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  1. Yes as per you-Krishna,vishnu,shiva,durga,radha, Now you dont know about the surya worshippers as ive read somewhere that surya is origin of everythin.
  2. Then why are you saying that durga is equal to krishna? Do you know the shakts are also divided on views.Tantrics consider lkali to be supreme and puranic consider devi lalita (i dont know name) to be supreme.Not even durga.I read this in devi bhagwat.Anyway why are you trying to establish durga is equal to krishna.Do you know how many forms of god will be there after you say that.
  3. Durga is a created devi as per i know.The three devis created her to kill mahisasura as written in markandeya purana.Is there anything else written?
  4. right now you said durga=krishna Now you say radha is krishna
  5. No cheers? Anyway thanks for telling and your wishes
  6. Its given in padm puraana. Shri raam cut off his head because he was doing penance and shoodras were not allowed to do penance at that time. No im talking about the part where he runs away from the yavana king and enters into the cave where muchukunda was sleeping. Do you not beleive in them?
  7. jai rama, Excellent ranjeetmore i thought Radha was the primordial shakti. Remember You only said that the material potrncy mahamaya and internal potency yogmaya is different. Durga is a demigoddess. Brahma samhita mentions durga devi worshipped here and the spiritual one different. Ok if durga is krishna is according to you the n even the 10 forms of durga is krishna. Wait the ten tantric goddesses are also there. Wait there lalita devi. What about mahalaksmi. Weve got 22 devis which are equal to krishna. If prabhupada says demigoddes he meanss it. The shakts Beleive in formless devi just like shaivs. For them each devi is same.
  8. Official postion?What Is it? raam did cut off shamabhook's head.Dont you know that. Krishna ran away from the battlefeild.One of his names is ranchod.Dont you remember.He ran away from the battle fiel. Ofcourse the puraans do but.
  9. .Basically an avtar.Not a combination but he tells vivekanda something like -'i am the one who was rama and krishna earlier'
  10. Thehat prabhu has put this beatutifully. Just because the bible says that those who dont belevie in jesus will go to hell doesnt mean that those who dont beleive in krishna will not get liberated. Even in our scriptures such things such as rama cutting of the head of a shudra,krishna running off the battle field were such that people like tenali ram who might not be hindus can question it.Remember his post.Does this make rama evil or krishna evil? So do you have an answer to that. In the bhagwat it is said that we shouldnt question or try to copy what great souls do.For example shiva drank the visha out of the ocean now if anyone else does it will it be right.still people Copy shambhu and have marijuana saying that he also has marijuana.HOw about fire ,it destroys everything but is it considered evil? Do you know about the caste system in hindus.There are many places where a brahmans son becomes a brahman,shudras son becomes shudra.It says that one should not eat food by shudras,one should not touch them etc.Now isnt this to be considered evil? Please stop acting like children and try to understand what the thehat prabhu has said.
  11. What theology.I dont understand.How have you taken all that is written. What is your view.
  12. Murderers etc. they are going to be punished. Is that same as cursing chandu ji.
  13. Your book again shows what, i dont understand.You do as melvin says. SHOW RESPECT TO SAINTLY PEOPLE.
  14. I see nothing smiley. NOr i see the word jesus nor the word curse.
  15. So that doesnt prove anything but it is being used for more than 2 milleniums. And it is used for many other datings other than christian festivals also kaiserose.Even in india people follow it. Infact almost every date in history now is recorded by saying 500.b.c.,1000a.d you know it dont you. Here you accept that he existed.Ofcourse skeptics will not beleive that he came back to life, started teaching ......... Now you need more proofs to prove he didnt exist.
  16. What about A.D. AND B.C. whole history is based on it.
  17. So thats why i have told you hes a great saint,but there are things which are not to accepted very well. Now youre comparing buddha to ramakrishna.So you beleive he is an avtara.
  18. No if you actually read about ramarkishna just wikipedia him youll know some reasons why srila prabupada said it.Ramakrishna had again and again claimed to be rama and krishna. His devotees of the ramakrishna mission were all propaganding such things.
  19. Yes ofcourse i was just asking. Ramakrishna is a great saint.
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by ranjeetmore Lets find out what an all knowing personality has to say- Sri Ramakrishna : "Ah-the jnanis,they want to become sugar..but the bhaktas,they want to taste sugar-how sweet it is." When did you started quoting ramakrishna dear sir ranjeetmore.
  21. Why do you beleive jesus was a story.Even historians beleved jesus lived and they have more proof that jesus live tahn ram or krishna. Whole history is based on jesus 's birth and death datings. Are you just saying it as a response to those who say indian history is mythology. You dont have to be like them.You live in malaysia where hindu temples are destroyed but you dont know in india where muslims are discriminated against.
  22. even ravana and his brothers were not from lanka.Rakshas were not from lanka.It was actualy owned by kuber.ravan had just won it from him. Ravan himself was born in india.
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