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  1. Namaskar all, It is nice to see the forum is back. It has been a vade-mecum of spirituality and Hinduism at large, at least for me, as I was so novice about these a few years ago. This forum has been a good platform to share views, discuss substantial things and meet people that had a lot of impact in my life. Still missing so much friends here... I still miss a close friend of mine here, Jndas Ji and so many more learned people...I wish to read more topics from you. Do keep in touch. Kshama
  2. Namaskar Blessed Forum Members, Hello. I feel delighted to know that the forum is working again. It's good to see senior members like Sambya Ji again on this forum. I am looking forward to meet all the seniors and new members in the forum. Thank you.
  3. Dear Respected Members, I am really sad about the fate of this forum. It just occurred to mean how much I am attached to this forum. This forum made me aware there are many spiritually inclined people in the world. It also made know many things that I never really knew before. It also acted as a tool to meet many righteous and pious people from all walks of life. I just hope where ever you are, god continues blessing you and help you all realize the purpose of this birth. Last but not the least, I am sorry for any wrongdoings throughout my visit here. Sreyo bhuyat sakala jananam, Kshama
  4. Respected Members and JND Ji, First of all I would like to thank JND Ji for providing this platform for spiritual discussions. I am blessed to be here and read about various paths and practices within Hinduism. I would also thank senior members, members and anyone that directly or indirectly made my understanding about religion clear. I shall never forget all these good memories. Thank you all once again. Namaste.
  5. Dear Respected Members, I am really blessed to have been part of this spiritual platform. I take this time, and really thank all members that have made my perception of metaphysics and religion grow. Directly or indirectly people have been a guru to impart me lots of spiritual knowledge whilst I am here. I also take this time to seek apology from anyone that felt hurt or offended by my remarks or by my posts. It was never my intention and I am so sorry if I did any wrong. Last but not the least, whatever you do, always remember god, and do good whatever capacity you have. May god bless you and all. Namaste. **Thank you Kaisersose Ji, for making this thread available.**
  6. Gokulkr Ji, I have been reading your posts in a Audarya. I am sure you are a dedicated bhakta of Lord Narayana. Continue your dedication with unwavering mind. Do not let articles in newspaper distract you. Agastya Muni is a revered Muni, so let us not judge him. We should take time to strive really really hard to emulate the bhakti that revered saints and sages like Agastya, Meerabhai, Markandeya had or better, try to have unwavering bhakti to Lord Rama such as Hanuman Ji had. I know it is extremely hard, but I am sure if we are sincere in our dedication, the Lord will help us attain the supreme goal. Namaste.
  7. Namaskaram, In my opinion, God is unperturbed by the unsymmetrical breakage of a coconut. Garland Him with your sincere prayers and thoughts as well as unwavering bhakti towards Him. God will always be there for you. Namaste.
  8. kshama

    A humble doubt

    Respected Amateur Ji, I am very well sure that members here have a good proportion of SQ as well as some varying levels of IQ and KQ. That makes us, humans, unique...right? Namaste.
  9. Respected Love_alliance18 Ji, I am no rishi nor an astrologer. I do not know exactly when will this world would end. But reading your post, I felt compelled to ask you this, are you ready for the dissolution of the universe? Are you near getting salvation? It is better we focus on our effort to make ourselves better in terms of spirituality as well as being good human being whilst being here on this earth. When there is a beginning there is an end. So let us make our stay in this earth worthwhile. Let us focus in our karma...and dedicate the fruit to god. Namaste.
  10. Dhruv Ji, Thank you for the informative post. I am sure seekers will be immensely benefit from the guide you have given. May god bless you. Namaste.
  11. Respected Raghu Ji, Namaskar. Thank you for your feedback. The contents of your post are noted. The unity among Hindus that I would like to see, though I am insignificant, is that of a state where everyone practices their convictions but do not criticize the beliefs of other Hindus from other sects or Sampradayas. I am happy if one feels their god is superior than others, but what makes me unhappy is to see, hear and read bitter, untasteful remarks by them, on the beliefs of other people, especially fellow Hindus. Fundamentalism, holier-than-thou attitude and many more unpleasant things that I see just makes me feel bad. For some, especially the underinformed, might have got the wrong impression about Hinduism at large, after seeing what's happening in this forum. I do know this is a free forum, anyone is welcome to state what is in their minds, but, I do not know, how to describe, I just feel it is very distasteful to see how some act here. I was not advocating my faith or the spiritual path that I am following when I plead to the members here to stop discussing supremacy of gods. My real intention was and still is to see discussion of other things that are more substantial to member's personal and spiritual growth. I do think it is possible for Hindus to unite, though we are of different backgrounds, set of beliefs and practices. What we need is tolerance. I just cannot think of another trait that is vital than tolerance. Raghuji and fellow members, I'd like to apologize if my posts in this thread gave you the wrong impression and offended any of you. Namaste.
  12. Dear Sage of Nabooru, Do not blame Lord Shiva for your confusion and delusion of things happening to you. Any god is epitome of goodness. Only good things, sooner or later comes to a dedicated devotee. Namaste.
  13. Dear Recluse, Well that is why I said you have to go and see a psychologist. There are many therapy that can be prescribed according to your degree of problem. One of which is hypnotherapy. Please do not be shy when giving the details of your problem to the psychologist. Be 100% truthful. The more you tell the better the psychologist will understand. I suggest you go to a male psychologist, if it makes you feel more at ease. Remember your confidentiality is guaranteed when you seek the help of professionals. Well, I am glad that you feel the need to change, and know the commitments that in a marriage. Dhruv Ji had given a very good suggestion. You have to give it a try. There are many things that are far more cruel and deemed enormously sinful than masturbation. Why do you have to feel bad about yourself when you know, that this addiction of yours is really curable? The fact that you realized masturbation is doing you more harm than good, itself is the first step that you had taken indirectly to cure yourself. Namaste.
  14. Dear Recluse, Masturbation, is normal in men. I am not going to talk in the religious point of view. Well the fact that you seem to know, that masturbation is doing harm to you, that realization is very good. So what can you do? Mantra....it takes time. I suggest talk to a psychologist or go to any counselor that provides counselling. You would surely feel better about yourself and know how to overcome it. In the meantime try to have a look at this site. How to Stop a Masturbation Addiction - wikiHow Yes, I am sure, things are hard at first. With your determination, you can overcome it. Namaste.
  15. V K Shridar Ji, I understand and respect your feelings. It is just that people come to the forum for various reasons, and many of them come for pressing reasons. I think the genuine seekers and apirants of vedic astrology or other members will come and participate in discussions when they realize the significance of muhurt. Namaste.
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