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  1. नेथन as pronounced as ne-thun कौन्नर as pronuonced as cau- nur
  2. i apologise. human society raises cats,cows chickens to slaughter them. Human society doesnt necessarily have to feed all animals you eat beef?
  3. even i said the same thing. Youre going to criticise something which you think is wrong or youre going to find fault against someone whom you dont beleive is right. Ive learnt from someone that if you envy someone then its most likely youl criticise him.
  4. Im not a vaishnav BUt still if you want answerss then 1--does "feeling for sufferings of others" include in its scope both material and spiritual sufferings or it leaves the foodless to die in the streets by blaming them for their bad karma ?? ans.yes he does ,a saintly man in my opinion will help others in trouble. 2--when it is mentioned that a vaishnav "does not criticize anyone" does it come with exceptions like shaktas , shaivas , ganapatyas , suryas , advaitists ? ans.criticism is criticism.But if others are fighting with you then due to the hurt someone has caused to you or you feel hurt by reading someones philsoosphy then sometimes you tend to criticise. 3-- when it is said that a vaishnav "has conquered passion,avarice and anger" does it exclude anger towards advaitists and others sects( anger proper , im not talking of ordinary difference of opinion) ? anger is in the mode of ignorance but sometimes we do get angry and it may be right.IM saying it because even mahapurush have gotten angry.But anger is in the mode of ignorance.
  5. smiley will find anyone who will demean christainity or mohamedans. Smiley only hindus are the best, does that make you happy. Go on practice sati or have a hundred wives. or just wait for chandu wholl come wholl say- yes i agree the gospels are wrong,they were written in greek, are highly edited bla bla bla
  6. MElvin keep your disgusting tast animal like taste and views to your self. cars are not living beings. reminds me of a video where prabhupada was talking to a priest who also came up with how will we feed our children without beef.
  7. You only made me happy sambya. Why then the shaktism. Other demigods are just manifestaions o raspects of vishnu.Im not saying just like that but great acharyas have accepted only vishnu.What explaantion can you give.Even adi shanakracharya in his commentary to vishnu sahasranam has identified vishnu as brahm.He hasnt given this status to durga or anyone else.Actually i read a story where shakts have abused adi shnakaracharya also.I read a story that adi sh. goes to argue with shakts to kashmir.On the way he gets sick,has fever and becomes motionless.Then a nine year old girl comes to him and says that see without shakti you are useless and cant do anything.And thus shaktism is reigned supreme in this way.Adi shanakracharya loses and composes some hym or prayer. jai maa durga
  8. I thought you also were a vaishnav (by birth ofcourse i dont think that counts.) But arent you one according to yourself.
  9. Yes that can be thank you.
  10. My point is wasnt the bhagavatam written after ved vyas had written all the puranas or is it written only after the mahabharat.
  11. According to the Padma Purana,[24] the texts may be classified in accordance with the three gunas or qualities; truth, passion, and ignorance: Sattva ("truth; purity"): Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana, Naradeya Purana, Garuda Purana, Padma Purana, Varaha Purana Rajas ("dimness; passion"): Brahmanda Purana, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Markandeya Purana, Bhavishya Purana, Vamana Purana, Brahma Purana Tamas ("darkness; ignorance"): Matsya Purana, Kurma purana, Linga Purana, Shiva Purana, Skanda Purana, Agni Purana
  12. Naarad Jee asked Sanaatan Jee - "Now you please tell me about Puraan, such as how many are they? How many Shlok they contain? What is written in them? etc." Sanaatan Jee said - "I tell you what once Brahmaa Jee told Mareechi Jee. Brahmaa Jee said - "Son, Before there was only one Puraan which contained 1 billion (100 Crore) Shlok. Seeing that one book was not read properly by people, Vishnu takes Avataar as Vyaas in every Chatur-Yug, takes 400,000 Shlok from 1 billion Shlok and distribute them in 18 Puraan. That 1 billion Shlok Puraan is still available in Dev Lok. The 18 Puraan are - Brahm, Padm, Vishnu, Shiv, Bhaagvat, Naarad, Maarkandeya, Agni, Bhavishya, Brahm Vaivart, Ling, Varaah, Skand, Vaaman, Koorm, Matsya, Garud and Brahmaand Puraan. (1) Brahm Puraan - Vyaas Jee first created Brahm Puraan with 10,000 Shlok. There are many stories in it. Its Poorv Bhaag, describes the creation of Devtaa, Asur, Daksh, Soorya Vansh and Raam Avataar, Chandra Vansh and Krishn Avataar, all Lok, Narak, prayer of Soorya, birth of Paarvatee and her marriage. Its Uttar Bhaag describes Purushottam Kshetra, Krishn's life in detail, Yam Lok and method of doing Shraaddh, Yug, Pralaya. This is in the form of Soot Jee and Shaunak Jee's dialog. Who writes this Puraan and then donates to Braahman with grains, clothes and ornaments, cow etc, he lives in Brahm Lok till the Sun and stars exist. Who reads or listens to its content list, he also gets the fruit of listening or reading it. Who hears or reads the whole Puraan, he attains Brahm Pad. By reading it, one attains whatever he wishes for. (2) Padm Puraan - As this human being is with five Gyaan Indriyaan, this Puraan consists of five parts (Khand). There are 55,000 Shlok in it. In its Srishti Khand, Maharshi Pulastya has preached Bheeshm about Pushkar Teerth, Brahm Yagya, various types of donations and Vrat, Paarvatee's marriage, Taarakaasur, importance of cow, Kaalkeya, worshipping planets. Its Bhoomi Khand describes about the importance of parents, Vritraasur, Vane, Nahush, Ashok Sundaree, Hund Daitya, dialog of Chyavan and Kunjalaa in the form of Soot Jee and Shaunak Jee dialog. Its Swarg Khand describes the origin of Brahmaand Universe), many Teerth, Saagar Manthan, Vrat, Bheeshm Panchak, Sarvaaparaadh Nivaarak Stotra etc. Its Paataal Khand describes Raamaashwamedh, Jagannaath Jee, Krishn Avataar, Vaishaakh Snaan (bath), story of Yam and Braahman, Krishn Stotra, Dadheechi, importance of Bhasm (ash), importance of Shiv Jee, Gautam, Shiv Geetaa, Raam Kathaa in Bharadwaaj Aashram in another Kalp etc. Its 5th Khand, Uttar Khand, describes Parvat's story told by Shiv to Paarvatee, Jaalandhar, Sagar, Teerth, importance of all 24 Ekaadashee, Vishnu Sahastra Naam, Kaartik Vrat, Maagh Snaan (bath), Nrasinh, story of Dev Sharmaa, importance of Geetaa and Bhaagvat, 108 Raam's names, test of Vishnu by Bhrigu etc. Who donates it along with golden lotus flower to Braahman on Jyeshth Poornimaa, he goes to Vaishnav Dhaam. (3) Vishnu Puraan - It contains 23,000 Shlok. The six parts of its Poorv Bhaag have been told by Shakti's son Paraashar to Maitreya Jee. Beginning of creation, Saagar Manthan, Daksh Vansh, Dhruv, Prithu, Prachetaa, Priyavrat, Lok, Narak, Soorya's speed, Bharat, dialog of Ribhu and Nidaagh, Manvantar, dialog of king Sagar and Aurv, Soorya Vansh, Chandra Vansh, Krishn's life, Kali Yug, four types of Pralaya. Its Uttar Bhaag gives various types of stories on Dharm, about Punya, Vrat, Dharm Shaastra, Arth Shaastra, Vedaant, Jyotish (astrology), Stotra, Mantra and many other things beneficial to all. Vyaas Jee has told the account of Varaah Kalp. Who donates it along with cow by writing himself or by others to Braahman on Aashaadh Poornimaa, he goes to Vaikunth Dhaam. (4) Vaayu Puraan - Brahmaa Jee said - "Now I tell you about Vaayu Puraan by hearing which one attains Shiv Dhaam. This Puraan contains 24,000 Shlok and describes Dharm with the reference of Shwet Kalp by Vaayu Dev. It is divided in two parts - Poorv and Uttar. Its Poorv Bhaag describes kings of various Manvantar, story of Gayaasur, importance of Maagh Maas, Daan Dharm, living beings, etc. Its Uttar Bhaag describes Teerth at Narmadaa River, Shiv Sanhitaa in detail. There are 35 sin destroyer Sangam Teerth at Narmadaa River from Omkaareshwar to western shore of the sea. Among them, 11 are on northern banks and 23 on southern banks, and the 35th is the Sangam place where Narmadaa falls in the sea. Along with these Sangam Teerth, there are 400 Teerth on both banks of Narmadaa. Who donates this Puraan along with jaggery and cow by writing himself on Shraavan Poornimaa to Braahman, he lives in Rudra Lok up to a Kalp. Who listens to it regularly eating Havishya food, he himself is Rudra. (5) Bhaagvat Puraan - This Puraan contains 18,000 Shlok divided among 12 Skandh. It describes Paandav's life after the war, Pareekshit's life - since birth till he leaves his body, Avataar, Vidur and Maitreya Jee, Kapil's Saankhya, story of Satee, Dhruv, Prithu, Praacheenbarhi, Priyavrat, various Lok and their locations, Ajaamil, Vritraasur, Prahlaad, story of Gaj and Graah, Saagar Manthan, king Bali, Matsya Avataar, Soorya and Chandra Vansh, story of Krishn, dialogs between Naarad and Vasudev, Yadu and Dattaatreya, Krishn and Uddhav, end of Yaadav Vansh, description of future kings, branches of Ved, number of Shlok in each Puraan etc. Whoever wishes for Bhakti he should donate this Puraan on a golden throne to Braahman on Bhaadrapad Poornimaa. He should worship Braahman with clothes and ornaments before donating it.
  13. Let me tell you some amazzing things Baba is empowered with sanjivani vidya which has been acquired by the siddhas through severe austerities. People have been cured of kidney stones,and various other diseases. Baba transfers sanjivani vidya to the people and this they do mahamrityunajay sadhana which dissolves karmas. People ive heard get happy and people around them also change. YouTube - Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji YouTube - Shiv Yog - Rishikesh Shivir Part 1
  14. I can only tell you about him. MY mother had gone to some of his followere meditation and she like d it. I watch him on tv. I have little knowledge about chakras and all that,but he has al lot of knowledge.Certainly if you are interested you can contact him or his people. Shiv Yog
  15. If ved vyas had wirtten the bhagavt after writing the puranas anfd other texts then how does naarad purana,padm puran,mention the name of bhagavat.
  16. I respect your dedication. What do you mean by work in the woods
  17. Well tell that to the shaivite or shakts. Te devi bhagwat calls durga brahm in one part and then it says that highest is mula prakriti. The shiv puran states that shiva is the origin of vishnu and rudra. WHat will you call that.
  18. Chandu are you going to criticise chritianity on two thre lines and demean the whole faith.
  19. 2.52 Madhvacarya's Commentary To answer the query regarding what is essential for one aspiring for liberation the answer is given in this verse by Lord Krishna. The word nirvedam means indifferent, renunciation is not indicated here. Rather it is to be understood that by spiritual intelligence in the process of acquiring wisdom one becomes indifferent to mundane pursuits. It is not that one with spiritual intelligence is indifferent regarding the sublime activities of the Supreme Lord. Liberated sages immersed in the delight of the soul through their highly developed mental state advance onwards by devotion without any desires. Lord Krishna is very attracted to those following devotion possessing these attributes. The austerities and penance performed by Sukadeva and others give them immeasurable satisfaction and great happiness. Those who meditate on the lotus feet of Lord Krishna relishing His glories and phenomenal pastimes and that of His devotees, they derive a greater satisfaction that is not even available to one fully realised. So needless to speak about the satisfaction of those in the heavenly realms who are forced to descend down to earth again once they have exhausted their benefits. For only those situated with the wisdom of spiritual intelligence can understand Lord Krishna's paramount position and thus perform all actions accordingly. Even in liberation there is taratamya gradation. If there were no gradation then men of wisdom could not realise the mercy of Lord Krishna's divine grace which is the sole cause of liberation. In this way no one will desire similarity with Him. Even if it is offered it will not be accepted. Thus even those not desiring liberation receive it anyway as the result of devotion and those so desiring it, liberation comes manifesting auspiciousness. This auspiciousness manifests even though undesired. Just as those exalted devotees with special devotion to Lord Krishna receive special mercy at the end of their lives that can be perceived. In the same way dispensation is received by those situated in wisdom at the termination of the physical body. Other dispensation is given for the ascetics at the severance of their mortal coil and still those who experience supreme bliss with distinctive character as experienced. In all these different levels gradation always exists. Liberation by whatever means is deliverance and in this no one can surpass one for one will be fully situated in the ultimate wisdom of devotion to Lord Krishna by spiritual intelligence. So in the matter of equilibrium it must be regarded in abundance as well as in experiencing misery. Even though abundance and misery must be regarded equally for the supreme bliss it is the realisation in wisdom by spiritual intelligence that is the key ingredient for liberation from the material existence as given in the Narayana Ashtaksha Kalpa. Hence renunciation is not indicated as a means of liberation in Vedic scriptures. There also does not exist any direction to other methods regarding liberation. Thus the understanding for this verse is that by listening to the potent words of great self-realised beings the true purport of the Vedas will be learned.
  20. yes thanks for telling me about haji. I have no idea why government is supporting haji but i read it is opposed by muslim groups also. If you talk about polygamy you should know it was a social evil which was abolished. If muslims do it it wont affect india much as they are a minority but if hindus are allowed to polygamy i dont know waht hungama will come..men in india can use it to promote their extramaritial affairs giving examples of people with 2 wives.Women wont be allowed as they will be surpressed by social pressure and then the women right activists can come into action.They will ask for women also to have polygamy. As it is many people ,many hindus can do anything without thinking much.Why today people were burying their children in the ground alive saying it will cure deseases.
  21. kaiserose since you must be following charvaka philosophy which is clear by your views then vedas talk only about eating meat isnt it.The purpose of the sacrifices.
  22. Who is mula prakriti and prakriti in shaktism Who/what is brahm in shaktism. JAi ram
  23. दानीयल लूइस ३०.११.७३ जो चीज मुझे मार नही सकती मुझे और ताकतवर बनाती है Im not shore about danielle can be written as -दैनीयल also.
  24. Sorry to bother you narashingh maybe satguru is written like this. सत्गुरु Jai= जय
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