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  1. Dear friend, i reely don understand why u people debate on things which appear to be of no use. Krsna has got two aspects of realising; as one knows it could be realised as sat chit aananda or could be sat chit aananda VIGRAHA. well it depends upon one's past life deeeds and attraction one will be carefully and suitably attratced by the grace of Lord krsna towards one of these aspects of the Same supreme. So i would say if in this thread one is trying to take over other; both od them will be defeated. It would be a Lose-Lose situation. Hari bol viks
  2. hare krsna, Well the manthra is not reserved to men ( as far as I know) , it could be chanted by women as well - in olden days it was restricted to men only (bcse men dont have any periods which women normally have) and one supposed to be pure when one chants this manthra ( well nowadays u dont find pure men as well he he /images/graemlins/smile.gif ) . But the process i explained will normally be done during the time of sandhyavandana (mornings and evens). There can be different ways to chant Gayathri , the method listed is jut one among them . As we know the founder of gayathri manthra Vishwamithra muni chanted this by standing on one leg. Hope that makes it more clear hari bol viks
  3. Hare krsna Actually the thread consists of three strings and the each of them represent Brahma , Visnu and Maheshwara. Once can see a node wherein all the strinsg are tied together, this node is espcially when we are chanting should be held as said by the other replies and by holding do we re givin respect to the trimurthis at once hope this makes things more clear hari bol vikram
  4. That was cool one I like it hari bol viks
  5. Krishna says in Bhagavadgita! Dont teach my teachings to RASCALS AND SCOUNDRALS! bcse they re bound to go down to the hellish worlds they re destined for it! cant help Hari bol
  6. One should be like a rock of gibralter! >when one splashes water over it it just resplashes all the water back unto the face of the person who has spashed it! Dont get angry on things! if only one is fool really then that is goin to affect ! otherwise it cant even touch hari bol viks
  7. Dear friend, ||Anandathirtham athulam bhaje taapatrayapaham|| I salute unto that Anandathirtha who is filthless and the remover of all miseries hare krisna I thank you for your kind answer. Your answer dispelled some of my doubts, but stil existing the one which is unanswered That is how can we be sure that we will not get attracted by the material creation and come down again here ??. (Or i would say does your answer mean when we came into the material nature it was the first time we came into being. Does that mean we had never taken any births before that ?) I hope you would find some time to answer
  8. Dear bandhus hare krishna I have a serious question to quote! well I hope none of you get angry and blast on me as I see with some of past replies. I basically hail from a place called Udipi( place where Srimad Madwacharya started spreading his devine dwaita philosophy and destroyed all adwaita thoughts) Well, I also follow this philosophy and so do I the Lord Shri Krishna chaitanya as well. My questons are simple Why we are here? ( I mean suffering on earth) Well if you say because of our pastlife deeds - then there should be a beginning to this FIRST past LIFE ? When did we get this first material body and why? If we were the part and parcel of our lovely lord Sri Krisna , what made us to come over here to suffer? ( when we knew that was the happiest state one can ever have ) Well, How can we be sure that we will not again fall into this deadly material imperfect, fallible nature ? (as we have fallen down already even after being the part and parcel of our beutiful lord of vasus Vasudeva) I hope u have understood my question and will make an attempt to answer With kind regards Srimad ramanaravinda Govinda Govinda Vikram
  9. Well a better jail with freedom than a jail with the miseries and deaths whst do ya say chant hari nama and be happy viks
  10. dear friend, Hare krishna I wouldnt get angry on this muslim person who asked this question ; rather I would ask you to reqest him to chant Hari nama (which is priscribed in the scriptures for this age), and then let him percieve the miracle himself ! For everything to be working the person whoasked this question must be an honest one hari bol vikram
  11. krishnadasa


    In addition to this the worshipping is also a kinda demi god worshipping! it' normally found in the south west region of India (in Udupi especially -where Sri Madhwacharys installed Sri Krishna idle) It has been also found that in this region (espciall called as South kanara ) if someone kills Naga one will get some kind of fatal desease (like parikshith maharaj's son got when he killed all the Nagas ) hair bol Viks
  12. hare krsna u r right to certain extent, its right to say that nada brahman is the originator ; but would be wrong to say shakthi , as u mean it as Energy is the greatest, rather as scriptures say Shakthimaan is the greatest! the one who is the pocessor of this shakthi is the geatest and he symbolises Om ( as we say when we end any of vedic manthras as Hari Om , that means we meet shakthi with the pocessor to say Shakhthimaan! hair bol viks
  13. The word Varna should be understood in proper context first! i think the Varna which was prelavent in ancient india was for varnashrama dharma . it had nothing to do with the varna u r referring to hari bol viks
  14. In short there was very very less scope for the economic and materila development! the life was spent just according to the saying of vedas 'athtao brahma jijnasa' that only to know onself and the relation with the supreme person Hari bol viks
  15. Gurubhyo namah! Om namo shri Madhwacharya namaha Jai shri prabhupada Hare krishna, Well i am not so verse in Sanskrit to intepret things the wy u have done it. But i would say once it is clear that he is the origin of all the devathas then a sane man should be able to think that he is superior to all. Then I see ( as i feel) u have tried to intepret things in ur own way ( well as evrybody gets a different meaning when one reads Gita) but one should follow that meaning which has been given by the authorities (Gurus). And ofcourse SANSKRIT is such a language which can derive multiple mening to the sme sentance. well there is a right meaning to evry sentance and we should digest only that. I beg ur pardon if something told in the above short passages have hurt u in any way hari hari bol
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