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  1. Can't stop smiling when i read what i wrote in this thread some years back. ROFL, I was indeed funny.
  2. Don't be too hard on yourself..ask the eternal flute player for mercy.
  3. With time i understood the importance of Brahmin. After going through the life of the likes of Ramanujacharya, Madhvacharya, Adi Shankarcharya, Paramhansa Yogananda, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Sri Abhay Charan Dey and many many others, i understood the importance of their advent. Think of this world without a Tulsidasa, Thyagrajen, Annamacharya, Ramadasu... I think you got the answer. It is true that Brahmins of today are just for namesake. But i still believe that there are some who still carrying the Brahminical Flag up high according to their capacity. There are a long way to go before the Indian Culture would be erased from this world before another pristine and pure yuga starts, so we should not lose hope...the Lord will see to it that someone comes to guide us time and again.
  4. Read all the books of RK Narayan. His works are simply a joy to read, you'll understand human nature and thereby understand where, how, why and when to act. Start with the following : 1. Sampath the Printer of Malgudi 2. The Financial Expert 3. The Painter of Sign After reading these 3, you'll automatically wish to read the rest.. The Guide is his magnum Opus.
  5. hi smaranam. The only thing I can say after the passage of these 4 years is that you still have the same old beautiful mind.
  6. It is one of the toughest verse of the Gita. It helps in creating and maintaining employment, promoting an equilibrium between intellectual and physical workers and selflessness when performing job and last but not least, courage even when faced with the most difficult and dangerous jobs.
  7. It means serving selflessly humankind according to one's nature and dedicating the fruits of one's action to the Eternal Flute Player.
  8. Even if one is endowed with telepathic power, he refrains from venturing the private corner of others' mind. Willing to share depends from person to person though. With whom to share.. that's the tricky part.
  9. Hello friends, I would like to know whether Hindu marriage ceremony (during the vedic era) was conducted at night or during the day time. Furthermore, can anyone tell me whether Sri Ram marriage was conducted during the day or night? Your insight would be warmly welcomed. Thanks.
  10. Lost in Translation. I think those born in the indian subcontinent, exposed to hindi, should be more tolerant, vis a vis, our friends alien to the hindi language. I'll be more open hearted while saying that more of a hardwork is being done from those foreigners than the indian themselves for the preservation of the indian tradition.
  11. Mansa Devi, the goddess of snake. I visited a mandir where the divine deity presided in Assam. Hail to the mother
  12. Masala dosa should be added to the list.. how can I forget that. Cheers
  13. Do we have : gobi manchurian paneer butter masala alou gobi rumali roti ??? I sincerely hope so.
  14. Who wants to take human birth time after time? It is just a mechanism...the Karmic law is one of the parameter of the next body that we get. Moksha can start in the present body that we possess, it does not necessarily mean we need to leave this body or this world to achieve it.
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