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  1. Took 4 tsp castor oil Saturday night with warm milk, but it is 20 hours later (sunday evening) and Nothing has happened, no bowel movements, not even a feeling of something in my intestines...nothing.. It obviously didnt work or is taking longer than an entire day to work?? Should I take more or should I stay away from it?
  2. Ok got the castor oil, what are the instructions? Triphala is being shipped
  3. The cost for triphala powder is 1 US Dollar per 1 Oz of powder... Im afraid of castor oil because it could have the poison from the seed... Is there a less dangerous way?
  4. Ok i'm just gonna buy Triphala powder from bazaarofindia site, but i'm having trouble finding the correct one... It wont let me post links... but there is a 'Certified Organic Triphala Ghee powder' or the Trifala (Triphala) powder which I guess doesnt have Ghee in it... I'm confused What is the difference? What is better? I still suffer from 2-day long constipation, poor skin, poor eyesight, candida infection... It's getting better, but I've decided to just try this out anyway... please No other "cheaper" price sources..
  5. If Israelites come from israel, what comes from Paris?
  6. Thankyou again Adwait, I added you on messenger id.... An update of my symptoms as I am eating better... I hope. My face has acne now, worse than any normal breakout, and I haven't eaten anything to promote acne! is this a good or bad sign? My digestion movements are more frequent now, it gets more frequent everyday... but my urine is painful and very dark yellow or sometimes very clear... My stools are yellowish and diuretic, and they also have white spots in them... Im quite scared by this.. what could this mean? my stomach is growling much less though, and i've noticed one cause of it was posture... Im drinking fresh squeezed lemon water to fight my infection right now, im compiling a list of some ayurvedic food guidelines and herbs to go shopping tommorow, i'll see what I can find.. Where might I find liquid Ghee in america?? I got a neti pot and I used it to help my mucus problem, i did it wrong but I will eventually learn it ... How often should I do it? once every night? or more? EDIT- Adwait cleared everything up on , thanks again
  7. I live in texas, so it doesnt really get below 50 degrees here , but I usually sleep with the fan on even in the winter, so I guess the cold doesn't really bother me, however lately something strange happened, I kept the heater on so high that my parents said it was like a sauna in my room, but it felt normal to me... this lasted a few weeks, now I don't use the heater anymore... strange... I also used to eat sparingly, but that was because I wasn't hungry... Now I eat alot... 3 times more atleast.
  8. Greetings Adwait ! I am from Texas, USA. I am a school student and that is the reason why I am waiting to do a master cleanse of my colon until spring break vacation, because I can't do sea salt flushes in the morning for 3 hours, I have school then =(. Are you sure about the warm milk?, in my past milk has always caused excess mucus, is it just flushing it out or something like that? Also, keep in mind my milk source is from american supermarkets, so it's not very healthy as far as I know. I live near a major city, so there is plenty of western medicines, but im not sure about ayurvedic herbs, and they would not be fresh anyway. I bought some lemons today I plan to start drinking that with warm spring water in the morning, going to buy some ghee tommorow. More detailed background: I've always been thin, lightweight, and tall, I've never had much muscle, even when I was physically active. I suffer from insomnia, and don't have much energy during the day, more comes at night, but not much... I'm sensitive to the sun, I've worn glasses since I was a child, my myopia is significantly bad.. I have all the signs of an unhealthy teenage person, but I haven't given in to cravings so I think it's fixable. I don't suffer from any psychological issues other than anxiety in public. Thankyou so much for all your help!!
  9. Hi, i've been reading on ayurveda for a couple of weeks, before I was on a typical american diet, except I didn't drink sodas or excess junk food, I also didnt eat fast food except maybe once a week... I determined I had an agitated vatta balance or w/e so I've been eating foods according to those guidelines for 2 days, I still only have a bowel movement maybe once every 3 days... Anyway today was a real shock, because just after I started eating like this I experienced something i've never had before, I went to the sink to get rid of mucus in my throat, which has been a problem for awhile, and when I was done I felt a sore on the tip of my tongue, I looked and there was a relatively deep crack, I did some research all I could find was geographic tongue, but the rest of my tongue is smooth (except coated with white sometimes because I think I have a candida overgrowth)... Anyway I intend to do a colon cleanse and a eat a lot better but here's some questions: Will my tongue fissure ever heal? If I can't steam "fresh" vegetables, are canned ones cooked on the stove O.K? How much olive oil/ghee should I consume daily, im very skinny for being 6'7" tall (weigh 180lbs) and I have dry skin btw, so i'm trying to add fat, Should I be working out during this 'diet'/cleanse What do you guys think about the "master cleanse", which consists of lemon water with cayenne pepper and daily morning sea salt bowel flushes a little background: im 17 years old, can't go all natural in the city im in, and overall an inexperienced naturopath, I have acne breakouts really bad right now, it seems to be getting worse everyday ive been on 'healthy' food, but the WORST problem is my stomach growls CONSTANTLY just before I get out of school, and overall it just growls alot, theres not much pain, it's just really loud and embarassing I think that's it, all help appreciated! edit: im also eating 3 times as much food as normal these past 2 days, especially today, i havent stopped eating, might this be a sign of parasites not getting what they want or something?
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