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  1. All the assembled vaisnavas and guests please accept my humble obesensies. Vancha Kalpa. I thought I would drop by to see how everything was here. A lot has happend in my life in the last few months since I have gone.How is everyone? Am I allowed back? Hare Krsna Haridham
  2. What can I write? I have no inspiration No Humility, No knowledge, no proof. Just a good act that in the end only fools me. All I know is krsna, or is that Krsna that only knows me. As my lord there is nothing else I should know. Is there any point for Krsna is the one that makes this shameless and deeply covered spirit soul. The bells are ringing now. The night is cold and dark. The road is foggy. The shadows have come to take me away, time for my exile. Your unworthy Son. Its been nice knowing you all, but I dont think I can continue coming here. I am not worthy of anything. I will be fine. Is there a reason for me to stay. I havent found one. I dont contribute anything here. I have just my beliefs and no intelligence to back it up. Anyways, I will see you all in the future sometime. I would love to hear from you all. Hare krsna
  3. What will I say, what will you hear. If I call out loud, will it get inside. How many promises will you break. How many should I let you. Dont you judge of my composure Im only lying to myself. What is my value but first dont let me dissapoint you, yes so tell me a lie as you mumble and stumble. Please forgive my smile I am just forgiving you. Ever heard the sound of shattered dreams, sorry to dissapoint you, just thought it was ok to ask.
  4. When it all comes at you from all sides, when escape is no where to be had surrender is the reason I left,Surrender is the only optioin to choose. Every which way I look what else do i have to lose. Surrender is the only option to choose. Now to find out surrender to who. Safe in the illusion are you comfortable with your falls that you have built. The walls which are coming to embrace. Isnt it ironic, those are the walls you longed for. All around is confusion. Making me bewildered, thinking I am the controller, entangling farther and farther. Surrendering to the idea that I dont need to surrender, sleeping, sleeping, wake up, wake and finally take up.
  5. Hare Krsna everyone. I feel that I am not qualified to be amongst you all. This are my final few words which i thought today. I know nothing. I am a fool. Bow before me. I know nothing. Nothing is what I know. How can you serve me. Bow before me. Nothing is absolute. Nothing is the answer
  6. Don't expect me to feel sorry for you. You have a tendency to criticize things you don't understand, right up to and including other Vaishnava traditions. It is people like you who give a bad name to the organizations from which they come. wow. Compassion is a vaisnava quality. "As you sow, so shall you reap." Consider that. Another point to consider is, "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones." Remember that one next time you doubt someone's "avatar." Yes, I will accept anyone's avatar blindley. Yes, that is wise. You'll gain more by that approach than by criticizing things you obviously don't understand I understood what I needed to understand. Anger is not a spiritual qaulity. I bow to my lord sri krsna and HIS Avatars that are mentioned in the srimad bhagavatam. Vancha Kalpa. Hare Krsna
  7. When did I imply that prabhupad laughed at demigods???? Every devotee has his or her way of talking and expressing his emotions and sometimes at the heat of the moment maybe something came out but i dont think its unfortunate. Yes I do know who Ganesh ji is. Atleast to the best of my knowledeg I mean if I said to someone that according to the gita lord krsna said that people who worship demigods are of less intelligent and if he got upset then I shoudnt say that.
  8. pound on haridham night. Well, I knew this was going to blow up into something else. There is nothing else I can possibly say or "proove" here because maybe i dont have the backup or maybe the backup isnt sufficient enough. Anyways....I should bow out and just focus on my spiritual life.
  9. You make sentimental comments but nothing authoritive. Yes many people have faith in a lot of things. If its sentimental and blind and only scriptures that someone has doctored then its blind faith. I could come with scriptures too. I can call it the Haridham purana. Or the Srimad Haridham. I can claim a lot of things but where am I in the granth raj. The king of books srimad bhagavatam. I had once a swaminarayan devotee come to my house well actually twice and didnt give me any evidence of how great is product was. He didnt like iskcon for some reason and wanted me to leave it and forget about prabhupad. He came with a few people but I had Srimad bhagavatam and prabhupads mercy and all it did was expose him. I mean do you(they) understand that we are not these bodies but spirit souls. I mean i ask this because you say jai hind and they came in saying that leave this gora movement and you are gujurati that is your dharma. My dharma is to serve krsna. Hare Krsna
  10. who said ewww to shirdi sai baba. I also think Satya sai "afro" baba is not god for various reasons i guess i shoudnt do that either. I dont see anything unfortunate or bad about someone joking about Ganesh ji during class. Srila Prabhupad did make strong statements and those are the exact statements that we live by. We should not waterdown anything just because someone might get offended. If srila prabhupad did that then this movement would have never started. I dont think you consider srila prabhupads words to be foolish do you? In vancouver we have had powerful classes from the sastras explaining how krsna is the supreme and also one verse from the gita where krsna says worshiping demigods is for people bereft of intelligence. We are not imitating prabhupad but following in his footsteps. Prabhupad was bold and he was a general in this army which is against the war against maya. We are his soldiers who are following his order. Hare Krsna
  11. well if pointing out quotes doesnt from krsna himself in the sastras doesnt satisfy you then there is really no point in saying anything. I think I will keep krsna as my authority.
  12. Where exactly are you looking and seeing that they are over. I am just curious. If anything they might be on a break because a lot of the devotees who used to do kirtan on the streets were bramacari's and now they are householders so its time to gather reinforcements and everything will be back. We will be back rocking the streets. I mean here in vancouver we go out on harinam during boxing day, new years, the annual fireworks and other days so it might vary from city to city.
  13. his greatness according to which sastra? what was his sampradaya? I am not that much aware of him. I know he might have been a vaisnava. Although a vaisnava's duty is to take everyone towards krsna or ram or visnu. I have nothing against him. I hope he falls into the prerequisits of guru sastra and sadhu. And when you say so what to what krsna says it shows you do not accept krsna's words. I have the ultimate respect for you prabhu but i am not just going to follow someone out of sentimentality. hare Krsna
  14. if you want to fast thats ok. Also chant extra rounds and read prabhupads books. I fast only on ekadasi not because I am lazy but that is the vedic injunction. If you fast everyweek but not ekadasi then there is no point. Someone else's god????? Can you prove that Shirdi Sai baba was god? Shirdi Sai baba is not GOD. At best he might be vaisnava who had some mystic powers. Just because someone has mystic powers doesnt make them god. We also have people here who think Satya Sai "afro" baba is god. Total nonsense. It is stated in the Bhagavatam who are the incarnations of krsna. Any Saibaba wasnt mentioned. Yes Lord krsna is in everyone and every living entity is a eternel spirit soul and servent of krsna. Including animals of all sorts which include lions and tigers. Now what would happen if you hug a lion, he will devour you because that is his nature. You have to judge a person by the instructions of the vedas which is by their nature and actions not just because someone puts on a show of vrats. Hey even Ravan and other demons fasted and did tapasya for material gain. There are so many gods in india because nobody has read the sastras and they think anyone who can say some sweet words an do some illusion or trick is god. Lord Krsna doesnt say that all these are gods. In bagavat gita 9.23 krsna says ye 'py anya-devata-bhakta yajante sraddgataanvitah te 'pi mam eva kaunteya yajanty avidhi-purvakam here lord krsna says that those who are worshiping other gods(demigods anya devata) are only worshipping me but in the wrong way. Else where in the gita 7.20 Lord krsna says that because of materialistic desires(kamaih), those who surrender to other gods (anya-devatah) are bereft of intelligence(hrta-jnahah) The intelligent Lord krsna says 7.19 surrender unto me(mam prapayente) These are just a few statements, at this time I coudnt find others that i wanted but thats ok. I am not here to start arguments with you but shirdi or satya sai baba are not any incarnations of god. Hare Krsna I do like your posts though and please continue to post. I think you are doing a very good thing by fasting or keeping vrats.
  15. do anything for krsna all the other ekadasi's count. Just as you water a plant you water the root and then the whole tree is satisfied. Krsna is the root. Just surrender unto krsna. All the other fasts are for people who arent surrendered to krsna have to these fasts lifetime after lifetime until they surrender to krsna.
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