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  1. I think some of the conflict comes in as the message of the Christ does not appear much to do with liberation while living. His message seems to be Moksha or liberation from the cycle of births and deaths after death. Although I am not a Bible scholar.
  2. I really love to read about mystical experience and miracles-how someone came to love God. I like beginnings. So if any would be so kind as to share their experiences....
  3. http://www.ufoevidence.org/topics/vimanas.htm
  4. Hi, I have taken it but it seems to create muscle twitching in my body. At first I thought it was a cleanse but it seemed to get much worse. Some people swear by it long term.
  5. By Mahak Good point-brilliant actually....
  6. Thanks Suchandra! You post such wonderful pictures!
  7. Hi Theist- The temple cleansing is said to have occurred the Monday before his death. 26 Ad Jesus was baptized 26 Ad Tempted in the Desert 27 AD The fishermen become his followers 27 AD Starts preaching in Gallilee 28 AD Chooses his disciples (Capernaum) 28 AD The disciples are sent out to teach 28 AD Calms the Storm-Sea of Gallilee 28 AD Brings Jairus's daughter back from the dead 28 AD Herod kills John the Baptist 29 AD Jesus feeds 5000 (Bethsaida) 29 AD Walks on water 29 AD Feeds 4000 people 29 AD Peter tells the Jesus is the son of God 29 AD Jesus tells that he will die soon 29 AD Pays his temple taxes 29 AD Raises Lazarus in Bethany 30 AD Blesses the Children near the Jordan 30 AD Tells of his death and resurrection 30 AD Heals a blind man, Bartimaeus, at Jerico 30 AD Visits Mary and Martha at Bethany In the last week of his physical life in 30 AD: Sunday he entered Jerusalem the people cried out : "Hosanna [save now!] to the son of David: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest.’ And when he was come into Jerusalem, the entire city was stirred, saying, ‘Who is this?’ And the crowds said, ‘This is the prophet, Jesus, from Nazareth of Galilee’” This would be observed today as Palm Sunday. Monday-Jesus cursed the fig tree and caused it to whither. Some say it was related to the temple with the animal sacrifice which looked fine from a distance but upfront it was without spiritual fruit-full of hypocrisy. Religion without substance. Some say it was representative of a faithless Israel. Others say it was a prophesy related to when Titus of Rome destroyed Jerusalem. This was the day he cleansed the temple. Tuesday-The authority of Jesus is questioned, he teaches in the temple and is anointed. Wednesday-The plot to put Jesus to death comes to light-there are just two days before Passover. His trial is said to have occurred on Passover itself. Thursday-The last supper is the Passover Meal. After which he is arrested and tried into Friday. Friday-Jesus's crucifixion and death at Golgotha followed by his burial in Joseph's tomb. Sunday-The empty tomb. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene. A week later in Jerusalem he appears to the 11 disciples and a week later speaks to some of them at the Sea of Gallilee. AD 40 days later he ascends.
  8. Thanks for putting them up, Inedible. Suchandra, the Orbs I know are true because I have seen and experienced them. I would like to see the light-beings or angels. I have only seen the photos. When the land was first purchased, the monks told of beings from the sky that would come and play in a lake at the top of the mountain. I could not help but wonder when I saw these photos if these beings were what they were referring to. Happy New Year to all! D
  9. Namaste Pujarie 5 o, i did not mean to cause you any hurt in posting these and am I am not sure what in the post is saying that Trinidad and small countries do not belong to the world. Is not a 108ft murthi of Hanumen enough? Surely there are many miracles surrounding that. I thlought some might find them as interesting as I did. In particular the mystically inclined. I have no proof that I took the orb pictures other than my airline ticket. In the photo you can see others taking pictures as well. The dark background is the same as all of the other pages in the website. The Sedona site photos are clearer. It is ok if you do or do not want to believe. It's all good. D
  10. Yes definately, Krishnadasaji. It seems like with the advent of the digital camera these beings are more visible. Any: I really like the photo of the woman meditating on www.greatmystery.org/events/sedona07.html and the lone orb is coming up behind her. Or maybe it is leaving.....Why I say leaving is I received a photo from a man with hundreds of the orbs pouring from his heart. He is a Buddhist monk if I remember correctly. That led me to wonder if perhaps they were from the inner realm and not external thing like UFO's after all. Maybe in the same way Dr. Emoto of Japan has proven that thought and words impact the crystalization of water. He wrote a book called The Hidden Messages in Water. He proved that water that has been exposed to loving words shows beautiful brilliant and colorful snow flakes as opposed to water that has been exposed to negative hostile words and thoughts shows asymmetrical patterns and dull colors. Maybe it is the way that some plants grow amazingly in houses where there is great devotion in spite of unfavorable external conditions. Since these orbs seem to appear where there are awakened beings or sacred sites maybe it is thoughtforms affecting the atmosphere in the same manner that thought inmpacts water. To walk amongst the orbs brings an incredible experience of bliss and states of unconditonal love that is almost tangible.
  11. That's www.greatmystery.org/events/sedona07.html Hit 15 so can post urls now....
  12. There is a man who posts on www.earthclinic.com who recommends taking lemon juice and adding baking soda to it or cider vinegar with baking soda to straighten out the ph. i have been doing this and get vey few colds.
  13. Thank you. I wondered. I was guessing CA. Pretty far off.... It was an interesting post. For many years I lived not so far from the Temple of Gold near Moundsville. It was much later though.
  14. Hi Pujarie, Which do you feel is the ploy? The angels or the orbs? Like some kind of Lawrence Welk type bubble machine that generates orbs playing Tiny Bubbles with sitars to impress the visitors.... I am imagining from your post. If it is any consolation, a Kali temple is also near the site. I do not know about the authenticity of the angels as I did not take the photos. Sorry if I misunderstood. I am not sure why folks are associating these with UFO's and Stargate and reptiles. Someone wrote to me insisting they are flies. "But the bipedal aspect to them is amazing" was the quote. "Perhaps it is a new species." he said. Hope not. Pretty big flies. My point in posting them was that it is notable that if indeed they are angels they are in India rather than flying over the Vatican, or Lourdes or other sites you might associate with angels-meaning are there references to angels in Vedic scriptures as there are in Judeo Christian scriptures? Here is the link for the conference with info on the orbs greatmystery.org/events/sedona07.html if anyone is interested in reading about them.
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