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  1. Hare Krishna, After going through much of pain and depression, I have decided to post my problems here, or lets say krishna has directed me to do so. Hope I will get my answers. I am engaged to a girl and am in constant chat with her. But it seems like whenever, I try to ask anything about her past, she seems to completely ignore and miss the point. Though, she has mentioned at her first visit that she has not been so close to any man before, ignoring an important question at random gives me sleepless nights and less concentration at work place. I have tried to digest the fact that even if she had had any relations, I should forgive and accept, but since I myself have not had any and havent had touched a woman prior to this relation, gives me enormous pain to accept the fact that my future wife has been in a relationship before. It has been many months now, and I am still trying to digest this fact and that sacrifice that i have to make on my principles to make this female happy. I don't know what to do, I cannot ask her directly this question, and though I have tried to ask indirectly many times, but in reply ignorance. I have been praying constantly with Krishna to release me out of this pain.. Please anyone out there help me, please guide me, please.. Thank you and hari bol, Confused devotee
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