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  1. does anyone know a way to heal the crown chakra and remove rudra granthi residue after it has been pierced? and does anyone know if the crown is responsible for thought broadcasting or is it the 3rd eye?
  2. does anyone know how to speed up the kundalini process dramatically? like say the kundalini is taking forever to get to the final stages like samadhi. i broke rudra granthi after like almost 7 months of chanting but i am looking for something like a yoga kriya or pressure point or something even the secret herbs. does anyone know what the herbs are for forcing the kundalini up past the crown? does yogi bhajan have a specific kriya for this?
  3. chant the gayatri mantra and this is what i did. the kundalini goes up slowley and only as fast as you can handle. the impurities go away as much as you can handle. i was instructed to chant this mantra 24/7 365 days a year till i become realized. i came a long way and feel very fantastic. here is a link to the video of the mantra.
  4. i just do not like complete strangers reading my mind. also does anyone have ideas on how to stop it the broadcasting? i am working with a guru who is helping me overcome the broadcasting nightmare. and does anybody know a way to enter samadhi and get the kundalini raging like crazy? my guru said that i need to keep chanting the mantras and that the kundalini energy should go up and heal the broadcasting issue.
  5. im not really telepathic but some psychics told me i need to get my thoughts in and shield myself so people can not here me. does anybody here know a good shielding technique or know how to stop the broadcasting thing?
  6. i get different people telling me its normal and other people tell me its not normal for a person to broadcast their thoughts. what are your peoples opinions on this?
  7. what kundalini kriyas are best at clearing the root chakra of all issues and blockages?
  8. can this meditation heal split personality since it cleanses the chakras clear?
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