that once a devotee then the devotee for ever Hari hari bol
  2. the fight with ur husband is just coincidental it has got nothin to do with your eye flickering. Then one small adive. Respect ur hubby more than u ever did he will never fight with u rather feel ashamed to do it hari hari bol
  3. shastra says BHUMANDALA, and in this word there is a word ANDA and it means egg shaped, cetainyl that does mean earth isnt flat is it?
  4. good if she affends krishna, she will become HKs one day, coz takes into shelter even his haters; just see wht happend to Hiranay kashipu, ravana , oh lord he fave them vaikunta cheers
  5. If you ask any Hindu Priest he will say he never followed or observed ISKCON in the devotional way at all. It looks like you have made a survey of Indian priests to have an authoritative statement like that, havent u? <!-- / message -->
  6. Srila Prabhupada is not an Indian he came for the world. True indians always thought in the word WOLRD rather than some specific country. This kinda thougth was brought us /forced on us by Brits and still sticks to us thats quite unfortunate. Otherwise there was only one king and for the one world and her name was Prithvi/dhatri or earth. Then what made westeners leave the beutiful culture and start following hippy culture. I am afraid u will not have any answere as you didnt really have any culture. NO OFFENCE I see still brits eat something called as blood pudding in thier break fast (pudding made up of blood) well Veda must have told somewhere about this doesn it:smash: ? Wealth and culture flooded in India for many centuries, its only few hundres years she started seeing adharma and akaala......and so is the resultant india////////// Hari hari bol
  7. don bother about things like wher it came from! bother about following it and getting benigited from it hari hari bol
  8. i dont think u shud compare the acharyas like that in degrading sense!!! All acharyas are equal and they had a definite objective hari hari bol
  9. It's the bloody educational system which Brits brought to replace the Indian Vedic gurukul. This education system really sucks, its out to make everyone equal, true, everyone as perfect sudra class. This trend (going to west) has been seen happenin only in recent 25 years , else in olden days , i remember how my grand parents used to get away from Mlecha culture. I see its only the education system which potrays the the Westeners (Whites) are high and Vedic is low (they say its non -scientific). If we bring the |vedic eductaion| back then again the true India will be shown to the world. well thats stilll a dream and cant be done in near future. Or until all the westeners like you know the hollowness of thier culture / imperfect educational system Hari Hari bol
  10. from which scripture is this verse from?
  11. Some one told be longtime back Be a FACT finding machine not a FAULT finding one
  12. prahlada maharaj when he was kid asked his fellow mates to listen to his commentry ratherr than wasting time in playing. But that was differnt time, and now the time is differnt. As Sripada Madhwa used to be one of the greatest sportive kids during his childhood. He used to jump from high hill to the ground at one stretch ad used to defeat all his frinds in Wrestling. He even used o advise his desciples to take sport and excersise to keep themselves fit. Without proper health, where can there be devotion? there is a saying in one of the regional langauges in India, Kalakke Thakka Kola meaning go according to the time hari hari bol
  13. Just one question is it mentioned in any of the scriptures about, when these barabric rule in India by politicians end? when will again a Vaishnawa king will come into power? when will ther be peace from the rule of melecha and barabarians? Hari hari bol
  14. Thanks a million; post more of this kind, That was cherishable hari hari bol
  15. indonesians eat Monkey's head Some Afrikans eat Human beings
  16. I my view and from what i have seen till now following can be termed as tending to pure vaishnawas Hks Some Madhwas Some Ramanujas No offense , this is just my view it could be utterly wrong
  17. in the course to satiate the dirty desires of the English queen to lord over the world, the english made everyhting english. as simple as that. Otherwise how on earth the beutiful sanatan culture which was in india has been converted to the nameless mixed culture now:crying2: Hari Hari bol
  18. Good question !! this question has bogged my mind so many times and indeed I have aksed this question directly to the Lord of my heart so evrytime , and I got the same answer as follows " Dear I think you are lukcy, because inquring about such things will take more near to Krishna and more away from this material world. Not everyone is blessed to think in this way":smash:
  19. i know what u re pointing at, but listen tol this small poem, Pothi Pothi Pade Jag mUha, Pndith Hua na koyi Dhyi achhar prem ka pade so pndith hoyi hari hari bol
  20. Discussing anything about Islam is just a waste thing to do. Better spend that time in chanting some more rounds. What to show way to the pretending rascals!!!! Hari Hari bol
  21. there was a devotee in the holy place of Udipi, his name was Purandara Dasa. He had composed millions of songs on lord krishna. Indeed he had in his time composed some songs on Ganesh ad lrod shiva as well. Whenever he sung about them he in the end sung, like ' Oh dear ganesh, please bless me so that I would think all the time of Hari' similarly for Lord shiva. so i see no offense in worshipping or praying Ganesh or for that matter any other gods, incase one has a sincere prayer to keep one's mind on the Lotus feet of Lord hari. Afterall every soul is the part and the parcel so are the demigods Hari Hari bol
  22. Hare Krishna Kripamoya, Thank you verymuch fo your answer. My doubts are gone after your reply Hari Hari bol
  23. Hare Krishna to all, Yesterday I had dream where in someone sent me a box , which when I opend I found 1) Some Lingas 2) A very big brown colored Lord Ganesha's Idle with some tilak on his forehead there were some other things as well, but by the time i could open other things I woke up all of sudden. What does this mean , i am not bale to comprehend!!! Can anybody help me in this Hari Hari bol
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