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  1. Your site is full of people who are denying that jesus did not exist as gospel were written after him.OR because he did those miracles.Well do you know even our scriptures were written after krishna left the earth.MAny people will not beleive about the miracles and mysticism happening at that time also. Your site doesnt prove jesus is a myth. JESUS IS NOT A (I WONT SAY IT). A personal question werent u aborn in a catholic family earlier.
  2. SHri krishna is the original and most beautiful form of god. He is the source of incarnations.Stop your christian example.IT doesnt come here.Im not saying that sri krishna is the only form of god..Please dont come with your short sighted views and come after some reading. NO ones killing hinduism here.Nobody is denying god is formless.
  3. That reminds me of a guy who worte a book criticising mother teressa.Anyway goodnight ill look into it tomorrow.
  4. Can you prove christ doesnt exist more than that you can prove krishna exists.
  5. Do you know that the whole dating process in history is based on christ's birth and death. There are no remains of krishna just like christ (or are there?).And do you know there are more christians than hindus.Now how about that.
  6. The bhavishya purana mentions christians as worshippers of vishnu but i dont think anyone will accept it as authentic.
  7. Youve just ignored the greatness of christ even after reading the bible. You dont get the point even if you dont accept why are you keeping such dirty feelings in your heart against christ.
  8. COntd. Words such as christ busters and i pass urine only show you down.You being such a high devotee why keep such cheap and Tamo guni thoughts. WHy dont you ask yourself why you do it and accept that you are dong it only due to your enmity towards christians.Just becuse you reject someones philosophy doesnt mean you start talking ill about great beings. Eating meat doesnt make you evil.Even brahmans ate meat.
  9. Krishna never says that he is fromless.God is formless as well as with form.Both.Why cant be god with form ,youre are again limiting him by your views.
  10. There have been so many movies on naag and naagins.Our scriptures talk about naag lok but are there women and men who turn into snakes anywhere mentioned.The concept of icchadari naag or naagin, is this mentioned?Ive heard many stories also about the snake woman taking revenge.IS there any basis from where the stories come from.
  11. Whatever it is im not a hare krishna so dont spoil there name for my error.
  12. You just said that sun and sunlight dont exist simultaneously. But wherever there is sun there is sunlight.
  13. Yes but my point was that the flame is cause of light.Wherever the sun is it will emit light simultaneously.
  14. No dear Raghu, i meant that it was an act done out of devotion to the lord.God was just testing abraham and his devotion. There was also no sacrifice done because god beforehand stopped abraham from sacrificing his son. Does it mean there was no human sacrificed
  15. Wait dr kaiserose.IT doesnt mean taht the light is not there when the sun is there.It only takes time to reach us but it doent mean that the sun exists without emitting light.
  16. Take an example.Go to a room and light a matchstick.You can see even when the flame has just lighted from the time it it is small and till it becomes big(all which hapens fast) it emits light.So you can think about the sun.
  17. IS this just a theory or can you provide some source from where you said it. And i thought the sunshine was emitted by lord surya.
  18. Would you be ready to sacrifice yourself raghu for purushamedha?If no then you stop deciding who does lip service and who doesnt. What abraham did was out of devotion and not as a ritual. You cant call it the same.
  19. So it means that sun causes sunshine since nuclear reactions are of the sun and not the sunshine.And how can yoy say that the sunshine is not there when the sun is there.
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