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  1. Today in a famous Indian news channel there was a programme at 16.00 IST that “Raksha Bandhan” – festival celebrated by sisters & brothers for mutual welfare etc.,. It was advised that a) During Bhadra (Vishti Karan) prevailing from 01.00 IST to 17.13 IST, the said festival should not be celebrated. b) However during mid-day time (from 12.13 to 12.51 IST), it can be celebrated. c) Saroop Nakha / Ravan & Draupadi/ lord Krisha (sisters & bothers) who celebrated this festival during currency of Bhadra had faced the wrath, known to all of us. Apparently the purpose of the telecast was advisory. But this shall certainly lead to immense difficulties to the sisters who go to their brothers’ place for celebrating the festival. Due to propagation of this blind faith a fear psychosis shall be inducted in them, in case they do not adhere to the advice. More so by citing the examples from our sacred books, a fear has been generated among the sisters & brother becomes many folds. Social customs & religious dictums over-rule the logics. But we must examine the logic part of the cautions telecasted as above. First of all the Vishti Karan (Bhadra) starts at 03.59 IST (not from 01.00 IST) & ends at 17.12 IST. Bhadra, having duration half of a Tithi; occurs 8 times in a Lunar month. It occurs on first half of full Moon day (15th Tithi) on all the Lunar months. Therefore on every festivals of “Raksha Bandhan” – Bhadra prevails during its first half of the 15th Tithi (Full Moon day). I am not aware the text from which the acharya has culled the references that Saroop Nakha / Ravan & Draupadi/ lord Krishna had suffered in their lives ONLY due the fact that had once celebrated the festival during currency of Bhadra. In my opinion a mere mistake like this in nature in performing a ceremony like “Raksha Bandhan”, can not bring such a bad luck as it was propagated to support the argument advising refraining celebrations during Bhadra. It is mere exaggerations & illogical. I am sure that all of us must have celebrated the festival many times during currency of Bhadra. But all of us have not met the adverse fate as deadened in the cited examples. It was recommended that from 12.13 to 12.51 IST, the festival can be celebrated, being Madhyanha (mid-day). Detailed logic was not given, but it appears that it relates Abhijit Muhurt; which prevails 24 minutes before & after local mid-day (for 12 hours daytime length). Mid-day is a local phenomenon, and in the telecast the time was to be complied all over the country. In Delhi mid-day shall be at 12.27 IST, and day length is 13h 26m. At Delhi Abhijit Muhurt starts at 12.00 IST and ends at 12.54 IST on august 5, 2009. It is a local phenomenon. It appears that there has been some error in calculations. It was not told as to which anti dote he was referring to. During the discussion it was mentioned that Bhadra is said to be daughter of the Sun. Lot many Muhurt treatises have references of Bhadra Devi mentioning that she was born from the body of Lord Shiva to kill Daityas. Bhadra has an ass face, three legs, seven arms, black in colour, long tail, fire emanating from her mouth, eyes like cowrie (cyprcea moneta) and emanates sound like thundering of clouds. After her birth she smeared her body with fire ash, wore clothes made from shrouds & rode on dead bodies in funeral / burial place. After developing a huge body, fierily attacked like a thunder on the army of the Daityas. After massacring the Daityas she resided in the ear of the Lord Shiva & decorated the same. Thus the pleased Devatas established the Bhadra Devi at the end of the movable Karanas. With the blessing of the Lord Shiva she engulfs / eats all the efforts made in Manglik works conducted during the Vishti Karan with her fire like tongue. Thus Manglik works like marriage, Upanayana and the like auspicious works, travel, entering into a house must be shunned without fail during Vishti Karan. Prescribed works in Bhadra are: arresting, tying, administering poison, igniting fire, use of weapon, tearing or cutting an object, inflicting sorrow, all type of works related to camel, horse, & buffalo; birth of a horse & donkey, cooking, worshipping of lord Shiva & Parvati, & fort also. Even when Bhadra is highly inauspicious, Acharya Kalidas (author of Jyotirvidabhranam- an authoritative treatise on Muhurt) has advised that worshipping during Parvati Ashtami (Hartalika), worshipping of Lord Shiva & Parvati, worshipping of one’s deity, water storage (dam), starting of Yagya, conducting Yagya, Holika, Shravani Karam, Jaatkaram Samskar, barter in trade, pious work & giving an item to a king always yield good results. But there are lot many antidotes and exceptions to initiate other / important life activities during currency of Bhadra; described as below: a) When Bhadra resides in heaven or Hades (like it shall be on August 5, 2009 – in Capricorn sign) essential works can be conducted. b) The Bhadra Dosha is considered at all places. However in Bengal, Nepal & Mithila, the Bhadra Dosha is only considered during Shravana & Falguni (Holi festival). c) Bhadra is not malefic after mid-day (Muhurt Ganpati – 6/25) d) Bhadra head in Krishan Paksha & tail in Shukla Paksha can be used. Nominal duration of tail part of Bhadra is 72 minutes. It is accepted that during currency of Bhadra auspicious life activities are not performed and that if Muhurt is to be elected during its period then, must be selected by in case of urgency by expert professional astrologer. Let us understand difference between Muhurt & celebration of an annual festival. Muhurt is elected for life time activities performed generally once. For celebration of annual festival like “Raksha Bandhan”, such fears must not be generated among the masses. It may not be out of the context to mention that our one Chief Minister had taken oath during the currency of Bhadra & very successfully completed the full tenure, and was also again re-elected. There is no dictum in Muhurt (election) treatises that “Raksha Bandhan” should not be celebrated during Bhadra. Under the ensuing Bhadra on “Raksha Bandhan” following is recommended: a) The festival may be celebrated during currency of 15th Tithi (from 03.59 IST on August 5, 2009 to 06.25 IST on August 6, 2009); by those who have not been complying any Muhurt for “Raksha Bandhan” so far. b) Those who are interested in selection of an auspicious time may follow: i) Bhadra tail period starts at 11.50 IST & ends at 13.51 IST. Thereafter Bhadra’s head period starts and ends at 16.05 IST. Tail period can be used. ii) It can well be performed after local Mid-day. iii) It can well be performed during Abhijin Muhurt, For calculating Abhijin Muhurt log on to http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/vedic astrology-jyotisha/448716-abhijit-muhurt-powerful-muhurt.html iv) Tail period coinciding with Abhijin Muhurt can very well be used, more so as the Moon is simultaneously transiting Capricorn – without any fear. This shall be an auspicious Muhurt. -- For details refer to “Hindu Electional Astrology”- a compendium on Vedic / Indian Muhurtas and may log on to http://www.besttiime-election.com
  2. Dear readers, the website mentioned just above as horoscope test best astrology time at besttime-astrology.com. was the old website. The current website is HINDU ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY .... V K Shridhar
  3. Hello1, As per AShtakoot mode 28.5 Gunas match & as per Dashkoot mode 33.5 Gunas do match. The match is considered very good astrologically based on the above Gunas. The girl is having Mars in 7th house, therefore Manglik. The boy is having Mars in 2nd house from Venus, therefore match on this account. This is astrological advice, please check other details about the girl before entering into the alliance. Best of luck. ... V K Shridhar
  4. Dear VRS, The Nakshatra occupied by the Moon at the time of birth is called Janma Nakshatra. This is the view held by most of the exponents. However, according to some; find out the constellation of the ascendent degrees as well as those of the Moon. Whichever is stronger in the horoscope - is the Janma Nakshatra. ... V K Shridhar
  5. Dear iloveamma, Thanks. I hope you must have read my reply dated 07-29-2009 to your post dated 07-29-2009 (under Free Muhurt Service) And have gone through the following link mentioned therein; which shall clear some of the issues. http://besttimeofelection.blogspot.com/2005/10/when-aspirant-should-approach.html Muhurt is generally selected for life activities – which are generally performed once in life-time (like Samskaras). Importance of selecting proper weekday in Muhurtas is eulogized by all exponents. Weekday is one of the five limbs of Hindu Panchanga. I do not dare to add anything more what Acharya Vraha Mihir (as quoted above) has said about the role played by weekdays in electing Muhurtas. There are numerous components of Muhurtas. and each components has vital role to play. Balancing of election is a task for Muhurt astrologer. Your query that “do you live according to the activities that should be done on a certain day?” Answer is that yes when it is a life-activity. For day to day activities Muhurt is not required. For example, after I studied the said branch, I have been purchasing & dealing with items made of iron / steel on Saturdays. I have found it successful. Further when I prepare Muhurt; weekday, Hora & weekday lord are well considered & due importance is given. Reply to latter part of your query is difficult. Yes I consider that I am successful. But to confirmatively say that the success is due to complying this said thread (only), is not possible. Success & failures are part of life. I was not born with the knowledge, still I am learning and in infant stage. I believe that astrology & its Muhurt branch is very effective & useful knowledge. But is not answer to all. Certainly, specific weekday(s) are useful / lucky for some specific people. There are astrological logicsfor the same - which is profitably used in elections. … V K Shridhar
  6. Vedic or Hindu Muhurt (electional) astrology provides detailed guidance as to which activity comes to fruition on specific weekdays. In the Hindu system, a weekday starts from the local Sunrise & ends at the following Sunrise, which is distinct from the Georgian calendar in which a weekday along with date starts at expiry of 1200 a.m. of the Zonal Standard Time. The seven days a week system is prevalent throughout the world. Weekdays are given due importance in selection of election as the desired work which easily gets fructified (Siddhi) when its day lord is strong, the same work does not get fructified when day lord is weak / powerless, even after extra efforts & facing of discomforts. To fortify election, a strong day lord (planet) should be properly placed in the election chart. It is an important element of the Panchanga (Hindu ephemeris). Importance of selection of Hora (24th part of a weekday) along with weekday has been eulogized by exponents. Based on nature & signification of the weekday, day lord (ruling planet), tutelary lord and other electional considerations following works (& works related to the mentioned items) are recommended for conduction & initiation in different weekdays. It is often said that on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday all types of works fructify; while on Sunday, Tuesday & Saturday only prescribed activities fructify. Here is the list of works which aspirants should do on different weekdays. Sunday : Coronation, service to the government / king, king worship, fire, fire related works, weapon making & usage, war, bravery, service & employment, travel, thief, doctor, transaction of medicine, purchase of cows, bullocks & animals, gold-silver-copper-wood-works, bones-skin-hides, auspicious (Manglik) works, Yagya, teaching Mantras (Agni Mantras), religious discourse, music learning, woolen clothes, wearing of new clothes, mountain, stones, dessert, forest, trees, usage of forest items, snake, animal rearing & husbandry, food grain, trade. Monday: Agriculture, farming, gardening, fragrant trees, lotus & flowers, milk, food, food-grains, sugar, sugarcane, raw sugar / molasses, Yagya, ornament making & wearing, silver, deer, sale & purchase of cows - buffaloes, gems-pearl & shells, conch-shell, singing & dancing- starting thereof, water related works, popular works, movable works, starting of education, night movements, benefit to mother’s brother, Brahmins, article causing phlegm, clothes, female related works, king, road. Tuesday : Killing, arresting, inciting insurgency, cruel works, piercing, army commanding, treaty, backing off treaty / agreement, fort, igniting fire, weapon, storing of war material, poison, lying, deception, thief, thievery, coral, gold related works & collection thereof, metal work, forest, night worker, doctor, ascetic / religious mendicant, treasurer, business of catching snakes, animal, trees with red coloured flowers, red colour items, works related to blood. Wednesday : Fine arts, literature-music- dancing & starting thereof; poetry, sculpturing, all type of art, theater, education, writing, learning of Vedas, idol making, Mantra Kriya, meritorious works, marriage, friendship, starting of fast, holy bathing, trade, clever works, ordinary works, science, metal work, war, argument, intelligence, skill, ingenuity, messenger, physical exercise, collection of articles, juices & food grains, green sapphire, earth, clothes, fragrant articles, works which end fast - works which take long time – works which finish in the middle. Thursday : Auspicious (Manglik) works, Yagya, Havan, worshipping, peaceful religious works, fast, oblation to the deads (Pitri Sharadh) , temple, installing of idol, Alankaar, education, knowledge related works, learning in general, Shaastras, truthful works, wearing new clothes & trading thereof, ornaments, starting living in house, doctor, medicine, trading in medicine, physical works, health related works, physical works, development & expanding works, king, wealth, trees, gold, silver, elephant, horse, bullock, transport, travel. Friday : Good for starting dance, music, singing painting; luxurious works, festivals, wearing new clothes & ornaments, friendship, worshipping sex God (Kamdev), females, passionate women, sex, passion, prostitutes, beds, increase in semen, fragrance, comedy, laughter, cows, trade related to food grain & agriculture, farming, selling & purchase of land, sugar cane, juicy foods, gems, gold, silver, coffer, transport, lotus, earth, medicine. Saturday : Entering into new house & city, trading with deceit & forgery, telling lies, dreadful deeds, insurgency, works related to obstruction, trading of arms & ammunition, poisoning, bereft of courtesy, usage of iron & steel, arm & armory, dead, servant, debased person, old persons, thief, buffalo, camel, birds, trapping of elephant, stable works, profession related to capturing, collection of houses, departure, broken utensils, glass, stones, learning secret Mantras from Guru (Deeksha), service. According to Sage Narad, Acharya Garga, Ramdeen, & host of other exponents it is opined that it is beneficial & augurs fortunate effects to initiate & conduct works related to iron on Saturdays. With this the learned readers may help remove doubts / superstition in certain parts of the country that purchase or sale of iron items, & doing works related to iron (steel) on Saturdays is inauspicious . Logic for selection of weekdays Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn in order are the rulers of the weekdays. Depending upon the inherent natures of the ruling planets, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are auspicious, benefic & good days; while Sunday, Tuesday & Saturday in general are malefic & cruel days. Tuesday & Saturday are maximum malefic, while Sunday is partially malefic. Auspicious & Manglik works are done on benefic days; while cruel, sinful (Paap Karamas), unethical works in general; & the specified works are done on Saturday, Tuesday & Sunday. Some benefic works also fructify on malefic days depending upon the nature of the work & special dictums regarding Muhurt (election). There is no very tight demarcation of the allocated works for the weekdays, and the day is selected based on the type of work, planet signifying the work, time of starting & host of other factors related to the weekday. The nature of Sunday is fixed / stationary; of Monday is movable; of Tuesday is cruel; of Wednesday is mixed / ordinary; of Thursday is small / short; of Friday is sweet; & of Saturday is sharp / horrible. When constellation (occupied by the Moon) & day lord are of same nature then, the combined efficacy increases many folds – like when asterisms of Rohini & 3 Uttras coincide on a Sunday; fixed / stationary types of works fructify. Thursday, Friday & Sunday are effective during the daytime; Monday, Tuesday & Saturday are effective during the night-time while Mercury is effective both during daytime & night-time. Malefic effect of Sunday, Tuesday & Saturday does not exist after mid-day. Some say that “Vaar Dosha” (evil effects of weekday) does not prevail during night (Acharya Chandeshwar). Colour of the work: Consistent with the colour of the ruling planet of the day, it is beneficial to conduct work with that colour on the weekday ruled by the planet .The Sun’s colour is red mixed with black or blood red; Moon’s - white; Mars’ - pale red; Mercury’s - grass green; Jupiter’s - yellow; Venus’s - swarthy (dark skin) & Saturn’s - black. Wearing of the clothes of the above stated colours during planets’ weekdays is beneficial to the user. Aspirant may also use colours ruled by the rulers of the weekdays. Some opine that, copper-red, white, ultra red, blue, ultra yellow, variegated (mixed, spotted) & black are the colours ruled by the planets from the Sun to Saturn. Like for election of white washing / painting of a house certain criteria have been laid down. Meeting those requirements, the colour of the white washing / painting if done in yellow on Thursday or in green shade on Wednesday, enhances the beneficence. Similar guidance is taken in respect of other usages of the colours. Saturday is not recommended to sow seeds, but is considered fruitful to sow seeds of black grains, more profitable if Saturn is in the rising sign. Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Vishnu, Brahma, Indra & Yama are tutelary lords of the weekdays in the order. Each day has Adhi Devta (superior lords) also, which are Agni, Jal, Bhumi, Hari, Indra, Indrani & Brahma. Desired results are obtained by worshipping (Smaran) tutelary lords & Adhi Devatas on their weekdays. Based on the nature & signification of the weekday, day lord, tutelary lord and other electional considerations following works (& works related to the mentioned items) are recommended for conduction & initiation in different weekdays. It is said that on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday all types of works fructify; while on Sunday, Tuesday & Saturday only prescribed activities fructify. If on a Sunday the Sun is strong, it is extremely beneficial to see king & do works related to king (in the modern context – works related to administration & government is beneficial). If the Moon is strong on a Monday then all types of the works fructify. Similarly on Tuesday - war; Wednesday - education (study of Shaastras); Thursday - marriage; Friday - travel & on Saturday receiving initiatory Mantras of Yagya (a ceremony in which oblations are offered) are beneficial. According to the Brihat Jaatak (104/61-63) works allocated to the weekday come to fruition when conducted on the same weekday & when either of the following also coincides: a) day lord is in Upchaya (3,6,10,11) signs from radical Moon's sign. b) day lord is in the election ascendant. c) sign ruled by the day lord is rising, or d) day lord is in angle. Acharya Varahamihira has stressed that on non- compliance to the above, aspirant may not get any fruitful result; like as one does not get a drop of water even after going to the sea. Thus accordingly, if an aspirant wants to start education, he may choose the auspicious day as Thursday. Better if he selects Hora of Thursday, and the ruling planet of the day Jupiter is in the rising sign. To further fortify the election, he may select Sagittarius or Pisces as the rising sign; and if either of these signs are 3, 6, 10 or 11th sign from his radical ascendant or from the natal Moon sign; the election shall be extremely fortified. To find such highly beneficial election one may have to wait for a long time. The day when the Moon is weak, or Mars or Saturn is retrograde, is not auspicious. But if such a day lord is in 11th in the election chart, then the said Dosha does not prevail, & benefic results are felt. A day is inauspicious, when the day lord is set or afflicted (Brihat Daivygya Ranjan). That day whose lord is retrograde, causes destruction in many ways if used in election of travel. Acharya Shripati says that if the day-lord is in Upchaya (3,6,10,11) houses from the election ascendant, the work fructifies. And if it is not in the said Upchaya houses then, it does not fructify even after efforts (Brihat Daivygya Ranjan). … V K Shridhar ===================== The above is extracts from “Hindu Electional Astrology” – a compendium on Vedic Muhurtas.
  7. Anusha Ji, I shall reply to your doubt. My books are misplaced / unpacked at present. I am happy that you have raised the pertinent aspect after study. Best wishes, ... V K Shridhar
  8. Dear Atul ji & Readers, Knowledge must be shared. You or all are permitted to publish any extract from my blogs. It is their wish whether they acknowledge reference or not. In the past I had significantly contributed in wikipedia under "Electional Astrology". But since the said website has majority of readers & contributors from the west, lot of deletion has taken place. It dissuaded me from further contribution. In fact they could not digest that Vedic / Indian Muhurt (electional) astrology which started since Vedic era and has withstood the test of time since Vedic era. Those who are interested, may log to history & discussion under “Electional astrology” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electional_astrology There was interesting sub head " Hindu vs Western electional astrology” added by me in the wikipedia; in addition to other contributions. The sub-head was not digested by western astrologers; and hence has been deleted. To see the status of electional astrology as on 18.6.2006 may log on http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Electional_astrology&diff=44021635&oldid=43748351 You can see that lot of websites had started extracting the matter on “Electional Astrology” from wikipedia ( having main contribution from me). Under “astrology” in wikipedia one is given to understand that Indian contribution to the world astrology is practically “NIL” . The matter under its sub- head “Vedic astrology” (para 6.2) is a laughing matter. The situation has arisen due to the fact that Indian astrologers do not contribute or when contribute it is meant for their publicity. Most of the astrologers shun spreading knowledge with them; and want Guru- Shishya prampara, even in electronic era. When I added under branches of astrology that in Indian / Vedic / Jyotisha astrology has 18 branches, it was not digested; and was deleted. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrology I wish that specialist in various branches of Indian / Vedic astrology must contribute in wikipedia to tell the world that astrology existed in India since Vedic era & has authoritative Granthas & numerous treatises blessed by our sages; which has withstood test of time for the last so many millenniums. … V K Shridhar
  9. Dear iloveamma, For Muhurt (election) please log on to my blog Secrets of Vedic Electional Astrology: WHEN ASPIRANT SHOULD APPROACH AN ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGER Yes, Muhurt is selection of wedding day. In addition Muhurt is selected for precise time for the main activity of the marriage. By main activity means; the main activity based on local & social customs. In some places it is when rounds around fire are taken, some feel when vermillion is put on fore-head of the bride, some feel that when Mangal Sootra is worn, some feel when Panigrahan is performed, some feel when the priest annouces the couple as husbadnd & wife. In addition there are so many others marriage related Muhurtas, as per dictums of Muhurt treatises. ... V K Shridhar
  10. Dear readers, It has pained me that there has been no discussion or requirement by aspirants on the subject " MUHURT" - the most useful branch of Vedic/ indian / Hindu astrology. .. V K Shridhar
  11. Rishivatsyan ji, Agreed that ALL sheeps behaved differently during eclipse, as oberved in the web site quoted by you. Those are temporary effects ; but what about observations regarding permanent effect on them? Similarly, phases of the Moon have effects on human being; especially on lunatic ones on new & full Moon days. Certainly effect of eclipse shall be more severe.But those are temporary effects. But the question here is that whether the eclipse have effects like; loss of health & wealth, useless travels, bad effects on certain relatives etc etc. and that those effects shall be different on different people (based on their Janma Rashi): more so that those bad effects can be warded of by some rituals. Like you have given reference of some research work; I would like that astrologers while describing effects of eclipses must give reference of treatises quoting aphorims & chapter, or state that whether it is their research work. ... V K Shridhar
  12. Today in a TV programme Shri K N Rao has blasted those so called knowledgeable in Vedic / India astrology professing adverse effects on people born with different Janama Rashis & advocating remedial measures to annihilate the adverse effects of forthcoming solar eclipse on July 22, 2009. He is the most read astrologer having engaged in Vedic astrology having written over 40 books, research work and teaching thousands of students in Bharti Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. He has earlier removed similar doubts on Kaal Sarpa Dosha through electronic media to the masses. He has again vociferously opined that ill-read astrologers (Ponga Pandits) are exploiting the masses, who do not have access to original treatises of astrology. Thus bringing disrepute to the Vedic astrology. He felt pity on such astrologers who are exploiting ignorance of the masses for their personal benefits; and called them as Ponga Pandits. He opined that : Effects of eclipse is covered in Samhitas for study of mundane astrology; and not for effects on individuals based on the sign on which the eclipse falls. Effects of eclipses are not covered under Hora branch of astrology. Since the eclipse is falling in 3rd house of India, 4th house of Pakistan & 7th house of China’s horoscopes; these countries may have adverse effects related to the said houses. Duration of eclipse should be used for Pooja & donations etc. Public should not fall in their traps and start seeking remedial measures propagated by the so called Ponga Pandits. Three to five eclipses occur every year since inception of the world. That does not mean that people belonging to the specific Janma Rashis must perish as effect of such eclipses; every time the eclipse falls in their birth sign. I wish he continues to remove such misconceptions spread by such Ponga Pandits. The purpose of my repeating extracts of the TV programme is because in this forum also there had been a discussion on thread titled “Triple eclipses - pls share your knowledge - 06-23-2009 “ ; and put up the facts through this forum. In my opinion following precautions should be taken on an eclipse: a) Do not see the solar eclipse with naked eye. (Eve modern science agrees with this) b) Purification bath be taken after expiry of the eclipse. c) Engage yourself in Punya Karmas like donations & worships. d) Do not undertake / initiate any important life activity especially during currency of eclipse, and also during the fort-night (Paksha) between two eclipses. All Muhurt (electional) treatises advises the same. e) Umbral eclipses have no effects. ( Like the two Lunar eclipses which are falling before & after the solar eclipse on July, 22, 2009). … V K Shridhar
  13. Natu ji & Sandhu ji, It was intersting to note your observations regarding exchange of lords of trine & quadrant - that there has been no good effects. "Laghu Prashari" - an autoritative treatise on functional effects of planets clears all such doubts. For examining effects of exchange of such lords one should also examine rulership of other signs by the planets, association, functional nature of the planets under consideration for the specific Lagna etc etc. For example : exchange or comination of Mars & Venus (lords of 9th & 10th houses) in any house, even in 9th or 10th; shall not constitute benefic results of Rajyoga for Leo Lagna nativities. ... V K Shridhar
  14. Anusha ji, You have raised a very very pertinent question regarding horoscope matching. So calld "Bhakoot" is largly misunderstood. For details one may read "Muhurt Chitamani" (most authoritative treatise on election (Muhurt) astrology) & its commentery; where this issue has been discussed in length by the comentrator. In Ashtakoot mode of matching, first six aspects (Kutas) get either full points or partial point, or zero points; but in respect of Bhakoot & Nadi Kutas either 7 or 8 respectively, or zero. There is no mode of awarding points (Gunas) where antidotes are present. This aspect has been discussed by me in details in my book titled "Hindu Electional Astrology". Readers can log on to HINDU ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY & down load free 52 pages on "Horoscope Matching " free of cost. Para 18.7.7 is relevent in reply. I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE VALUABLE COMMENTS FROM READERS & GURUJIS ON THIS TOPIC; WHICH SHALL ASSIST FROFESSIONALS IN THE FIELD OF HORSOCOPE MATCHING .. V K Shridhar
  15. May be in August- September , 2009 or in October, 2010. Best of luck, ... V K Shridhar
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