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  1. \Sambya doesnt beleive in eternal hell. NOr do i. Chandu stop it.NOw isnt this making hinduism look bad that people now have another name to divide th hindus.
  2. Waht did smiley mean when he said reject it as irrelevant - as do billions of other people all over the world. The Indian subcontinent has not been well served by this myth.
  3. No but how did you decide which model youre going to use or what type of experiment to do.Isnt it based on the amount of knowledge you already have.
  4. HOw is sambya a new hindu?
  5. If you dont mind let me answer that to you. years ago if you told people that we could talk to a person who lives hundreds of miles away from you then they would laugh because due to their logic They were right.But graham bell changed this and now thanks to his grace we use telephones to talk to people far and near. So as baba says logic comes from the amount of knowledge we have. But god as the vedas say is above the mind then how can you bind him by logic.
  6. Anyway im not actually serious to what is said.Just spoke for the sake of saying. And sambya stop attacking iskcon unecesarily or do post some proof even when youre attacking.
  7. Aranya baba what is your question. Galaxy 18 and bhaktjan copy and paste waht is very high knowledge.
  8. NOt fighting with you sir chandu but whos dividing hindusim now. Isnt it. Do you want to get the term neo hindu on a dictionary. and do you want to become raghu2 who has been succesful in dividing the hindus in this foum and has brought thoughts of difference to you also,who keeps on protecting hinduism.
  9. Chandu how is sambya a neo hindu? ISnt she a muslim.
  10. Is he an exception or is it maybe because dashrath was remembering his son rama and not parmatma rama. Even in the case of ajamil he called out narayana. But did he acheive moksha at that time. I cant remember.
  11. Mr thiest wait i have a doubt. ISnt it also mechanical that whoever remembers the lord at the time of his death surely attains him.
  12. SO waht do you think.Why did dashrath not go to vishnu loka when he remembered raam and took his name and died.
  13. Hey i never wrote this.ITs from ramayana
  14. Sarg 64 - Dashrath Dies After Telling the Shaap Story Dashrath repeatedly remembered the incident and cried for his sons. He said to Kaushalyaa - "I did this Paap in ignorance [still it was a Paap] so I thought to get rid of it. I filled the pitcher with water and arrived at the place where his parents were waiting for him. There I saw the blind and weak couple sitting. There was nobody there to protect them. They were waiting for their son to come. As they heard the sound of my foot steps, he said - "Son, you are very late. Bring us the water. Because you were late so your mother had some bad ideas about you. Now you come soon, and if you have committed any fault, don't think about it because you are a Tapaswee. You are our eyes, you are our protector. Why don't you speak something?" I trembled and said - "Hey Mahaatmaa I am not your son. I am the king Dashrath and because of my bad Karm I have come to see this sorrow. I came here, at the bank of Sarayoo River, to prey. I heard the sound of filling water in the pitcher. I thought it was an elephant, so I shot a poisonous arrow. Later when I came to the bank, I found a man wounded by my arrow. He died almost immediately. He expressed sorrow about his parents. Your son was killed by my arrow, but only in ignorance. therefore be pleased with me and order me as what should I do." Because I told everything clearly to Rishi, he did not give me Shaap. It was my mistake. At that time I was standing near Rishi. His eyes were red, he was fiercely angry, and he was crying. Hearing this his parents said - "Raajaa, Whatever you did was inauspicious. If you did not tell us the truth yourself, your head must have been broken into thousand pieces. If any Kshatriya kills any Vaanprasthee knowingly, then in spite of having control on his Indriyaan, he gets destroyed. If any Rishi is doing Tapasyaa and any Brahm-Gyanee kills him knowingly, his head breaks. Since it was done in ignorance, that is why you are still alive. Now you take us to that place where our son is lying, because we want to see our son once." I myself took them there. They touched his body and fell on his body and cried - "Son, You are not greeting us today? Who will read us Shaastra and Puraan? Who will bring us Kand, roots, fruits and now I will have to take care of your blind mother too. She was alive only because of your love. Wait for a while, don't go to Yam Raaj yet, go tomorrow with us, because we cannot live without you. We will pray Yam Raaj to pardon our son. He will surely give you to us. He will not allow you to die hit with the weapon." After that they offered jalanjali to their son, and said - "You have killed my son, now you kill me too. Because you have made me sonless, therefore I give you Shaap that you also die in the sorrow of your son. Whatever is our condition now, you will be in worse than this condition." Thus they gave me Shaap and burned themselves in a pyre. I am getting this sorrow because of that only, because Muni's words cannot go lie." And Raajaa Dashrath started crying. He spoke again - "It is certain that I will lose my life in this sorrow, because I cannot see you. At the time of dying people do not see others, therefore you caress me, and if Raam Himself comes here and accepts kingdom, maybe I can live. Whatever I have done to Raam, I shouldn't have done it. But Raam has gone to forest by my orders. It was worthy of Him to obey me, because no father leaves even his worst son. Now I cannot see you, my memory is also leaving me. I can't have sorrow greater than this that at the time of death I cannot see my dear son Raam. He will return after 14 years. Only He will be fortunate who will see Him." And crying thus Raajaa left his mortal body. Sarg 119 - Dashrath and Devtaa Come to See Raam Mahaadev Jee said to Raam - "You have removed the darkness from the world. Now you may go to Ayodhyaa and make Maa Kaushalyaa and Sumitraa, and brother Bharat happy. Be the king of Ayodhyaa, perform Ashwamedh Yagya and satisfy Braahman with wealth etc. Your father has come to see you with Devtaa on his Vimaan. Now he lives in Indra Lok. You have uplifted his life by being born as his son." Raajaa Dashrath got very happy to see Raam. He said - "Raam, I don't like even Swarg without you. Whatever Kaikeyee said to send you to forest, I remember them all even today. I am very happy to see you and Lakshman all right. You have uplifted my life because Vishnu incarnated in human form in my house. Devtaa told me this. Kaushalyaa is very fortunate that she will see you as king also. I want to see you along with Bharat." Raam said - "Hey father, Be happy with Kaikeyee because she was not at fault." Dashrath accepted this then he said to Lakshman - "Hey Lakshman, Now you serve Raam because he does good to mankind." Created by sushma gupta
  15. Event is a part of ramayana. Anyway thanks for the link. Jai Rama
  16. Theist even dasharath did not directly go to vishnu loka though he took rama nam dyiing. Was this his wish or something else. (anyone free to answer)
  17. Why only hindu brothers. Arent muslims or christians your brothers. Thats why you are revolting against iskcon because they have considered christians as friends and not just accepting hindus into krishna consciousness.We are not at war with chritstians or muslims.Goes with you also mr chandu 69. Just why cant you accept a non hindu as a person . Nowadays i dont think many hindu will convert to islam especially aftrer all this terrorism.Why do you worry so much chandu. Anyway youve ignored my last message.
  18. Then why are you trying to demean others faith. What right do you have. Do you have any proof christ is a myth, that you keep on saying taht. Why not. What are you basis of facts. Its all faith youre talking with. You dont pray to christ so you deny hes existing.Isnt that right. Here these are your lines. What did you mean by them -
  19. Ofcourse i did.THen if you have accepted that he has taken the essence of the scriptures then what is your problem. JAi hari
  20. Sambya dont you think it is important to take the esence of scriptures. So that has been done. Srimad bhagwat is the essence of scriptures. Where has prabhupada denied a scripture that is vedic. Can you give an example.
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