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  1. I to found this in the internet. How to Become a (Better) Hindu A Guide for Seekers and Born Hindus'' BY Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami The book is in the internet enter and go to page 'Does Hinduism Accept Newcomers?...149 and jump to page.158 and read it Its true what you and the rest say Everyone is welcome I'm happy now =) Jai MA Di!
  2. thank you for your respond all of you have being a great help =). Sanatana Dharma has lot of logic! Jai maa Di!=)
  3. thank you for this Beautiful Quote is help full and i which lots of people believe in this word =) -------- Jai Maa DI! Shakti and Shiva are the same =)
  4. thank you very much,is just that Sanatana Dharma Vedas and lots of gurus sayings have a lot of logic and help full stuff (better then other religion logics on life and soul world..ect) that i want to join,but then i heard people saying that you have to be born hindu,but you clear it. =) Jai Ma Di!
  5. ''you can't be a Hindu unless you are born into it'' i hear this from a person in a web is it true?! a friend of mine help me understand a lot about Sanatana Dharma teachings and he's Hindu Shaivism from Malaysia and he told me that was not true...I don't now But is it true?? NOT that i belive him, but i still wanna be sure?! and i heard and i have see Vishnu,Shiva,shakti Devotees in Europe places and America to i just wanna now again and fell 100% sure that anyone can enter or have a slap in the faces right now.
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