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  1. Shiva is inner meditative form of shree vishnu. vishnu is one who is meditated by shiva in form of Rama! Krishna is suprem god head and Bhagavati devi 'mahishasur mardini', (not devi parvati mata, sarasvati mata, lakshmi mata) is adi yoga maya. shivay nama om ! OM namaha shivaya! Shiva is pure knowledge and father of all, mata parvati is mother of all. shiva also can create destroy and nourish. as well as shree vishnu also can do the things but all of them are with predefined powers and duties as per their mula guna. Satva, raja, tama.
  2. Hi, To channelize the energy within you to the most optimum path for your life Vishnu sahastra nama stotra helps a lot. it is a magnificent 1000 name stotra which comes within mahabharata. all god and godesses have 1000 name stotras. Shree krishna is said to be JAGAD GURUM. in mahabharata it was no one but shree krishna as the driving force through out. and in our life also is the same. so if we recite the 1000 names of vishnu for Krishna prityartham surely we are ought to find out the correct path in our life in hell bound situations. Wealth,health,happiness is gained. No evil happens, krishna bhakti increases. i want to know if there are any more more benifits from this stotra?
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