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  1. I am female of 40 years. Since last few days i have started to chant mantra. i feel good and very spiritual after chanting of mantras. now i would like to know that during my periods can i chant mantra or as per religious norms i should not.. normally i chant Om Aium Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichhe , Mahamrutyunjay jap and shani mantra Nilanjanay.. Please also explain me the importance of Om Aium Hrim... Mantra.
  2. Marriages are made in heaven so with whom you are destine to married you will meet that person. do not think about too much. If some one is not destine for you than no one can change that fact.
  3. Thanks thanks a lot for giving perfect answer. I have heard that it is very power ful mantra.
  4. Reason is very simple. Onion Garlic etc are tamsic food, which is create negative energy in the body. If you know that our religion is based on the positivity of the paratma in simple world power of creation or in very simple word big ban .. so if we want to connect with that positive energy source that we should avoid tamsic food . Well just try to avoid Onion Garlic you will find that you are facing less heart burn acidity etc...
  5. i am very new to world of spirituality what is meaning of beej mantra?? i am female can i chant it ??
  6. i am not very authentic person to reply this but i know that mahamrutyunjay mantra is helping a lot to people.
  7. Dear All, My in laws family is very materialistic. Recently due to some problems i have started to do puja of sidhdh yantra and nav grah yantra. Our spiritual guru also told us to do puja of shiv ling. Now we perform puja of yantras by facing our self in east .... while my mom in law is not allowing shiv ling to keep there and she is keeping shivling on the west direction - means we have to face west when we perform puja. is it fine if i do puja of shivling on that direction? normly i bring shivling near to yantra and do puja after that again i am keeping it back to the its place which is not right direction. Just guide me
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