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  1. Hey waht are you. Are you the same man /woman who had some other photo that day. Are you a jyotish. And why do you write god hates you.
  2. What i meant was beleiving someone lived. Christ is a historical figure. Whole history dating is based on A.D. and BC. If there are people who amount to billions and who brleve christ didint live then you can use the figure. whats happened to you. YOu can beleive all the hindu god and goddeses are living but cant beleive that jesus lived.That shows your just talking through emotions and not proof.
  3. JAI SHRI RAMAWell Muslims are a minority in India and they dont have want to have polygamy among hindus who are a majority maybe thats why. Remeber sati,child amrriage all these social evils.Polygamy was one of them. Anyway these were decided in the interests of all and there might have been was discussion hindus and muslims before decidng the laws. Also some rights are given to backward classes such as scheduled tribes for example reservation in government jobs through quotas etc. It should be that these classses should not be left out and should be uplifted. JAI SHRI RAM
  4. Dont talk like that.This country is for muslims also. There are more muslims in india than in pakistan. Anyway i asked my law teacher about this. HE explained that this is because our country respects the ethics of religions. LAws are same to everybody except for some social laws. Such as marriage, which are social in nature. To protect the rights of religions these laws are different because each scripture of each religon might have different views on marriage,children etc. So in order to respect their sentiments such measure are taken. Remember these are just some laws and not all. Also to promote the interests of some minoritie communities such as backward classes and for their upliftment such things are done.
  5. .Anyway im no brahman myself.Good luck
  6. Theist i have a question. Lord krishna says in the gita that nature of soul is of the self.That gives an advaitin view, does it.?
  7. yes.Youre right but shudras performing vedic mantras?Vedic mantras sound are of upmost importance i think..Anyway you ask a vedic pundit about this. Also Recently the arya samaj had performed a vedic yajna and yes it rained quite heavy here in delhi.I got wet in it.But a very nice experience.
  8. I was thinking that you would think like taht.Please dont create more enmity in your heart. The laws were set for the rights and in the interest of all the citizens while repecting religuos interests.
  9. Thank you.I m a young boy though young enough to be your son i guess.So its awkward for you to call me senior. I have less knowledge but because as prabhupada says serving krishna gets us bliss. Not all people beleive that soul is an eternal servant of vishnu. But even those who have achieved moksha come to do bhakti of krishna . Jagadg guruu also says that premanad of krishna is higher than brahmanada.
  10. Family Laws In India - Hindu Law - Muslim Laws - Special Marriage Act - Divorce Advice - Marriage Registration in India - Divorce lawyers in India
  11. This was for primate melvin and not for you sorry.
  12. In India some laws are there that are to be applied to Muslims,christians and people of other religion differently.Laws relating to marriage ,adoption,minority etc. are not necessarily the same for parcis,muslims,christians or any other religion.For example a hindu cannot practice practise polygamy but a musalaman can marry more than one wife. So for such legal purposes registration specially when converting ,if you want to be known as a person from for examlpe hindu religion legally, is required. jai ram
  13. Are you typing something or are we just wasting our time.Did you read the links i gave you.
  14. your thoughts are very good.But isnt a yajna need to be done. The arya samaj reecently had a yajna performed in delhi for the rains.
  15. JAgadguru says brahman =krishna.They are the same not in any way greater or smaller than each other.Just like ice and water. By the way it is not prabhupada but the gita which says it.
  16. jyotish means astrology and vidya means knowledge. vaastu shastra - Vastu Shastra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia mudras-http://www.healthandyoga.com/HTML/meditation/mudras.html
  17. brahmano hi pratisthaham pratistha--the rest; aham--I am PRathishta means rest amd aham means i am Two words Sanskrit is a difficult language primate.
  18. Complete Bhagavad-Gita with commentary http://spokensanskrit.de/index.php?script=HK&tinput=pratishta&country_ID=&trans=Translate&direction=AU
  19. http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/spiritual-discussions/39773-14-27-bhagavad-gita-translation.html http://www.hinduwebsite.com/gita914.asp
  20. Sampradaya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Puranas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  21. Any way listen to sambya and ask him he is intelligent and also a brahman so he'll explain to you better than me.whatever hes said above is right.
  22. Nope only my grandmother does this also only some of it.I dont think in this way exact. Anyway i told you how these rituals work.Remember. The Rituals also depend on each sampradaya.I dont see any one in my family doing all this in the same exact way like you do it. Ask your family where they learnt these from. Remember i showed you a puraan a ganesh puraan.Did i show you? The rituals mentioned there do you remember.
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