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  1. Hi All, I am in need of some suggestions and help to clarify my mind over certain incidences that occurred during the recent Ganesh Chaturthi. We celebrate Ganesh charturthi for past more than nearly 100 years and this time while bringing the clay Idol home two of the fingers broke (unfortunately), but I manage to glue them back with some glue and we worshiped the same deity and also did visarjan in the night. This is the first time this type of unfortunate incidence happened and although we worshiped and asked for forgiveness for any wrong doing, my mind is still not at peace and would like some answers on the following questions a) was it ok to worship (with prana pratishta) on this vigraha b) if not then what should we do to atone for any aparadha if we had committed Many thanks for your help Krishnadasa
  2. Hi Guys, I was reading through the special theory of relativity over a last couple of days and indeed was intrigued by the way it has been formulated based on the 'factual' evidences, eg. a man standing in a room with say high 5 ft, will appear to be diminishing as we move away from it at constant speed.On the time dimension as you move away at constant speed from a reference, the time seems to be enlarging eg. if an event passed on earth in 20 min, when seen from a reference separate from earth moving at constant speed, the same 20 min will be felt as say 20 years (for the example sake); so by going by this a being living in Brahma loka should be living 30 years of earth's 30 min (again for example sake). Bottom line the special theory of relativity says that anything thats moving at constant speed away from the reference, will see the time getting slowed down, meaning he is living more years of earth's small time. But on the vedic scriptures, 1 year of earth is 1 day of Brahma ( please correct me if I am wrong); going by this logic, the a person living in Brahma loka feels the time is indeed getting faster, he is living 1 day of earth's one year. So clearly this is an exact opposite of what Einstein postulated. While Eistein's theories are based on factual observations, vedas say these observations could be misleading, thus disprove these theories even before the theories were even postulated. I do agree that vedas are indeed on much higher plane and difficult to comprehend by a layman; and the violation is stated even before Einstein postulated his theories, thus showing their genuine importance, thus not being partial in anyways. Does anyone have analysed this before, or I have mistaken somewhere ? could anyone shed some light on this, I appreciate your time hari bol
  3. the british one was funny
  4. Basic flaw of Big-bang is that it tries to explain it on the basis of Physics laws, when Physics law break down at singularity. For example, even the simplest law like conservation of mass can not be satisfied when Big-bang theory is explained. Slowly and steadily science is able to understand about the higher energy, which has nothing to do with atoms or electrons, which are primarily used to explain the material energy. Howver, they still do not appreciate the existence due to thier imperfect senses and EGO....
  5. I went through one of threads here discussing the spiritual effect of Obama becoming the US president. Apparently the thread closed obviously for simple reason of diverting from the main topic. However, when I read the entire thread, I could make out two different schools of thoughts that are existing and are right in thier own places. For example, if we takeup the preaching, as proposed by Srila Prabhupada to show to the world what KC is and how one can be benifitted from chanting simple Hare Krishna mantra. This sounds perfectly alright for the people who actually know nothing about Krishna or spiritual significance of chanting any mantra associated with him, that is for the people outside India especially white race, who are intelligent enough to grasp but are engrossed enough in materialism to obstruct. And preaching on the roads, distribution of books and doing all thats spiritual would heal these folks of thier material deseases. And in that line, Sarva_gatha is perfectly right about encouraging preaching. Now if I take the next school of thought which is in contrast to preaching, that is one followed in India especially (primarily), I can see reasons, why it is being practiced. And also why it can create a havoc in a family. For example if we take a typical Hindu family in India, say a family of five, when all of them grow up to a stage, where they can understand the siginifcance of this world, they would have acquired an ISHTA DEVA according to thier material nature and all five of the people could have indeed acquired liking or inclination towards worshipping indeed FIVE different ISHTA DEVAs. Now given a situation, wherein one starts preaching the other about one's own ishtadeva, then one might end up creating a family filled with chaos. And to avioid this, to keep peacefull atmosphere in a family, our anscetors have taught people to respect each and every demigod and also in that way respect someone else thoughts or loving towards a particular diety. Though there have been conflicts in the past, primarily between Shaivaits and Vaishnawas, however the time has resolved these conflicts and people have learnt to live happily together respecting each others way of lives.
  6. And Lord does not to anything without a reason. What a normal human being percieves is only the immediate past, while the Lord can percieve all of the previous lives and the Karma of the Jeeva in all these lives, so does Lord decide on fruit based on deeds of lives over lives...And this is the reason why sometimes we find (or we percieve) so called stupid becoming great people..
  7. the same is being propagated by Pakis for ages now!! i dont understand what are you trying to get out of these!!! is it a laughing over the buring house attitude???
  8. However, nevertheless, nontheless TRUTH ONLY WINS in the end....
  9. http://www.gosai.com/chaitanya/saranagati/html/vedic-upanisads/vedic-archeology.html
  10. if the animal is sacrificed for its benifit, guess thats good for it.. also people knew to bring back the animal if they want...however, now animal killing is only for food i.e sense gratification/....
  11. if the heart knows it, then one knows it afterall if the heart doesnt then one doesnt at all Lakshmi ramana Govinda!!!
  12. Must have been re-born as a devotee somewhere in the world then,,,, hari bol
  13. That everybody wants to goto Heaven but no one wants to die...
  14. Honestly, I have lost hope on our country very long time ago. I cant expect a street wanderer to change on my words, when I am not able to do so with my own people at home. When it comes Islam its totally naive and also blind, it has a tendency to attack from the front . And whoever comes in between it just go on killing, just like its kings and emporers, who did that in India, however there is merit in this religion, it shows whatever it has right infront of you, and coz of which you have the option to choose or not to choose from your heart, and proobably this is/was the reason why India never became an Islamic nation. However, when it comes to modern christianity, indeed the christianity it has a face which is fully disguised , and this is like a slow poison which goes through your mind and settles in your blood, it never gives a chance to think about to accept or not to accept.. Just like slow poison that kills bit by bit. And this christianity is takin over our nation -culturally. And it is doing so on the name of eradicating poverty. Mugals left, and left theor blood, English left they left their poisonous culture. Now, it seems like its highly irreversible. I cant see India getting its spiritual glory in near future. Even if it becomes very rich (which is very un- likely), it will never be able to teach that sublime lesson of soul, which it used to for ages... Krishna save Bharath,
  15. The demons doom to fail, and what is this new thing , I have never heard of North-Indian God,, LOL,Sathyaraja what a jerk??? what all sri-vaishnawas were doing when he was saying this??? Ofcourse its very true that we do not need to do anything fo this as Lord himself takes care,, but the devotees should not have missed this opportunity to revolt against this demon called Sathyaraja.. Hari bol
  16. Athiests are far better than the devotees of Saibaba
  17. Please visit , this is a good one http://www.ourkarnataka.com/Articles/starofmysore/alex08.htm
  18. As matter of fact, if we seriously ponder over the answers for Yaksha Prashna (questions from Yaksha during dwapara to Dharmaraya), many similarities with science can be found.
  19. Yes, just like DEATH, guess this is the point where, modern material science meets spiritual science. However, it does differ in way it defines it.
  20. Thats right, science is another form of scripture, and its indeed deals only with material interaction and characterisation. And its hard to tell a so called scientist, about existance of higher nature without any 'tangible' proof!!
  21. Mental speculation ; soul cant be seen through microscope!!
  22. On your bottomline.... Guess if you dont take whats given to you , then it remains with the person who has given it ... Hari bol<!-- / sig -->
  23. Had it been only to with the stories of bible, nobody wud have refuted at all.. but with it also comes a differnt way of living (un-vedic), which someone tries to compare with vedic way of living .. there comes all the problems.. U see what I mean.. and people do try to put a name of conservative thinking, which I never mind anyways... As rightly said,, religion is made with Desa, kaala and paatra.. In mathematical way Religion = F(Desa, Kaala , Paatra),, and religion or the way of living changes accordingly..I cant try to be a vedic in Rome, be a roman in Rome, thats the bottom line..
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