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  1. I wonder why everybody hankers after the supremacy of his own God. Though I strongly believe that India was the ancient land with rich spiritualism and knowledge, I don't think we can discount other religions. If one considers the richness of the divinity and the scriptures that have been there for eons..one would certainly come to the conclusion nothing can be more complete and beyond what this holy land has to offer. Vedic scriptures are so wonderfully crafted by God or some Supreme Intelligence that their knowledge offers so many solutions related to many fields - health, astronomy, sciences etc., which is obviously not there in any other religion. Even if there is somewhere nothing could be to the extent of the knowledge in vedic scriptures. I have seen personally from my muslim and christian friends.. they are so insecure about their religion and always get defensive about them. The irony is both descend from same lineage of prophets (I'll stick to the story) and still they fight amongst themselves. They are both trying to convert rest of the world to their religions and I believe this is mainly due to the caveats mentioned in the bible and quran. Both undoubtely say that you have to believe in jesus or allah only then you will go to heaven. There are so many things in bible and quran which I'm not sure they themselves are proud of..since it was written by mere mortals it's inevitable that the knowledge is limited considering the limited faculties of our brain. I'm not saying vedic scriptures are all perfect and stainless.. but it's only in small amounts compared to the vastness of gruesome and inhuman acts in bible and some racist views in quran. The very comprehensive nature and the knowledge of Vedic scriptures show the greatness of these scriptures and the religion they gave birth to which undoubtedly surpass the cults which evolved into religion. On the other hand these vedic scriptures do not suggest to degrade other races anywhere and because of the tolerance of the this holy land most civilizations and religions have survived. Hindus are the only people in the world who do not even try to convert other people to their hinduism, because we don't have to since nowhere it's mentioned in the vedic scriptures if you believe in only Lord Krsna or Rama or Lord Shiva only then you will be liberated. There are many ways to attain liberation which are clearly mentioned in the scriptures. Just because these supposedly cullts which evolved into religions spread like wildfire doesn't mean they are true and god given religions..just like a rumour spreads. These discussions will never stop till the end of humanity. It's just to satisfy one's ego. Everything evolved from only ONE Supreme Intelligence. It's the same intelligence that's playing with all of us.
  2. It depends on who you call God. I believe there is a Supreme Intelligence running the whole cosmos according to some laws. If you want evidence whether God exists.. ask yourself why people take birth and die in cycles? Recently I have seen a documentary in which Harvard scientists are close to creating primitive life forms in lab. They could be eventually successful. But they can never explain how a living being becomes life less. These events are all run by Supreme Intelligence. There is someone and only ONE behind everything that happens in Universe. We all are mere players for this Supreme Intelligence's game.
  3. I don't think you have to stop chanting during periods. But some mantras are very powerful which are supposed to be recited like Brahmins do - proper pronunciation and sound. Some say reciting mantras in an improper way may bring bad luck. But if you really want peace of mind chant Hare Krsna mahamantra. The mantra is so easy that it doesn't have any tough pronunciations and it gives you peace of mind like no other mantra in my view. Most other mantras are so powerful and have thundering words and sounds, though they may give peace of mind but only reciting in proper fashion one does justice to them. Please chant Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. I'm sure you will find this mantra so mellifluous and will give you peace of mind very quickly. Lord Krsna is all pleasure, reciting his name anyone will get peace of mind. Hara Hara Mahadeva!
  4. I don't know this is the right forum to have your question answered. Lord Krsna makes you wise, knowledgeable and tells you from your inside what's good to do. If you think you won't be able to live happily with this gal who might become your future wife, you better not marry her and be miserable. If you think you can accept and be happy after marriage so be it. But don't blame Krsna for making you do this. Don't run into fire thinking Lord Krsna will save you as he loves you. It's utter foolishness. Similarly don't think that Lord Krsna will make you happy even after you make a wrong choice and marry the gal. Hope this helps. Hara Hara Mahadeva!
  5. It's said that one who recites Visnusahasranamam faithfully with devotion will be liberated from the cycle of birth and death.
  6. Hi, it's a word not a symbol and it's spelt 'Padma'. It means lotus flower in Sanskrit.
  7. Sandy123, It's strange that you become angry while you chant Hare Krsna mahamantra. The mantra is so pleasant and powerful at the same that it calms and soothes the mind. The very word of Krsna means pleasure and while chanting or saying the name of Lord Krsna one gets pleasure, atleast I do. Even if you think of problems while chanting mahamantra, your mind will be drawn to the Lord sooner or later depending on how agitated your mind is. I suggest you stop focusing on problems and put a picture of Lord Krsna infront of you or atleast imagine in your mind while chanting. This will surely help.
  8. Recently Lord Sri Krsna appeared in my dreams. He was quite tall, was shining like gold and had flute in his hands. He looked at me as he was walking in the clouds and before I showed him to my mother he vanished. As I am staunch believer in Lord Shiva, I don't know what to make out of this dream. I never dreamed of any god before in my life. Any sincere devote can help me with this dream. Thanks alot
  9. Yes, an admin sees your posts and only after he approves it will be visible to everyone. It's mandatory for each and every post. Sometimes it takes really long, I'm still awaiting a post to be visible which I created almost 6 days ago.
  10. Hello, can anyone provide me with the information on all the acharyas who followed Caitanya Mahaprabhu along with their birth and death dates (months would be ok). I need this information for my research and any help is really appreciated. Thanks alot in advance
  11. search is not working..please fix it
  12. I'm afraid you are being judgemental here. Nobody knows why he did that to your friends except he alone. I suggest you take your friends along with you to the temple and confront the same priest and ask him why did he do that. Don't be afraid he will curse you or something. To give you an example I have encountered quite a few priests who behave rudely with all except temple authorities. I guess such priests do not enjoy their duty to preach God.
  13. Lord Krsna doesn't get angry with anyone and is impartial to every living being. We all have to answer our own karmas. It's just a mere coincidence that these things happened when Lord Balaji's photo was removed. Tell your mother that Lord Krsna loves her family more than what she thinks and is giving her family opportunities to get close to him. Tell her that life is full of struggles and nothing remains premanent. Everything changes. Lord Krsna is all pleasure. Introduce her to chanting of Hare Krsna Mahamantra. It will lighten her heart.
  14. I believe you want to give up all the attachments since you have lost your loved ones. I assume you don't want to get married because you are afraid deep down one day you will have to go away from wife & kids...and you don't want to experience the pain you felt before. And if you think giving up attachments and leaving a monk life is the only way you want to live so that you can be happy or atleast do not have to go through life's struggles.. then I'm afraid you are mistaken. Living like a saint is not easy as everyone thinks. They have their share of life's struggles. You are right that you should give up attachment to your life, people in your life and any possession you have - as attachment leads to misery. Besides you don't have to go to Kashi or anywhere else to unite with God and understand him. God is everywhere..he listens to everybody. I believe if one wants to know about God he will give enough opportunities to know about him. If you want to attain moksha then giving up attachments is just one of the beginnings. I believe, not every saint who gives up normal life attains liberation. If you really want to get married then you can and lead a normal life without attachments and die happily. But if you don't want to get married and dedicate your life to god..you can also do that. I'm not suggesting you to get married. But it makes me believe that you want to give up everything so that you don't have to struggle in life. Even Buddha, the enlightened one had to struggle in his life even after liberation. Struggles are part of life as Lord Krsna says. Accept them but do not react to them, always remember nothing is permanent, everything changes. My advice to you is if you believe knowing about God is all you want in life..then do it. Read everything about God. Meditate and contemplate. Do something for your survival
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