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  1. Yo us simply dont understand what i said.Yo were wrong in your point with theist.Anyway you stop dragging krishna and prabupada unnecesarily and dont act cheeky.Certainly your cheeky attitude is not very nice.
  2. Im sorry ofcourse you didnt say something wrong.You dont think that we are not letting others live or something like that.We werent even talking about that.This was the topic 20 posts earlier.And i thought you were reffering to what we were talking about now. pls I find it funny you always coming with the same type of message and always passing one comment and then fleeding. Ofcourse youre welcome to butt in who am it to stop you.
  3. Its not there.Because vedas can hint towards krishna.vishnu is considered as god and he is non different from krishna.Besides how much of vedas do we really have left now.jagad guru kripalu mahraj has clearly told about krishna being the supreme lord.Vallabhacharya,nimbakacharya they are all well versed in the vedas and have come to this conclusion.
  4. dear respected kshama, this is a discussion forum and u dont stop us from discussing.
  5. Not fully true in histoical way,but yes the common accptance of what is hinduism now then, maybe yes.
  6. .Hes been doing this earlier also.Muslims are my enemy.dont forget this etc.Hes been affected by the muslims destroying hindu temples in malaysia.
  7. sephiroth your full of hatreed and enmity.Your avtar of some yantra or whatever shows are you some kind of tantric of something.You look like you walk with a gun ready to shoot anybody without using your head.
  8. If that was true then why would prabhupada spread krishna consciosness. (sorry for edit)
  9. Certainly i get what you say.But now you tell the word hindu-stan how well will muslims or christians take this word.This word is again persian origin and if hindu means followers of veda's supremacy and authority then what do you think will the christians think of it.or the muslims or sikhs.Will they be happy to hear it that this country is not for them.The word originally only meant those who lived in indus valley along indus civilisation. Sikhs also do not consider authority of vedas so are they hindu?but they are considere as hindus by many.
  10. Tell that to the shaiv or advait .Well see how far theyll agree on this. Shaivs will laugh at this.even krishna is considered as a human who has all the siddhies and the shaivs or shakts beleive that they can become like him by doing their sadhana and their tantric practices.ive read such posts in this website only.
  11. Idea is to serve god and not merely worship him. If self realisation is there, every work you do becomes a prayer.Please read swami chidananda on this.Certainly im not on taht level but im just telling. Its a good thing you never said the word sahdana.You yourself after irritating me with your word have in a way promoted me to start this thread.Eveytime i ask anything.Go and do sadhana this is what i get from you.(lighthearted way take it) Thank you may god bless you too sir.
  12. This just shows youve not read anything in full.
  13. Chritians are christians judaism i have no knowledge about. I said christians and not judaism. Talk of now 600 years ago is a long time.Prabhupada has said that hare krishnas are not hindus dut to some reason.Now those westerner hare krishna if do not want to be called hindus no need to force them. But if they think they are someone beyond mundane etc... etc. as you have said then i cant comment on that because i have not met many hare krishnas.They can be right or wrong i have no reason or right to talk about them. But i do get your trying to say is that hinduism now is same as sanatan dharm and is includes those people who accept the authority of vedas. Then can you give me a definition of vaishnavism,because the only definition i remember is from lord shiva who said that vaishnav is one who serves the lord.
  14. Certainly my english can be bad. But im clear now. No again you talk nonsense.Do you think vedas are storybooks.Have you even read the vedas. Do you think vedas do not talk about rituals.The vedas mostly contain prayers and mantras to be performed by priests.Isnt that correct sir. No ive not been.This is your finite understanding of vedas.The vedas dont even talk of temples.The yajnas done they themselves purify the enviroment. Again the vedas are to be performed by brahmans and im not one.So ofcourse i wont do it.It is said that in this age the brahmins are also shudras and they do the yajnas.Surely that is being proved here. Its you who does it.Besides Mahprabhus philosophy is great.If you due to youir enmity with a hare krishna will not accept it then that is your wish.youre not accepting because you have some enmity with them not because you think they are wrong.Isnt that true. What shall i do. Whatever you dont want to accept or dont like to answer or dont have an answer for are going to make excuses. Wrong again. Ofcourse if a thief comes and tells me not to rob anyone then i can laugh only.Yo yourself use bad words and try to insult people and youre telling me. Remember this raghu. What did you mean your own guru.Bhagwad gita is for everyone i thought but you have started this-'your guru my guru'.
  15. Certainly people if your forcibly goingt to call foreign vaishnavs who were christians once as hindu then there might be who will not accept it. Hinduism originally meant those people who were born along the sindhu river.
  16. Aha so do you know anything about advait.I already said correct me if i am wrong.So insteading of poking at me just tell me what i said was wrong. Cetrtainly you have forgotten that sonic yogi,bhaktjan melvin and the many iskcon followers in the world were christians earlier. So what do you think of that.
  17. You got me wrong.I meant that they beleive they are already god as in everything is god,Brahman.The unity.There is no need to change.Everything is an illusion.What is true is The self brahman.which is same as atma. Listen to quotes of yogananda- Self-realization is the knowing in all parts of body, mind, and soul that you are now in possession of the kingdom of God; that you do not have to pray that it come to you; that God’s omnipresence is your omnipresence; and that all that you need to do is improve your knowing. Ramakrishna- His teaching, "Jive daya noy, Shiv gyane jiv seba" (not kindness to living beings, but serving the living being as Shiva Himself this has stemmed from his advaitic point of view. Sathya sai-Youre god you just have to realise it. One of the Upanishad lines on whose basis advaits jump- aham brahmasmi Many quotes from the gita where the soul is referred to as ishwara and upanishads where sometimes atma is reffered To as brahman. How about more common shivohum -i am shiva So is that enough.
  18. Quote: In the western world, people just laugh at Advaitism. No sambya you yourself go and tell any muslim or christian this he will surely laugh when you say youre god.Its not a scandal.
  19. Most advaits think they already are god correct me if i am wrong. They just have to realise it.Certainly aham brhamasmi,Where soul is referred to as ishwar in gita,Soul is refered to brahman etc.They may qoute from here.
  20. Yes i agree but why again you envy a religion. The nature of the soul is of sel.This is also mentioned. And when you talk about being like krishna.It is mentioned in the in one of the types of mukti that you attain the status of vishnu.
  21. Beautiful actually maybe i cant propelry describe the beauty of this song.
  22. 'Sadhana panchakam' as the word ive read. NOw if you say the word is साधना then i can say the terms being hindi and make panchakam pronounced as pancha kaam as (whats done with sadhana) Which means in hindi -5 works as panch means 5 and kaam means work. But if you take it as sanskrit then it should be pronounced as saadhana panchakam.
  23. Hey sonic yogi.Please tell me what does krishna mean when he says that you attain my spiritual nature.Dont the advait have an upper hand on that.And he also says that the nature of the soul is of self.
  24. Youre right my dear sambya but is there anything wrong if i do something like that.Certainly proving whats right is a right thing.
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