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  1. Ao ham bhi Yidhar kuch Likna chaahut hoo!!! Ham bhi Englis lik sakhte hooo
  2. what is this all about???I dont need to know either!!!!!
  3. And thats exactly what I have been trying to tell people.. Hari bol
  4. btw, Bangalore is in Karnataka; not Kerala
  5. Even for vegies, one has to KILL plants,,, so, vedic diet is more of consciousness in the food (in terms of satvic, rajsic and tamsic) than saving something.. something that lives should die one day...
  6. I dont know, but it could be offensive to some Indians sometimes.. I dun undestant why westeners cant make a joke without brining some culture in between.. But I am happy that Indians don make such things agaisnt westeners, even when there are loads could be done on thier filthy culture.. PS; Mod, its not clean joke ,,,,
  7. And also, its not good to derogate any of the Devas, they are highly exhalted souls and devotees of the Lord.. You should understand that Krishna is Supereme and the rest are his devotees ,,, devotees have to be served to obtain Krishna,, if you are parents worhsipping other dieties , you should not stop them, rather make them understand that the Key for the treasury is with Krishna and other Gods can get them money if and only if Visnu wills.....In that way atleast you can make them BELIEVE that Krishna or Visnu is supreme,, hari bol
  8. practice made men perfect,,,, from mara mara it became rama rama and a thief became Valmiki and wrote ramayana
  9. There is a famous story of Bharathmaharaja getting attached to Deer and becoming one his next life in Bhagavatam
  10. Then better not give any kinda crude conclusion.... So, you think one shoould start following what these neo confused lingusits say , whose theories change over night than the realised sages... Ignorance!!!! . Thats the point what some people here trying to clear.. that Visnu was not followed in the Mlecha desha... And by the way Hari comes in the one of 24 names one chants during morning Achamana, which Brahmanas have been doing ever since ,, I MEAN EVER SINCE ....
  11. Guess making animals as pets was brought to India by Brits.. Otherwise its not recommanded to have any animal as pet, as that will affect one's consciousness.....
  12. I had such discussions many time before and ended up wit nothing..Westeners (not all) always have a superiorty complex over others especially, easteners.. This is got to do with the height of materilism seen in these parts of the world. It is difficult therefore to persuade them in anyways, something they have been revering for ages as false or different.......Partly, Indians themself are responsible for that,, they have lost their selfesteem and running behind money... Education starts from home and home is totally corrupted,,, its has become kind of confused junk,, on the one hand they cant stop themselves going to temples ,, on the other hand cant also stop themselves from going to discos,, kind a rowing at a time in two boats that have entirely different banks to reach,,,
  13. I used to teach in an Institute and a devotee used to give lectures on Shrimad Bhagavadgita,, though it was little different than what I used to, like Dwaita, but still made lot of sence and fortunately, by the grace of Guru, I can very easily make a connections between dwaita and Achintya Bhedabheda.. Hari bol
  14. Guess Budhists think after many lives of Vipasana everybody becomes Budha i.e God,, its not I am God Philosophy rather, I can become God philosphy as you said split hair difference to advaita...
  15. In the age of Kali, mostly people will be of low or no intelligence and they talk all foolish and nonsence
  16. There is a song in India which goes like this: Poti poti pade jag muha pandith hua na koi; dhhai achar prem ka pade so pandith hoi. " One doesnt become a Pandith by reading many books ; but can certainely become by knowing what is Love" Hari bol
  17. Why did not Jesus bring anything about Lord Visnu in Bible or any of the scriptures related to christianity. Well when I asked this with bunch of Christ followers, they said its coz Jesus did not write the Bibile.. So does not that mean he did not refer to that supreme lord Visnu to any of his followers, who eventually put Bible in a book form? he could have very easily done that as people werent biased so much about any of the indian systems at that time...On the top of that , it must have been lot more easier for the people to comprehend of God explianed in his real form as Vinsu or Krishna. And unfortunately, this is not shown in Bible or any related abrahamic scriptures, which says though the God was explained but purely in impersonal way.. This is a very simple thing, and does not need any scriptual evidence either...So , howver one tries to bring forth some kind of meaning out of nothing, no way Bible is going to lead to Vinsu in his sac. chit. anadana form.. Nevethelss if tried that may lead to some kinds Anukula shastra
  18. Quite natural, in my house my anscestors have been worshipping saligrama shila of Gopala
  19. Great post Prabhu, Thank you,,, I took my time to read the every bit of it.. Hari Bol,
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