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  1. I already have. My GF is a vegan. Though, I dont agree with you guys. I think you guys are carrying unecessary burdens. Your karma doesnt kill the cow, the meat eaters does. It would be inhumane to milk a cow if you tied the cow down by ropes and you forcefully milked her. Have you ever seen a cow struggling like a 5 yr old does when he/she needs to be given an injection? As I said, to each its own. You have to draw a line somewhere in your reasoning.
  2. But my question is, is it your fault that cows are being sluaghtered? i think you are unecessarily blaming yourself here. i drink milk for god's sake and it doesnt involve any killing of the animal. its not my karma that provocates them to kill, its the meat eaters fault why blame urself for this?
  3. To each its own, I guess. Its the meat eaters that are responsible for the slaughter, not the ppl who raise them for milk. If a cow giving milk is slaughtered for its meat, how is it a vegetarians fault who consumes only its milk? Organic/traditional way of rasing and milking cows is very humane.
  4. One should gradually increase the frequency of each pranayama. Start with a few and perform each for a couple of min everyday. You can then slowly add more the difficult ones, the ones that exhaust you out quickly. Then lastly work on increasing the time spent on each. Max for any pranayama shouldnt be more than 5min each. You can buy a dvd of Ramdev Baba performing and explaning most of these. Also exercise alone wont help. Look into giving up fried foods and dishes prepared that are bathed in oil. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits with each of your meals. It will do miracles to your health together with pranayama.
  5. ^ Thanks Dharini. So does anyone take Trifala here? I used to take it only when I had gastric issues. But recently after the colitis thing, I take it quite regularly. Does this hurt in the long run? As in one would end up relying on it forever?
  6. regarding the acid/alkaline chart...I often find different charts on the web contradicting each other. some place one food item under alkalinity and others as acidic. the explanation for this has been that some categerize on whether the final product is an acid or not. its quite confusing, but the rule of thumb i have developed is, the more green leafy veggies you eat, the more you are on the alkaline chart. nuts and fruits often get sectioned differently on different sites.
  7. You see I am still experimenting. I had lactose free milk and my symptoms stop. I take whey which has lactase added in it, and no signs of flareup. I would guess that if it was casein I would be still having problems. I have deduced that its not milk protein in my case. BTW, the doctors here are useless. They want to put a camera up my arse and gimme chemicals to treat this, when I have successfully gotten rid of the symptoms just by diet. Last week on my 3rd visit to the doc, I told him I have got my UC under control by diet. He is like BS, UC cant be treated with diet. I stood up and left that moment. What a arrogant dick! I cant wait to go back to india and have a chat with a specialist there. What about local organic dairy producers? we get organic dairy here where cows arn't injected with hormones and they eat organic fodder! I agree with you, results are not convincing. But you hit bang on that 25 gm limit. I was consuming around 35-40 gm of soy everyday, last year, and it just ruined me sex life. Now I stick to 20 gm per day.
  8. Did you ever find out if you were lactose intolerant vs casein allergic? if were casein allergic its tough to consume milk products but there are lactose free milk products if you ever want to drink milk again. I was never fond of soy. As I mentioned before, its not a good for for males. In the past few months I replaced milk with soy cuz of my colitis, and trust me it does mess with a guy's sexual testatrone levels. Its not bad, but keep it in limits. Nuts+legumes+grains are a great way to get a complete protien, but remember milk has the best calcium absorbstion rate in a veggie diet. I will miss milk
  9. thats what I have observed in the past 2 weeks. everytime I introduce a dairy item in my meals, I get sick again. I will be visiting India soon and will be looking for advice of a few doctors (some that practice ayurved) The thing is for someone who has survived on milk and milk product his entire life, its heartbreaking to know that I wont be able to have it again Thank you for your prayers, Malati. I am in the US and we do get Soy. I have replaced milk with soy, but you can only have so much amount of soy. If you have too much of it (as much as I had milk) it has a negative effect on male hormones as its estrogenic and inhibits testastrone levels in males. This is why chinku's are so 'tiny tiny' Western media wont tell you this, cuz that would distroy the entire soy industry!
  10. Hi Folks, I was diagnosed with colitis recently. I am a vegetarian and used to consume LOTS of dairy (2 lt of milk to 500 gm of yogurt everyday). I had to stop eating dariy cuz of colitis. As soon as I did this, symptoms stopped and I thought I was healed. I also took Trifala regularly during this period. Then a week or so later, one day I decided to try some yogurt and next monring my colitis flared up again and I could see some blood on paper tissue. I was sad and angry. My ques is, how long till I can eat dairy again? I find it extremely hard not being able to drink milk, it leaves me hungry. BTW, I do yoga 3 times a week on avg. Thanks!
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