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  1. Â ãîñòÿõ ó Îäæàñâè. Âñå ïðî Õàðå Êðèøíà. Ðàäõà Êðèøíà Êðèøíà.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GIQTuUJwwA
  3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/acbhaktivedantaswami/show/
  4. by Lillian Feinsilver A group of Jews were at early morning prayers in synagogue. The rabbi suddenly stands up and declaims, "Oh Lord...I am nothing!" and sits down. A little while late, the synagogues's cantor stands up and he says, "Oh Lord, I am nothing!" Everyone continues praying. Then the synagogue's janitor gets together his courage, and he jumps up and says, "Oh Lord, I am nothing!" So the rabbi leans over to the cantor and whispers, "Now look who thinks he's nothing!"
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  6. Here is one way. 1) Go to the page with the picture you want on it. For this example it was http://puskarpaintings.com/gallery/Sri-Caitanya-Mahaprabhu?page=6 2)Right click your mouse while cursor is on the picture you want to copy. 3) At the very bottom you will see "Properties" Left click on that. 4) Under Image Properties, you will see "location:" for my example it will have http://puskarpaintings.com/gallery/albums/Sri-Caitanya-Mahaprabhu/haridas.thumb.jpg 5) Left click that link to hi lite it. Then Rt click that link and click "copy." 6) In your post that you want the picture to be in, you type That should work if i explained it right.
  7. "The largest rice mill in the Southern Hemisphere, once processed enough grain to satisfy the daily needs of 20 million people. But six long years of drought have taken a toll, reducing Australia's rice crop by 98 percent and leading to the mothballing of the mill last December." http://groups.google.comalt.global-warming/browse_thread/thread/fe315dc7e5152b8c
  8. Is your screen full of dust, smudge marks, maybe even potato chip grease? Clean it today, from inside your monitor, for free! Start Cleaning now…
  9. Is your screen full of dust, smudge marks, maybe even potato chip grease? Clean it today for free! Start Cleaning now…
  10. Here was a follow up article a month later. http://www.dandavats.com/?p=5290#more-5290 by Lalita Madhava devi dasi It’s been nearly a month since we first posted our story and an announcement calling for preachers to help us spread the sankirtana movement of Lord Caitanya. And what an incredible month it’s been! Not only have devotees come forward from Vermont, New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts, but we have received numerous letters from devotees all around the country - from those looking for a project and wanting more information about relocating to Brattleboro, from traveling book distributors offering to come through here during the warmer months, and from kind well-wishers simply offering much needed words of support and encouragement. Among the devotees living in the immediate area, we have all gradually been connecting with one another - writing back and forth, talking on the phone and, one by one, meeting in person. The cafe at the famous Brattleboro Food Co-op has proved to be a great venue for this - despite the indignity I suffered getting busted for surreptitiously using my cell phone (not heeding the numerous signs on the walls displaying a picture of a cell phone in the center of forbidding red circle with a diagonal red line through it!) while anxiously waiting for these holy meets-in-the-service-of-the-Lord!
  11. Haven't you said before you are in the Vermont area? If so here are some devotees who are trying to start a center in Brattleboro, Vermont. By Lalita Madhava devi dasi http://www.dandavats.com/?p=5122 Mature, liberal-minded Vaishnavas are needed to help open (or contribute funds toward opening) a center in gorgeous, progressive and highly-intellectual Brattleboro, Vermont. Brattleboro is a beautiful and amazing town on the Connecticut River in southern Vermont just north of the Massachusetts border. Down-to-earth yet ultra-sophisticated, it has a huge alternative community of vegetarians, spiritualists and natural healers who practice, of all places, at the local hospital! Just to give an idea of how ready for and receptive to Krishna consciousness this town is, one of the featured events on January 2008’s “First Friday Gallery Walk” downtown was a presentation of vintage 1920’s and 1930’s Krishna Calendar Art by a gallery specializing in Indian art and antiques! Spectacularly beautiful throughout all the four seasons (and especially so in autumn), even the winters here in southern Vermont are mystical and enchanting, with the dazzling, sparkling snow! Lalita Madhava d. d. Krishna-darshan d. d. Radha-ramana dasa Home: 802.579.1222 Cell: 352.871.6902 Email: Brattleboro.Yatra@gmail.com
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