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  1. I need some advice on my problem. During April 2009, my family experienced financial difficulties. My mother was angry with Lord Balaji and removed his photo from the pooja room. That same year, during September 2009, my 22 year old brother met with a terribel accident. The doctor did not perform the surgery correctly and as a result he has problems with his hip and right leg. He still has not recovered and is undergoing physiotherapy. My mother feels that since she removed Lord Balaji's photo, he has punished my brother and is not blessing him. After his accident, she has put back Lord Balaji's photo. She even tried to visit Tirupati during June 2010. She also met with a bad accident and was not able to do her darshan. She is now scared that Lord Balaji is punishing her and my brother. She lives in fear now. She cannot sleep properly, eat properly. Any help/advice is appreciated.
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