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  1. Haribol ! I'm looking for a devotee called Emmanuel Medeiros from Venezuela, in his 50's or 60's . Maybe he has a spiritual name now. Anyone having information about that man could you please kindly contact me at jayopap@.fr Thank you.
  2. Haribol !! I manage to get throught the winter, but my Tulasi is getting her lower branches dry. It seems there is no hope for leaves to appear again and i'm afraid it will cause Her to become unhealthy... I've also read somewhere we should not cut Tulasi's branches. Is it true ? what can be done ? Thank you in advance.
  3. Haribol !! It's me again with my Tulasi care problems... This year i've planted a Tulasi devi and it's growing nicely since June. I live in Bordeaux, France andi use grow lights. The weather was quite good and sunny until a few weeks before. Now it's getting cold and i put her in my baby daughter room in the day, with the electric radiator on up to 24-28 ° C. But i have now a problem with small insects eating her leaves. Yesteday i bathed her with soap according to the Tulasi handbook method. I took a leaf to the local growshop, and the guy told me she's attacted by dust mites, but i saw also bigger insects, like spiders or mites i don't really know. He adviced me to spray Her with neem oil diluted in water once a week. I just did. But he also told me i should put her in a colder atmosphere, like around 17-20 ° C all the time to prevent these dust mites to proliferate. I'm afraid it would be really dangerous for Tulasi to be at such temperature. Any good advice ?? thanks !! Sunanda
  4. Haribol !! This year in June i planted a Tulasi seed and it's growing nicely since. Some little manjaris are appearing at the very top of Her. I've read you're supposed to cut them because otherwise they take too much energy from Tulasi Devi. Should i cut them now, while they're still little and even if they're at the top of Her or should i wait ? Also, i have this solar spectrum light that i use when there is no sun (i live in South-west of France and the winter is coming) but this light make no heat, just solar light. What is the good temperature for her to keep a good normal health (and not just surviving) I can put her in the room of my daughter with an electric radiator because we don't heat the whole house when we're not here. Also, what is the standard of giving her water in the winter, one glass every 3 days ?... I'm worried because last year i had another one but she left in the winter. OKay, thank you in advance again Love Sunanda
  5. I was wondering, does one (neophyte devotee like me) can send spiritual power through a glance. My question is coming from the follwoing experience.Sometimes i talk with people and look at them in the eyes and then i mentally recite the Maha-mantra. Do you think it can give them something ? Because it seems like it has some kind of effect when i do it... Any evidence from scriptures will be greatly appreciated Much Love
  6. yes very nice !! reminds me how in 2 weeks i'll works as a paparazzi in Cannes, France ! Not the same war but probably a war between photographers !! I like these stories in Iraq, are they from the same guy that used to post some years ago ?
  7. Thanx Prabhuji I'm also a disciple of Srila Narayana Maharaja ! nice to meet you
  8. Haribol, my aunt passed away last year, and i'd like to know if it is good to do something for her with a photo. I mean, is this important to do it on her 1 year anniversary ? i'm thinking about offering incence and food to my deities and then to her in front of the photograph and the Shanti mantra. I did this 11 days after her passing last year. Also i planted some mint seeds in her name to cook for Krsna, but the plant died as i was living in an appartment. Now i have a little garden, do you think i can do it again now ? She was a cyco and suffered a lot in her last human life. It is also strange, because my daughter was born the day before. Seems like her birth gave liberation to my aunt. Any experience, sharing could be nice about that ! Thanks
  9. Thank you so much for you help Jay Sri Sudarshana !!
  10. http://www.prapatti.com/slokas/english/sudarshanakavacham1.pdf foudn it but no translation
  11. I didn't read all the answer, so sorry it it has already been posted, but i think you should recite daily Nrsimha Kavaca of Pralad Maharaja and contact Syamasundara the Jyotish astrologer, he can give you a remedial measure, maybe a fire Yajna, that will free you. He's very good. All the best !
  12. Dear devotees, i'm looking for this prayer Sri Sudarsna Kavaca but all i found is this following version and the fonts make it very uneasy to recite, and there is no translation, does anyone could please post it here ? Thank you in advance Sunanda Sré Sudarçana Kavaca oà namo bhagavate bhoù bhoù sudarçana duñöa därédryam duritam hana hana jahi jahi päpaà matha matha samrogyaà kuru kuru öhaù öhaù hréà héà hraà oà sahasräraà huà phaö svähä oà trilokya bhayam kartä tvaà äjïäya janärdana sarva-dukhäëi rakñaàsi kñayam nayaca satvaram oà namo bhagavate mahä-sudarçanäya maho-gräya mahä-cakräya mahä-mantra mahä-dhéra mahä-tejaù bhayankaräya sarva-çatrun graça graça bhakña bhakña para manträn graça graça bhakña bhakña para çaktiù graça graça bhakña bhakña mudhan gåhän graça graça bhakña bhakña daitya dänava räkñasan graça graça bhakña bhakña däkiëé çakiëé vetalädina graça graça bhakña bhakña gandharva yakña rakña bhüta preta piçäca brahma-räkñasädin graça graça bhakña bhakña
  13. I've read about 'mantra doctor' and i'm interested ? What is exactly a mantra doctor ? someone who heals people with mantras ? How do one becomes a mantra doctor ? any books, gurus... ?? Thanx
  14. I have an astrologer who told me, after a prasna, i could get money in a certain project, but i have to be careful of Rahu in the 4th house. What are the remedial measures possible ? My details: Sunanda dasa born july 24th 1975 at 3.05 pm in Dijon, France Thank you in advance
  15. For sure there is compassion from Krsna as you're chanting His name. Chanting is the most important. I'm myself initiated as a brahmin and it happened that i broke the regulative principles. Then what ? i fall down and i try to go ahead. I keep on my practice, with irregularities but that is life. We should never get discouraged, because it could stop our practice, when practice is the most important... Good luck on the path LOVE
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