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  1. OHter things includiing the above one which baba had said for example- Jyotish vidya is a complete science ,vastu vidya Then there are certain things which iv read such as mudras whos benefciial Properties have been known,There was a yagya done by pandits shown on tv to call the rains.And they were succesful.
  2. How about E= mc square(How Do i type a 2 in upper part?) Everything is energy.
  3. The Sanskrit word pratiṣṭhā, which in general usage means "resting" or "position" Prana pratishta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. Pratishtha pratistha (Sanskrit) [from prati-shtha to stand towards, stay from prati towards, upon, in the direction of + the verbal root shtha to stand] Dwelling place, residence, receptacle; preeminence, superiority. In the Bhagavad-Gita Krishna refers to himself as a pratishtha of Brahman or parabrahman; an image or manifestation of parabrahman or a hypostasis or representation of the divine in the worlds of manifestation Pratishtha The lines are inconsistent.Possibly the second line is a mayavadi view. Even i think in madhwa charya's gita krshna is refered to as the foundation.But ill confirm because i wont make that error of madhwacharya again Anyone theist read this and confirm- His philosophy is named advaita, "not two" as opposed to dvaita, founded by Madhvacharya, which holds that Brahman is ultimately a personal God, to be aligned with Vishnu, or Krishna (brahmano hi pratisthaham, I am the Foundation of Brahman Bhagavad Gita 14.2 7 Upanishads - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. where fdi you get this translation
  6. Can you give an example of these morning ritulas. I still dont get it.Are you forced to do it.
  7. Smiley it says 2.1 billion are christions.So? Im not a christian but still beleive jesus lived.Many hindus also beleive in jesus.Also include the muslims.
  8. Billions? Where did you get that figure from.
  9. When are you answering me? YOu know youre wrong but why dont you admit. JUst a mistake .People do it all the time. You couldnt provide me those verse nos. about chaitanya and you said u have faith thats why u beleive.But waht about the billions who have faith in jesus. Those people who are there on the video ,will they beleive in krishna or any vedic devta.
  10. Hey what i meant was That punjab and haryana are overpopulated states and are filled with hindus and sikhs.Why punjab, whole india is overpopulated and is fillled with mostly hindus.You are saying taht muslims are causing overpopulation. But actually india is being overpopulated by hindus.Ok now lets look at the world.Indians have migrated almost everywhere. Do you know indians are spreading all over america.and europe .How many of them are muslims? There is. Ive read it. Any way it said having children is doing brahmas work and nothing about overpopulating. Islam not allowing using of conceptions is overpopulating the world? You hate them so much that you couldnt think of anything better.
  11. Non hindu is what i referred to as mlechas.
  12. Better than creating hatred among hindus against mlechas.
  13. Pranayam is a part of kriya yoga taught in art of living.
  14. All these saviour theopries though irritating but are only seen by few indians.Youre just worried that people will get converted after listening to them.But it doesnt mean you start hating them. ...........
  15. Well people in punjab and harayana are punjabis and hindus.So by your thinking they are the causes. Where is islam teachig you to overpopulate. Infact hindus are told to have babies and are said to be doing brahmas work.
  16. sant


    Thanks jnd no complains Sorry to bother.
  17. Where do you scriptures promote non veg? Not taunting but asking.
  18. Which rituals? What happened about the marriage?
  19. sant


    How do people like this new style of website.Personally i am finding it a little hard reading through posts and getting used to.
  20. Hes a nice person but hes got some enmoty or something with christians.Any anyway thank you for your advise. By the way sonic yogi you havent answered me- your website has no evidence to disprove about christ.Iv seen some of the videos.
  21. Why not the indian hindus and sikhs.India is ore overpopulated tahn afghanistan,ameica or any muslim or christian coutnry.Do you know about punjab and haryana the most popuated states where punjabis live.
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