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  1. would there be any survival camps mahak, i wonder when all gone whos there to save, perhaps krishna keep some devotees alive to start a good religious beginning Radhe radhe
  2. these modern scietists , they dont keep any stone unturned to make themselves greatest fools he he:rolleyes: , mightier fools are those who follow them anyways- u see what i mean, the 99.99% of todays population, the varnashnkara public:crying2: Jai radhe hari hari bol
  3. Honestly , i totally disagree with whatsoever theory the modern science brings out about the civilisation. On the otherhand, i firmly belive our scriptures, they dont change with time do they, but these science is very imperfect and cant see anything in the future. I don agree that egyptians or for that matter, whomsoever the modern science claims to be very civilised at certain time in the past. Indeed I firmly believe that the most civilised people were living in the Bharathevarsha. Afterall the supreme lord Krishna himself came to this land . Believe me this is the land of devotees, this is the land of actual science , the science of soul, and at the end of the day , this only remains..... Also the burrying of bodies is considered to be tamsic and is done only for dead animals in Sanatana dharma, so this clearly indicates even mummyfying is a kind of tamsic act. Science is very imperfect, it cant even see the presence of supreme lord and his manifestation!! Maya is heavily fooling the modern scientist.... God save modern scientists...... Hari hari bol
  4. Unfortunately, we are not able to find any mammothic human bodies which existed during Dwapara age , apparently coz we burnt the bodies after the death we don burry them..... hari hari bol
  5. thats perfect and thats dwaitha , i always see this scientific. and this is the reason why Sripada Madwa has been counted as the one of he thirteen great soluls knowing spirituality pefectly hari hari bol
  6. its an indirect phenomenon! when someone becomes a desciple, he is fully surrendered to the Guru and thus guru becomes responsible for deeds of the desciple hari hari bol
  7. " nahi jnaanena sadrasham "- Lord Krishna meaning: There isnt a thing in this world which is as sublime as Knowledge
  8. Thats very true! the Hinduism seems to sneak inside Bollywood heroes and heroines hari hari bol
  9. I cant dare to speak anyhting against vaishnawa. You got me wrong! what i meant was, from outside they may be very weak because of the sickness, but from inside they are knowing the all knower, or might be the lord inside is taking care about them specially.... Hope you had me now Hari hari bol
  10. Simple one yet effectve" Sathyameva Jayathe" hari hari bol
  11. i dun understand your point! and especially the way u re relating the madwas (they are not sect) with the mayans (am I right calling tem that way?) . And you calim to be madhwa! apprently u seem to even support christainity as i saw some of ur old threads... Ther calender ended coz that particular sect ends after 2012 , its as simple as that, thats in no way realets to any end to this world:smash: hari hari bol
  12. what we see from outside need not be same from inside apparently! I have no other answer hari hari bol
  13. probably after 2012 ther will not be existance of these Maya sect isnt it? (
  14. what calendar this person talking about?
  15. i saw it on Youtube.com; good one
  16. True just like Krishna is a greatest devotee of his own devotees! You see what i mean dont you!!! hari hari bol
  17. see whether he or she has got a authorised guru or a guru in that lineage, if not better not to believe......... hari hari bol
  18. Guess india as has been named by the sages as Punya bhumi holds a perfect atmo for the spiritual realisation, on the other hand the west which is called a Bhoga bhumi holds the perfect atmo for sensual pleasure . But look at the lord's mercy in this age of kali he has brought the devotion in bhoga bhumi as well.....no wonder when the punya bhumi is turning into a kind of bhoga bhumi isnt it? hari hari bol
  19. May you get in full that what your name say! hari hari bol. May lord fullfill your spiritual desires
  20. no free meals sorry you have to chant and dance
  21. no free meals sory you have to chant and dance
  22. Spirituality Hmmmmmm.....west Is Dipped In The Materialism ,they Have No Time For The Real Thing
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