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  1. I like to share some of my realization of Lord Krishna In Mausala Parva We speculates that Krishna was cause of the battle of Mahabharata, as he could have prevented this war but did not, as Krishna does not intervene in the actions of men. The chapter concludes by showing how the Pandavas lose interest in earthly matters after hearing about the destruction of the Yadavas and the death of Krishna. They crown Parikshit and leave for a pilgrimage to various places in India before moving towards heaven. In Mahaprasthanika Parva The final ascent of Pandavas to Heaven On their way, a dog accompanies the Pandavas. The Dog follows the Pandavas throughout their journey. As the brothers walk, Draupadi is the first person to die. Bheema asks Yudistra the reason behind the death of Draupadi. Yudistra replies that although all the five brothers loved her equally, yet, she showed more inclination towards Arjuna. It was because of this partiality towards Arjuna, she died midway. The remaining Pandavas continue their journey leaving Draupadi behind. Now, Sahadeva is the next person to fall. Bheema again asks Yudistra the reason for the death of Sahadeva. Yudistra replies that Sahadeva was very proud that none was equal to him in wisdom. It was for this reason he died midway. The others continue to move leaving Sahadeva behind. Now, Nakula is the next person to die. Over this, Yudistra replies to Bheema that Nakula thought that he was the most handsome person in the world. It was because of this pride in him that he too had to die in the middle before they could reach heaven. Yudistra instructs Arjuna and Bheema not to look back and to continue their journey. As they travel further, now Arjuna is the next person to die on their way. Bheema again gets very astonished. He asks Yudistra the reason behind Arjuna's inability to reach heaven in human form. Yudistra replies that Arjuna boasted and took a vow before the beginning of the Kurukshetra war that he would destroy the entire Kauravas in a single day. Being so proud of his archery skills took the vow but he could not do fulfill it and the war took place for eighteen days. So, Arjuna was deprived of reaching heaven on being so proud over his archery skills. Now, they leave Arjuna too behind. Yudistra, Bheema and the Dog proceed further. However, now it was the turn of Bheema to fall down. He asks his elder brother to narrate him the reason behind his own inability to reach heaven. Yudistra replies that Bheema used to eat too much without even thinking about the hunger of others. It was due to this sin that he was now ordained to die. Finally, Yudistra along with the dog continue their journey and reach Heaven with their mortal bodies.. Here my realization of God( Lord Krishna) is that for that one person Yudistra who was all the time intact with Dharma went to Heavan without any itch. Even thou many men died, one person with Dharma went straight to Heaven and Lord Krishna sided with Pandavas and helped Yudistra in the victory of Dharma to the Heaven. so Krishna could have stopped the war but the dharma should win and Yudistra should win and win to Heaven.
  2. Hi, I'm 30, having a degree in Computer Science working for major print media in Bangalore, earning a decent sum of 32K a month and unmarried, looking for a girl. And I'm finding it very strange, why educated women's requirements in marriage are so high. All the girls i see in Matrimony websites, expects her partner to be more highly qualified or must be a engineer and earning a huge salary range between 5Lakh to 10Lakh per annul. All are educated women but can all educated women find a 'engineer' in marriage ? Can all men become engineer to suit the girls preference. Women empowerment is welcomed but Women's attitude towards marriage is strange. I have seen lot of women in Matrimony websites who working as IT professional, have BE degree and draw a huge salary, but again why these women go after money. Why not true understanding of love and marriage be realized. Again, Can all men become engineer + get huge salary to suit the girls preference. Why is that understanding is missing in women nowadays. Thanks
  3. I read in Bhagavath Gita, The Immutable tree of Life with its tap roots above and branches below. Can anyone please explain the true meaning of this verse. Thank you.
  4. Namaste, I'm a Sri Vaishnava (non brahmin), of late due to events taking place in my life, disgusted and felt let down by people i believed. I want to remove the attachment, the attachment of working, being in family circle etc.. I want to join sri vaishnava ashram or an temple and dedicate my life in working for the lord. Please tell me where is the Ashram in Srirangam and else where one can be allowed to work and serve the lord. Thank you Namaste
  5. In the end of 2008, DD Podhigai telecast a serial on Sri Ramanuja, it was simply excellent. Does anyone has a copy of it. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I'm 27 yrs old unmarried man. Of late in my early 20's i realized the true meaning of god, ofcourse i was not atheist, only during this time that some evoking has happen to me and it continues to happen. I always think of leaving all the attachments in life and live and die without attachments. I wanted to go the Kashi or tiruvannamalai spend my life in searching the true meaning of god, the glory of god. I lost my mother and great grand mother, more sadness has joined me. People say getting married will change everything. But does marriage/sex/ love will equal to quest to union with god. What should i do. Your views are welcomed. Thank you
  7. I want to know more about Ramanuja and Ayodhya connections and it is said that people in UP and Bihar pratise Ramanuja sampradhya. Please let me know Thanks
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