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  1. We have a tradition of giving chitravathi. Its done when you are taking the rice as your food. cant be done for any other type of food.. First you put water around your banana lief if u re using for the food or around the plate. Then you keep a rice grain for every mantra below and on the right hand side of your plate keping distance between every grain.. Chithraya Swaha Chithragupthaya swaha Yamaya swaha Yamadharmaya swaha After this you drink water by putting in your palm 4 times for the mantra below Chithraya Namah Chithrgupthaya namaha Yamaya Namaha Yamadharmaya Namaha and thats makes itall Hari hari bol
  2. Jain or for that matter any other religion which spouted in Kali yuga has not been mentioned in Sanatana scriptures. Howver , it's been said that there will be so many so called religions would come up... Hari hari bol
  3. I wonder if those dead in Iraq war would ever get any Heaven for dyring for thier mother land... Here it appears like they died for someone's selfish cause... Might have born as new age Iraqi by now who would eventually avenge over US... A history that just repeats itself:mad: Sri hari hari bol
  4. What irritates people in genaral is the rise of material opulances for the western so called christian civilisation and fall of eastern vedic vaishnav civilisation. This can actually confuse a normal human being and make him to tread a wrong path... Still its India where so many die a dog's death..Still people here are slaves and the western are rulers (though indirectly) When will Hari show is grace on us ,, I am waiting and am certainley not running out of patience coz, I have unlimited faith... Hari hari bol
  5. Still Srila Prabhupada,though he left his material body he is stilla round taking care of it.......
  6. Yes he was, a huge idiot. Indeed every Muslim king who plundered (not ruled) India were idiots and barbarians (as europians call them~)I aint sure about the hidden gods, but onething I can say that these kings werent so intelligent build such a massive structure. All the forts and palaces in india were convereted by these as their own palaces... Moreover if at all they were so intelligent, wudnt they have built such structures back home in Afgahn and Arab countries? They wudnt have lived in caves and camps:smash: They were very cunning and they have indeed shown it in malwriting the history so that coming genaration would feel proud about them..... Make your facts clear before blaming ....... hari hari bol
  7. One who acts according to the time, place and the people is the wise. However, wise also knows that he acts only according to the material nature. Had Arjuna stopped fighting thinking that everyone is same and soul without finding the faults in the Kauravas, the history would have set a wrong example to the people.. When the time is to kill one has to kill for the good of all in genaral.. However fault finding for the selfish benifit isnt good.... Hari hari bol
  8. And prostitution centre would have him as God:rolleyes:
  9. Coming to the point, you would seldom find streets on the names of Lord or for that matter atleast some great saints.....whereever you go u have one street naming nheru and gandhi/// as if by taking theri names one wud get some great heaven he he
  10. Ya that was Subahsh chandra bose.. And then I don offend brits here, ofcourse they were litle barbaric and looted so much, but nevertheless Indians were also stupid enough...they were suporting selfish people
  11. Sometimes it really sucks when I see many things like streets, some cities and also some premier educational institues are named after some bloody third class politicinas like Nehru.... Such a womaniser lead his entire life in sense gratification and also root cause for kashmir problem in India. How on earth the people in India can be so stupid? this hasnt stopped, people even celebrate his birthday as some bloody stuff and the govt'l organisations will be closed this day. Oh krishna, what to say about those who celebrate the birthday of a womaniser... what to say about those people who jst madly elect his descencents without any proper rationale...Whats going wrong here , and what has to be changed... well who will change it.... I felt like laughing when I read some threads here about India becoming super power in coming years...They are really foolish ones... The fate of this country is not in the hands of somne astrologers.. Its in the hands of the people..... And ofcourse as you sow so shall you reap.....And Krishna would be happy to popin and help when one is making a sincere effort hari hari bol
  12. Devotion to Krishna cant take place perfectly in any other place than Bharathavarsha.. .....that says it all doesnt it?
  13. I cudnt quite get the meaning of Image you hold ? 'Om' under a computer operated by a stone age human..... What do ya trying to convey here?
  14. I am not sure about this, but onething i can advice without proper certified direct Guru guidance(not any internet guru), there is a danger of falling into mental sickness.... Hari hari bol
  15. Agreed that they learn Sanskrith in the school, but what on Neptune do they English? might be coz, Simon peter is an English.. They watch movies he he, well might be they want to advance spiritually by watching Earthain Movies hehe,,,,,,, no offence, but honestly makes no sence...... Sri hari hari bol
  16. Whatever I wrote till now I can give evidence from the scriptures , you see references for my journal paper... They are not the conclusion of my volatile mind... Can you give me the references for whatever you have been trying to convey? and answer is big NO... Coz they are from the concocting mind. I am not offending,, becoz you are not this mind, you are the soul the powerful soul...... In your way , it can be expalined like , if you are sick you would go to a CERTIFIED doctor , not the one who just says this and that according to his or her own opinions, which naturally change as the wind blows he he....Likewise, for spiritual healing you need a Guru (the spiritual doctor) who can teach you perfectly who is that bluish person with "differnt" transcendental names, for whom so many dance like mad ....... Its waste of time for both of us to continue this discussion ask me why, i have read many sciene books and as well as spiritual books, so i could make comaprisons.. On the other hand you have only read some (or may be so many of them) science books and trying to make a story out of it....No, if you have had read any spiritual from India both in Personal and impersonal aspects, only then our argument wud have been more intersting and fruitive.. Make no sence! So I beg and I pray to my BLUISH LORD HARI WITH DIFFERENT NAMES that you be successfull in your attempt.... Sri hari hari bol
  17. Telepathic doest necessarily make one to read everyone's mind. And then the extent of spiritual advancement is very meager in this age even on the other planets...... Hari hari bol
  18. How do they look like there in Neptune? do they have huge head and small eyes or many legs and many hands, just like the way they show on starwars he he Hari hari bol
  19. May Krishna bring you a cheerful and happy married life Hari hari bol
  20. You are trying to bind the science or so called one with the spiritualuty. Indeed there are so many so called gurus in India as well across the world, who try to do that... In doing so, so many even take the element of god from thier explanation... According to the scriptures, this is not possible... I am not tkaing it blindly, as you must have thought.. For everything i see logic and rationale..And fortunately I get it sooner or later, in otherwords to get that "Understanding" I have to surrender everyday unto the supreme to bestow me that intelligence by which I can understand the netigrity,, and bestows me with his compassion.... Materialism and spirituality are like two banks of a river, if you want to goto the one you have to forget about the other bank. The people in this age are holding themselves the materialism tree and asking the tree to leave them....... I am a researhcer and am not proud of it! coz I know very clearly, what i am doing is only for my bread,, and the kind of research i do although brings lots of funding, it gets me nowhere after the death........what matters then is the research that i do in the field of searching for the ultimate reality sitting in my heart, the supreme lord, the one without a second the most intelligent ,the all creator , the supreme aim, the supreme personality and finally the cause of all causes.... Hari hari bol
  21. First of all its difficult to argue with you in this topic,a s I see the argument goes nowhere. This is basically due to the fact that you havent actually read or followed any of ancient inian scriptures, or perhaps I am not able to read your mind... I dunno, neverthless I continue let see where it ends....
  22. You jumped to conclusion without actally knowing what existed 10K years back didnt you? this is the problem with the people in the western world. they think their development is something which the earth has seen for the first time. When we start to talk abou the civilisation existed 10K years back in India they don even bother to listen. Just like you . But that doesnt change the history does it. Ofcousre there wudnt have been any development in the western world during this time. Eg. when the people in the western world were living in caves and forests with the leaves coverd their bodies, India was flourihsing with the rich civilisation , and 10K years back. Now you can see how MY forefathers lived life without in need of toothplaste to brush their teeth. Open your mind, let the thoughts come in and only then would there be a logical argument
  23. @Bishadi You said it :[we are all equal to know the total ‘we are conscious’ and until any is humble to learn from all man does the real scope of understanding our existence become real.]<?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p> You dwindle your words very well, but honestly that doesnt send any messages. Arguments cant be won by that. Clarity and simplicity is required. Simplicity is another name of the God... You said it :[What ever floats your boat but without the sciences we would never have had this conversation. So get real with living instead of dreaming with theology] Honestly, if i were given a choice to go back to the vedic times , perhaps 10,000 or more years ao, to live in Bharathvarhsa (you might call it India). I would happily go back. You see what I mean, away from all the chaotic science findings. Such useless discussions on the furums are the result of tumultous mind. Mind which is taken over by the so called science.... You said it :[[i disagree! Most are here to learn and no where does this forum suggest; ‘the truth is left outside.] First of all i didnt mean you to go way from this forum,. This is open to all. Basically , the westeners take any kind of teaching as the teaching at western schools and unis, wherein one is supposed to read some bunch of books and make some dirty experiments. There actually no idea of Guru and Desciple. But holdon, spirituality cant be gained by reading books, nor did anybody get it in any past. It needs a authorised Guru and the desciple has to humbly seve the guru. In this way when desciple satisfies the guru, would guru transfer the knowledfge, the truth and with the final transcendental spiritual realisation of one being a spirit soul.... You said it:[YouNever was, nor am now. Go onto the physics sites throughout the world, see me telling them they are wrong.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> There is no such thing as Dark Matter or Dark Energy and energy is not a difference of potentials. I have been a physics nut since a boy and have been debating this since I was rudely rejected and then left all established learning for one purpose; the truth. I quit learning on there time and have given everything to learn because of care and compassion and a promise was made to finish the final chapter.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Many pursue based on gains, money and recognition; not this one. There is only one purpose; honesty and to give the next generations the chance we did not have. To have the ability to understand how and why we even exist.] I dun need to search your name in anything whatsoever. I see the passion in you, and that is not congenial for spriritual realisation (if you are interested ). You have to be in the mode of goodness You said it:[Do you suggest not honoring the works of our fathers?] What works? which forefathers? if you are talking about those scientists, then i would say the works which gave nothing but destruction and an extra amount of material comfort. The more material comfort comeforth, the more materialistic you become. An the more materialistic you become, ther is a tiniest chance that you would ever go near the absoulte truth, Coz absoulte truth is completely spiritual. Completely teranscendental from the material You said it: [show me one book ever in the existence of any period on this globe where God wrote something! Ever] Read Srimad Bhagavadgita, Written by Lord Sri Krishna, I bet you will know once you read it You said it:[so now my question to you; show me one fib I wrote! And be careful, you know who, is with you and the only thing that can come from you on this will either be of selfish preservation or you show you reduced learning or exposure but if you must, try…. Read everything you can google up on Bishadi and see.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> No science is immune nor any sect all over this globe; I say either print the truth or go lay by your dish because the next generation is coming into this world and finally the one single set of understanding is to be known. The majority want the truth and who cares for the BS theology has imposed. “<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Who is the most renowned leader in this sect, alive? Bring him into a discussion and let’s see if I can hold true.]<o:p></o:p> Again word juglary, i cant understand a bit from it. This isnt any selfish preservation. Honestly I do not understand it. Well Its like if use some heavy sankrtih here would you ever be bale to ake any sense of it . But thats not important here. We are not here to show out linguistic superiority. Use simple langauge and you will ge the answers You said it:[ First, in spirit is where this was born and where I reside in absolution; I know I am a part of this existence and it is only by knowing both does it become real! ] Spirit is unborn and eternal. Its the part and the parcel of supreme lord. Its transcendental, cant be understoo d by mental speculation. Nor do any of the seses can percieve it . TO know about it, the only way is surrender unto the supreme lord. I did that I understood what am I, the spirit soul and how am I eternal. If you wish to u need to do that, withiout that u can never ever , I bet ......Spiriit (you and I) is existing from the time immemorial , and we will exist for ever. What we change is our body. To come out of this cycel of changin bodies is what wise call as salvation or mukthi. Belive , the sceince or any confort of science cant bring this, indeed can be a hurdle in the the path to that .... You said it:[Who is the most renowned leader in this sect, alive? Bring him into a discussion and let’s see if I can hold true] If you want to see the truth, start searching for it like an honest seeker. Nobody is going to bring a spiritual master for you over here in this forum. Stop this bla bla mental speculations. The first step is to search for an authorised spiritaul master ans surrender. Then starts your new life as a Spiritual Scientist...... Hope that brought some light in clear and simple words:) Hari hari bol <o:p></o:p>
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