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  1. I havent had a job in months. I have been applying all over the place and no call backs. My home is falling apart, but no money to fix it. My health is not very good as well. Having no job is very discouraging that I seriously do not know what to do with my life. It keeps me up at night and I am really stressed. What happens if I can not get a job? My parents will depend on me and I can not provide. I am really troubled as I do not know what to do.
  2. And for your information the arrogance and condesending attitude that some veggies ahve over non-veggies can be bad karma too.
  3. So because I dont eat meat, my pets shouldnt either? I should let dogs/cats suffer because I cant eat meat?
  4. Im sure people had pets before the British came. Thats a very ignorant statement to make. And why aren't we allowed to have pets?
  5. I was watching an interesting documentry on dogs and their relationship with humans. It showed that in many cultures depended on dogs to go on the hunt with them and many wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for the dogs help back then. Its also interesting to note that many of today's dog breeds only started to show up within the past few centuries.
  6. Im sorry why shouldnt children have pets?
  7. Dear Guruji, Here are my details. I appreciate the help that you are giving.- D.O.B.- June 30, 1985 Time of Birth - 10:31 PM (Montreal local time, Eastern Time Zone) Place of Birth - Montreal / Quebec / Canada Sex - Male Current Location - Toronto/ Ontario/ Canada Current Status - Unemployed. I graduated with a B.Comm about 8 months ago. Profession - I would like to work in a bank Father - Labourer Mother - Labourer 2 Older Sisters - One is married and works in a lab. The other is still a student in college. The big events in my life all revolve around the trips Ive taken to India. 1988, 1997, and 2004. These were the happiest time in my life. My Query- What does my immediate future hold? When will I get my career off the ground? How successful will I be in my carrer within the next 5-10 years? How about my love life? Any information about my future wife? Finally where will I be living in the future? Will it be far from home? Far from my parents? Is living in India in my horoscope? My e-mail is nrathod@rogers.com Thank you
  8. So in Hindu culture its ok to marry your cousin from your mother's side?
  9. Why did our Lord let his sister marry their cousin? I know we Hindus are usually against cousin marriage as we treat our cousins as if they were our siblings. Was cousin marriage acceptable back then? Is it acceptable now?
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